Top 5 Environmental Disasters That Never Happened

Steffen Hentrich at the  Thinking For Freedom”, blog of the (Classic) Liberal Institute Friedrich Naumann Foundation For Freedom brings our attention to this Youtube Video by Ronald Bailey (Reason Magazine) und Julian Morris (International Policy Network) which features the Top 5 Environmental Disasters That Never Happened.

Enviro-leftists have a talent for concocting scare stories about mass environmental disaster, and thus stampeding the public into destrcutive policy-making that always ends up killing millions of poor people. Eventually, the scare story gets exposed as a hoax, and the media look like a bunch of thoughtless dupes.

You’d think these enviro-madmen would eventually learn something from their terrible mistakes. Well, you’d be dead wrong. In fact, they seem to get a kick out it, a ghoulish delight, and so they simply go on and concoct new schemes to stampede people into self-destruction.

The latest of course is catastrophic man-made climate change precipitated by the burning of fossil fuels. And now as man attempts to scale back use of fossil fuels, the poor once again are getting hammered the hardest.

I really believe too many of these enviro-crackpots are evil and diabolical, especially when you listen to how they talk about human population – referring to people as parasites, scourges – a disease to the planet. One could arguably call them “green genocidists”. Yes, I’m getting myself worked up. Here are Reason Magazine’s The top 5 diasters that never happened:

No. 5: Frankenfoods

Nonsense upon stilts.”

Think about golden rice, and all the children who have to hungry, or blind, or die prematurely because agricultural progress is irrationally impeded.

No. 4:  The end of biodiversity

70 to 80% of all animal species would be extinct by the year 1995.”

“Not based at all on evidence.”

Today, there are no signs of biodiversity shrinking.

No. 3. The energy crisis

By the year 2000, if present trends continue, we will be using crude oil at such a rate that there won’t be any more crude oil left.”

“And of course what happened is that our government did all kinds of idiotic things under President Richard Nixon.”

Sound familiar? And who gets hit the hardest when energy prices go up? The poor of course. It ends up causing more hunger, disease, and ultimately premature death.

No. 2: “A Silent Spring” The Banning of DDT

There was a really apacolyptic vision that was frankly based on a flimsy and inaacurate representation of arginal science.”

“And those bans have led to some unpleasant and unintended consequences.”

“The result, well, now a million people a year are dying of malaria.”

No. 1: Malthusian famine

The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now.”

“Ehrlich was spectacularly wrong.”

“If we had followed his policies, we would have created the famines that he claimed were inevitable.”

“More people are being better fed today than at any time in human history.”

Wvery one of these problems was an iminent threat to life on the planet, promoted by “leading experts” who were certain, and insisted action had to be taken quickly. Many world leaders are now behaving like Nixon, and implementing idiotic policies.

The global warming scare is nothing new and will also end up in the graveyard of past scare stories as well. But in the meantime it indeed has the potential of “creating the famines that are claimed to be inevitable.” These professors like Hansen, Ehrlich, Schellnhuber, Mann, Jones, etc. are indeed dangerous and need to be reviewed by rational thinkers.

Here’s another example of a crackpot prediction:

22 responses to “Top 5 Environmental Disasters That Never Happened”

  1. DirkH

    Did Mann and Jones make catastrophic exclamations? I’m not sure they belong in your enumeration, i would prefer Pimentel and Lovelock and Lester Brown in that list; maybe throw in Carl Sagan (nuclear winter). BTW, Lester Brown is on a roll, he’s got a book to sell:
    “Lester Brown, President of Earth Policy Institute and described by the Washington Post as “one of the world’s most influential thinkers,” has urged Rabbis, American Jews and the interfaith world community to take bold action now on issues of food, water, and family planning.”

    1. DirkH

      The religious arm of the ecological-socialist international:

      1. kuhnkat

        Dirk, they were ginning up data to SUPPORT those making the catastrophic predictions!! Remember even Phil Jones, one of Mann’s main men, felt it would be worth the loss to see the disaster happen and be proved right!! You can find that in the e-mails.

  2. 5 Massive LIES from “Eco-Whackos” « The Big Green Lie

    […] Top 5 Environmental Disasters That Never Happened […]

  3. Ulrich Elkmann

    Mann and Jones belong on such a list, but maybe in another category: they did not start any of the eco-scares, but they jumped on the bandwagon once it got rolling and serve to lent a veneer of Unassailable Scientific Authority to it (one of the “Idols” standing in the way of any successful inquiry of truth, at according to Francis Bacon). The 5 prophetic missteps listed in the video are only the tip of a Titanic iceberg (pun intended) of glimpses into futurity that, as someone said, “amounted to a bucket of warm spittle”. Even Malthusianism seems, for them, to start with Paul Ehrlich, not with Thomas M., from 1798 onward. They miss out on the “Limits to Growth” (1970) as well as “Global 2000” (1979), or the scare about “the end of energy/peak oil”, that has been going on, in one form or another, since William Jevons reported on “The Coal Question” to the British Parliament in 1872. (If one were really nasty-minded, one should add the Inevitable End of Capitalism to this roster of not quite successful predictions). But this was “The Top Five” to keep it manageable… It might therefore be more instructive not to recite a potentially infinite list of nonsense on stilts, but to draw up a list where the ecological doom-sayers turned out to be right. Offhand, I cannot think of a single example…

    1. Ed Caryl

      “…can’t think of a single example.”
      Nor can I. And that should tell you all you need to know.

      1. Jimbo

        If CAWG is valid then it will be a first! I wouldn’t hold out much hope, previous ‘experts’ got it wrong and since 1995 we have had statistically insignificant warming. This year will be interesting.

  4. R. de Haan

    Melting Ice Caps, Sea Level Rise, Unprecedented and Unstoppable Global Warming, all due to Antropogenic CO2 Emissions should be NO.1 on the list with the Ozone Hole at number 2.
    So maybe they should make it the top 10 of environmental disasters that never happened.

    Next time better.

  5. R. de Haan

    Number three of course should be the use of bio fuels.
    If that continues and further expands the environmentlist’s could become right with the current number 1 in their listing.

  6. mindert eiting

    Perhaps we should note the logical structure of these ‘predictions’ making them almost immune against criticism. The texts may be elaborate but amount to ‘if we don’t do this or that, a disaster will happen’. If the disaster does not happen, the conclusion is that ‘we did do this or that’. This is valid logic. You can be sure that if the world cools the next decades, this will be attributed to our CO2 indulgences.

    1. DirkH

      It has already been claimed.

      By none other than comrade BO.

  7. DirkH

    This post from Ecotretas in Portugal deserves recognition. He sketches the (ultra-green and DIRE) energy policies of Portugal.

  8. Edward

    Pierre, completely off topic, this is going round the blogs in Britain at the moment, I wonder if any of your readers have seen it – all of us here in the EU are in the same boat…. note this guy’s arrogant dismissal of the questions – they’re all like that in Brussels?!

    Pay up or ELSE!!!!!!!

    1. DirkH

      Back in the EUSSR.

    2. DirkH

      Patrizio Fiorilli is the name of the guy. In German media, you would never even have a journalist interview an arrogant Eurocrat slimeball like that; our media are too spineless for that.

  9. Benao

    No 3 – the energy crisis has raised it’s ugly head again. How often do we hear the term : “Peak oil”

    Quote Paul Erlich 1968 ” The battle to feed all of humanity is over”

    Quote Algoreacle ” The consensus is in ………”

  10. mindert eiting

    Time for a laugh about what’s going on at the other side of our planet:

  11. NikFromNYC

    Our affirmative action president is in good company when it comes to Global Warmism (the exploding sky that will see us all die):

    In other news, the natural warming trend that is making the world a better place to live (cold sucks, basically!):

    And of course there’s the global average temperature, which is also so very boring:

  12. King Condor

    Racheal Carson lied big time in her book SILENT SPRING the fact were that many birds including robins were doing well during the time when DDT was still legal and being used the robin deaths that did happen in some areas were becuase of fungiside and cant anyone remember if you saw the movie SILENT RUNNING the gloomy future of a dead planet? and not one single prediction of PAUL EHRLICH ever happned and never will happen no matter how many times you might see or hear him on TV or in newspapers and magazines

  13. Ulrich Elkmann

    Thinking bsck on “Silent Running”, I am not at all sure if that was not really a parody, or a cynical attempt at “let’s see what kind of dumb B-S we can foist off on these Earth Day-type hippies”. Remember that the last Caretaker, at the distance of Saturn, sees his plants dying and takes weeks to realize: “ahh – lack of sunlight – on Earth they call it winter”? And that he escapes pursuit by flying the spaceship THROUGH the rings of Saturn? The film also condones his murdering all of his fellow comrades, and has Joan Baez warbling the worst song she ever was guilty of (given how many bad songs she commited, that’s quite an achievement). Come to think of it, showing the film today in schools might immunize a lot of children against all efforts by the Ministry of Truth.


    I can rememebr all this nonsense that the earth would be so poluter our major cities would be kept under giant domes and people would need gas masks to go outside PAUL EHRLICH and his fellow doom sayers making all these predictions and some 30 years later their still blabbering their tommy-rot to the kids


    Carson lied big time in her book SILENT SPRING and thats we have such as WEST NILE VIRUS and such as this

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