True Greens And Skeptics Need To Form An Alliance To Preserve Rural Beauty

I’m not devaluing what happened back in history. I’m using this to describe the true dimensions of what is about to happen to our rural heritage. This is not hyperbole!

Also see WUWT California reality.

Klimaretter has a useless piece here where the author calls the Fukushima event the spark that is setting off the Green Industrial Revolution, and can hardly contain his glee. That may be true in some countries, at least for now.

Industrialisation of rural and natural areas. Photo credit:

But what the author does not mention is that many true greens are getting awfully uneasy about the current wide-scale massacre and mechanisation of the the world’s most beautiful mountain ridges, coastal areas and rural landscapes. And unless this madness is stopped, you aint seen nothing yet.

Groups like Klimaretter, irreversibly blinded by dogmatism and anti-carbon fanaticism, hacks of the green industry, anti-carbon religion and Big Green Finance, are unwittingly pushing for the mass desecration of natural landscape and rural beauty. Yes – let’s ruin the surface of the planet because we think it’ll tame and preserve the behaviour of the atmosphere.

“This is atop the breaks in the caprock just south of San Jon, NM.” Source:

True greens and skeptics may not agree on a lot of things, but we can all agree that the industrialisation of our countryside is a mortal sin against our natural heritage.

This is big industry, aided and abetted by the government, making a ton of money at the expense of little guys.

My hope is that the true greens will some day SOON realise that all this hype about CO2 causing climate change is wildy exaggerated by special interests (GE, Big Gas, banks and carbon traders, reinsurers, etc.) and that all this ugly mechanisation is for literally nothing.

My plea to greens is that they reconsider all this – and join up with the budding resistance to this madness – to fight for the preservation of our landscape. Let’s use the legal system to choke these vandalising bastards.

I was born and raised in northern Vermont in some of the most beautíful countryside you can imagine. Today, when I go back and visit, I get so depressed. The Green Mountains are now getting transformed into the Machine Mountains. Mountain tops are being cleared of forests, flattened, and scarred by service roads.

Vermont’s beauty in many of its most treasured rural areas is now gone forever -at least in my case. I will never again see these areas in their original natural beauty- not in my lifetime. Worse – far more of this is on the way. Local residents and their rights have no chance against the might of the industry. They are being steamrolled.

It’s heart-breaking enough to go back to my childhood farm my father owned and to find that it’s been parceled up and homes have been built on it. But it is far more depressing to see that all around the mountain ridges we once marveled have since been industrialised.

Is this what we really want? Is this how we protect the atmosphere and conserve its behaviour? We are living in a nightmare.

This is only the very beginning – multiply all of this by 100, or even 1000. To fulfil the dreams of the wind energy industry and the financiers behind the carbon credit scheme, MANY MANY MORE are going to be put up. EVERYWHERE.

Thankfully the resistance to this madness has already begun. And so I am pleading for open minded true greens, like myself,  to take a look at grassroots groups that are resisting this massive industrial encroachment into our countryside treasures. See here for example., and join up with them.

Sheffield Vermont – mountain land clearing and result Photo credits: and

Above are photos of the crimes they have committed against a hilltops not far from my childhood farm. The days of seeing this natural landscape are gone – forever. Some day wiser people are going to say, “My God! what kind of madness and dogmatism could have possibly driven this?” I am sure they will. But in the meantime the price is going to be really high and the scars will take a long time to heal.

I bought some property 5 years ago and here are some of the views in the area.

Free of windmills for now. (Photo P Gosselin)

Rural Vermont – here still free of industrialisation. But how much longer? (Photo: P Gosselin)

I wonder how long it’ll be before that gets industrially vandalised. Worse, this is Vermont, where already 95% of its electricity comes from either hydro or Vermont Yankee nuclear power – i.e. practically carbon-free! So all the wind parks are just monuments of stupidity.

There is one exception in Vermont – in rich Chittenden county, where all the fat-cats live , many of whom are devout “environmentalists”. So much so that no windmills will be installed on the mountain ridges that they view from their mansions on Spear Street in Burlington. Here’s a view from Charlotte. As long as the fat cat environmentalists are living there, don’t expect to see windmills in their backyards. They belong elsewhere.

View of the Adirondack Mountains from Vermont across Lake Champlain. Windmills? Not in my back yard! (Photo credit:

There are thousands of websites and photos that document the ravaging of the earth’s natural rural beauty. Remember, this is just the beginning of what these bastards intend to do. Again – “caused by arrogance, by dogma, by ignorance” (Jacob Bronowski).

So I strongly urge you all to seek out rural preservationist groups who are fighting to preserve rural beauty and to join their cause. There are other ways of producing energy that are far less destructive.

29 responses to “True Greens And Skeptics Need To Form An Alliance To Preserve Rural Beauty”

  1. DirkH

    Deploying low energy density generators means you need a lot of them. Similar to your observation, the Lüneburger Heide is now infested with swarms of wind turbines. I sometimes drive past them on the Bundesstrasse from Celle to Soltau. They stand close to the road and the propellers nearly seem to touch the ground at their lowest point, and they’re tall.

    The area around Rome is covered with photovoltaics. I hear some Italians don’t quite like the look of ancient hills turned into heaps of glittering blue silicon panels. These are industrial scale subsidy mills; not your mom-and-dad rooftop PV 5 kW.

    It’s all a consequence of low energy density. Next thing to come might be massive battery installations, maybe NaS batteries as big as a storage hall and 200 degrees hot, spread across the countryside to stabilize the grid.

  2. R. de Haan

    Very good initiative for the moment.

    But think about this.
    Every citizen is in the EU is subject to new regulations in regard to
    “Declaration of conduct” or “Führungszeugnis”

    Since the terror attacks entire groups like prvate pilots for example are treated like terrorists. In order to get a pilot’s license renewed you need a medical but you also need to sign a declaration that gives the Government the power to investigate your personal network, family and friends in order to find out if the applicant is a “responsible person”.

    Pilots who questioned this sa their license withdrawn.

    The entire network for state suppression is already in place.

    Any alliance with activist groups will have consequences for the individual.

    I personally prefer the the scientific approach:

    But be aware that in the near future any opposition against government policies will be regarded as ‘terrorist potential’.

    We don’t have to get rid of the wind mills,

    We have to get rid of the EU apparatchiks, the totalitarion EU and the national political establishments in support of this new totalitarians.

    If we achieve this and manage to replace them with sane people the wind mills will disappear as well.

  3. Bernd Felsche

    Most of the greens (small “g”) are blind to the industrialisation of landscapes by wind turbines. Some gain perspective if you show them pictures of wind-turbine-infested land beside pictures of smokestacks, etc..

    Many cannot be shaken from the delusion of “one renewable path” to a green future. Not even when you point out that the high-voltage distribution grid has to be duplicated; doubled; to handle the ‘renewable’ energy. They simply don’t believe tha numbers that tell rational people that each GW of “conventional” electric power requires 3000 very large wind turbines, dispersed along thousands of kilometres of dedicated grid, to provide something like the same amount of power, around the clock.

    They don’t want to consider all the devastation of nature that is necessary to manufacture, transport. erect, operate and maintain those thousands of monuments to their folly.

    Many of the most-vocal proponents don’t live in areas despoiled by wind turbines, so they don’t notice the high rate of failures (why build something more reliable when there are subsidies to produce more of the same?), the fires that the local brigades can’t reach to put out, the noise and the light interference.

    To say nothing of disrupting the views; and the effect that that has on tourism.

    1. DirkH

      Bernd, according to my calculations, we will have to quintuple the electric grid if we are all forced to switch to electric cars.

      Given the low capacity factor of onshore wind, i would say you need 6,000 turbines to replace 1 GW (or 3,000 turbines and several GWh worth of NaS battery storage halls).

      BOB – the Big Old Battery

  4. Windparks Are A Holocaust To Natural Landscape: Germany « The Big Green Lie

    […] Read the rest here:……………….. […]

  5. Bernie in Pipewell

    A great article, a real cri de coeur.

    However I agree with R de Haan, he articulates what I fear, much better than I ever could, be careful.

  6. DirkH

    Interesting. Even though Germany has wind turbines everywhere already, they only produce 6.2 % of our electricity.

    The graphic comes from renewable energy proponents so it surely doesn’t have an anti-green bias.

  7. NikFromNYC

    And *who* hated upon nukes all these fine years? Might this indicate that their hearts are NOT in the right place, that anti-industrialism is a ruse when their real demon is capitalism, meaning their real religion is statism and Big Government? Small thorium reactors is the only realistic solution to this insanity. New designs don’t blow up, especially if not put in the path of huge ocean waves (DUH). Until greens turn utterly pro-nuclear, they will never become a bi-partisan force for good. Instead, they will continue to destroy nature by producing conditions in which carbon rationed poor nations chop down forrest just to survive but also to grow biofuels. You guys scuttled the Atomic Age, you fools!!!

    In other news, on a related point, completely natural climate change (no use denying it any longer) continues, boringly so in that no change in trend whatsoever is shown in the modern era in the world’s oldest single site, non statistically massaged and manipulated real thermometer records, as seen in a quick single glance, here:

    Nor does the global average show any trend change:

    Red on the inside these greens be!

    1. DirkH

      The Greens who lead the government in Baden-Württemberg (South Germany; Stuttgart is the regions capital) now want to increase the number of wind turbines in the land by a factor of 5.

      They really love the industrialization of the countryside. Maybe Mao is their idol?

      1. Bernd Felsche

        4.3GW of nuclear power to replace with wind turbines in B-W.

        Roughly twenty-thousand 1MW wind turbines replacing the Black Forest. Of course, they’d still be importing 4GW from elsewhere for at least a couple of weeks in total during the year, when there is practically no wind over the whole region; just when all the other wind-powered areas are also buying. France’s nuclear plant operators will love that market pressure pushing up the price that they can ask.

        Such a concentration of wind turbines won’t work at all of course. With a high density of obstructions, the wind will simply “find” that it flows more easily above the top of the Black Turbine Forest.

  8. R. de Haan

    A true Green knows that it is wealth that enables us to take care of nature.
    It is wealth that creates clean cities and parks.
    It is wealth that allows us to filter our industrial emissions and it is wealth that allows people to buy cars, diesel and gasoline with ample emissions.
    And it’s wealth that allows us to create and maintain natural parks.

    A true Green isn’t red from the inside.

    Those are the Green that hijacked climate science and turned green ideals into environmentalism, the new totalitarian doctrine.

    I wonder how long it takes before the true Greens stand up to the con.

  9. DirkH

    Found the surprising link between Gaia worshippers and collectivists.

  10. R. de Haan
  11. M White

    Blackout Britain may becoming earlier than I thought

    “Already we have seen one estimate, from analysts at Matrix Group, that Mr Osborne’s new “carbon tax” will so skew the economics of coal-fired electricity that four of our larger French- and Spanish-owned power stations at Kingsnorth, Didcot, Tilbury and Cockenzie will have to shut down by 2013, even earlier than their forced closure under the EU’s Large Combustion Plants Directive”

  12. DirkH

    Matt Damon: “On this episode of Journey To Planet Earth, meet environmental visionary Lester Brown, as he travels from World capital to World capital…”

    Yeah, very Gaia-friendly of old Lester… Matt is too young and too rich to know, but there are some of us who consume much less than these to bigots.

    1. DirkH

      Oops. make that “two bigots” – namely, Lester and Matt.

  13. Marco

    I agree with the title of the post. In Italy some people are doing what you say (every day more are joining), not all of them are green or skeptics (but probably the majority of them are) but for sure they want to preserve the rural beauty and are strongly against wind farms.
    It’s easier to do that in Italy than in Germany (I’m italian and I currently live in Germany). In Italy people are not so obsessed about global warming and climate change like here. And even if many of them are (now) against nuclear power a lot of them are able to understand how ugly is a wind turbine.
    So the reasons why we have these ugly wind turbines in Italy is: mafia and money. Mafia has found a good way to launder money with wind farms.

  14. M White

    “Wind farm efficiency queried by John Muir Trust study”

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