There’s a magical element about that number. Maybe because it is 1000 squared. Or maybe it’s a quantity that is very high, yet still within the realms of human imagination. It’s a number that certainly exudes magnitude.

There are a number of phrases with the word “million”, some examples:

– millionaire
– thanks a million
– not in a million years
– one in a million
– million dollar question
– million-dollar deal
– multi-million dollar project
– million dollar baby
– I told you a million times (CO2 is not driving the climate!)

As I mentioned earlier this morning, today is a special day for NoTricksZone – this site reached the milestone of 1,000,000 hits – some time around 11 a.m. this morning – a little more than a year after first starting on 1 April, 2010.


Okay – compared to other blogs, which get this in just weeks, or even days, it’s not so much. Yet, it far surpasses anything I expected when I first got started. The first days of blogging saw a few dozen hits, and I thought maybe some day I’d get 100 or even 500 hits a day. One hundred thousand hits seemed so remote. But here we are – 1,000,000!
The first 6 months NTZ saw 220,000 hits, and the next 6 months and 10 days we got 780,000 hits.

Also thanks to the guest writers who contributed, namely Matt Vooro, Ed Caryl, Juraj, Jimbo (I know I’m missing a person or two here, so please forgive me) and all the regular readers. Readers are always welcome to contribute as guest writers.

And hopefully readers will keep dropping by.

Thanks to other sites for posting and mentioning my posts, particularly Climate Depot, WUWT, Tom Nelson and others. All of this contributes to readers getting stories and insights that they might not otherwise see. My main focus will be to continue writing about climate news in Germany and Europe so that people can get a feel of what is going on here.

23 responses to “1,000,000”

  1. Michael Snow

    Wow! Congratulations!
    Thanks! -PG

  2. Robin Pittwood

    Congratulations Pierre,
    Great work,
    Cheers, Robin.
    Thanks Robin (hope you got my e-mail) -PG

  3. Peter Whale

    Well deserved. Always entertaining and informative.

    Best wishes

    Peter Whale
    Thanks Peter -PG

  4. NeilM

    Well deserved indeed.

    Congratulations and thanks for a great blog.


  5. nofreewind

    You’ve done a fine job on this site! It’s number 3 on my climate blog list(of about 30)

  6. GregO


    Congratulations! I really enjoy your site and love hearing about the luny enviro-left in Europe.

    Though American, I am a great admirer of European people and culture. I lived there three years and my wife and kids go back every year – I’m too busy to travel that much.

    Not everyone in Europe is nuts though, and I always look forward to hearing about other skeptical/rational websites from Europe. But whatever you do, don’t stop now that we have these dangerous idiots on the run!

    Looking forward to the next 1 million!
    Thanks – You’re absolutely right; it’s a small group of hen-pecking elitists who are the problem. -PG

  7. Ed Caryl

    Congratulations! Prediction: The next million will take 4 months.
    Thanks Ed. But I don’t believe in hockey sticks 🙂 -PG

  8. Asim

    Well done Pierre! 2 million hits in no time 😉
    Thanks – I’m happy with every hit. -PG

  9. DirkH

    As things get loonier here, the next million will be a piece of cake! Congrats, Pierre!
    As long as there are characters here like Schellnhuber, Röttgen and Georg Hoffmann around, there will always be plenty of fun stuff to write. -PG

  10. Brian G Valentine


    When I was younger I would never have believed that Germany, as a nation, would succumb to California/beatnik/enviro-kook nonsense.

    I’m still in denial
    Then again, I guess it was inevitable. -PG

    1. DirkH

      Brian, the biggest legal immigrant ethnicity in Cal is German. It’s not that we’re becoming Californian but Cali if becoming more German.

      1. Brian G Valentine

        I’m not convinced.

        When I studied math/physics 1960’2-early 70’s, our books, journals, everything, came from Germany. Springer was top publisher for it and the material was meticulous.

        California was always known for pseudo-religion/grow your own pot/drop out culture, it certainly never had anything to do with scientific advancement.

        It is left unexplained to me how that nonsense, however appealing it might be to the weaker minded, could have spread through German main stream thought.

        1. DirkH

          Springer (the scientific publisher, not to be confused with the publisher of the Bild Zeitung, also called Springer) is still top notch.

          But there was also a lingering crazy and Malthusian element even in the highest circles of German society as well.

          Exhibit A: An old aristocrat family, the Weizsäckers.

          Noteworthy: Nazi nuclear bomb dabbler and crackpot philosophist

          ” In 1970 he formulated a “Weltinnenpolitik” (world internal policy). ”

          You get the gist – turned from Nazi Wunderwaffen inventor to pacifist, globalist, and promoter of societal transformation. It’s a very interesting family. His brother was federal president of Germany.

  11. R. de Haan

    Congratulations Pierre.
    5 million hits next year?
    Thanks – but I’ll be really happy to reach another million. -PG

  12. mindert eiting

    Proficiat! Your hit number seems to grow exponential (by positive feedback). Do you realize what that means?
    Sorry, but climate models don’t work here either. -PG

  13. DirkH

    Biofuel Craze now drives up cotton prize as worldwide acreage for energy crops rises, pushing out cotton. Hennes&Mauritz already lost 500 million Euros through this – cotton farmers are profiting, textile industry&retail sector loses.


  14. Edward


    Thanks PG: from little acorns do great oak trees grow.

    I have always wanted a window into the European thinking [AGW etc/EU and the like] – particularly what was going on in the Fatherland and now thanks to you – we/I have it.

    Lets go for 10⁷!

  15. Verity Jones


  16. newsblok.com

    congratulations on 1 million 🙂 I read your articles everyday and have added you to my wesbite : newsblok.com

    My site displays the latest headlines from 31 “alternative” news sites all on one simple page.

    Includes the latest news from NTZ 🙂 Infowars, NaturalNews, Drudge, RT and many more

  17. Juraj V.

    Congrats Pierre. You are doing an outstanding job.

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