Dave Roberts Of Grist Tells Germans: “Climate Bill Is Dead – Probably For A Number Years…Failed Spectacularly”

According to klimaretter.de, a warmist site operated by socialists and green Utopians, Dave Roberts was invited by the Heinrich Böll Foundation as a speaker for climate blogs at the network conference re:publica in Berlin last month. Roberts, you will recall, is the activist at Grist who in 2006 called for Nuremberg-type trials for bastards who deny global warming.

Klimaretter.de interviewed Roberts here and asked him about the US failure to pass a climate bill and the power of American conservatives. He had some interesting responses. Here are some excerpts of questions and answers in paraphrased form (I’ve eliminated all the rambling).

klimaretter: After the wonderful election of Barack Obama, hopes to pass a climate were high. What happened?

Roberts: The idea that it would be enough to replace “bad people” with “good people” turned out to be utterly naive. Barack Obama seemed to be the Messiah we had been waiting for. But his charisma was not enough to solve the USA’s deep problems. The Republicans routinely used delay and disrupt tactics.

klimaretter: Why didn’t the law get passed?

Roberts: Obama thought he could quickly pass health care reform, and then use the momentum to pass a climate bill. But passing health care reform got bogged down and became a very difficult issue. The momentum got lost. So the climate bill died and the only thing left to do is to set our hopes on EPA and its authority to regulate CO2. The Republicans want to defund the EPA. The fight is tough, but it’s not over yet.

klimaretter: What makes the conservative climate skeptics so powerful in the USA?

Roberts: The conservatives really know how to create an atmosphere of controversy in order to block climate protection measures. The Republicans are focused on spreading doubt and portraying scientific consensus as being in dispute. There are great parallels with the tactics used by the tobacco industry.

klimaretter: Will it be possible to expect progress in US climate protection over the next 2 Obama years?

Roberts (see English below): Das Klimagesetz ist jedenfalls erstmal tot – wahrscheinlich sogar auf etliche Jahre. Und auch wenn Obama wiedergewählt wird und die Demokraten im Repräsentantenhaus die Mehrheit zurückgewinnen muss man sich fragen, ob das reichen wird. Denn an dem Punkt waren wir schon einmal – und das Klimagesetz ist trotzdem grandios gescheitert.

In English: “The climate bill is now dead in any case – probably even for a number of years. And even if Obama gets re-elected and the Democrats regain the majority in the House of Representatives, one has to ask whether that will be enough. We were at that point once already, and the climate bill failed spectacularly.”

klimaretter: Will the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe in Japan have an impact on nuclear plans in the USA?

Roberts: The Fukushima issue here is being played down. The catastrophe will not change the course of nuclear power in the USA much. Obama’s energy secretary Steven Chu is a big proponent of nuclear power.

And so what is the reaction of green-eyed Germans to Robert’s dire message from the USA? Answer: “OH NEIN!”

For example, here’s how yet another socialist/green Utopian site, Klima Der Gerechtigkeit (in English: Climate Of Justice) reacts to the message and US analysis delivered by Roberts:

In a healthy world and in every other democracy, the climate bill would have been passed with huge majorities. Not so in the USA and its political system. No wonder David Roberts felt at times that he was on another planet when he visited Berlin.”

That comment was written by Arne Jungjohann, who is living in Washington. When he talks about “every other democracy”, he is referring to places like the defunct German “Democratic” Republic – former East Germany – the country that imprisoned its people behind a wall of concrete, barb wire and sharp shooters, and where everybody was spying on each other.

Spare us your lectures on “democracy”, Arne. In the USA the topic is being discussed openly, and not being rammed down the throats of citizens by obsessed dogmatists with masterplans. Go back and review history. Your twisted idea of democracy is sickening to any honest and moral person.

23 responses to “Dave Roberts Of Grist Tells Germans: “Climate Bill Is Dead – Probably For A Number Years…Failed Spectacularly””

  1. DirkH

    Look at that photo on klimaretter. The Grist guy stands and in the background two German women sit. He’s a dwarf; you also see it in the proportions of his head vs his body.

    (I don’t normally comment on the appearance of people but i make an exception for socialist nutjobs.)

  2. M White


    “At around 2040-2050 the extrapolated cyclic behaviour of the observed
    Solar variability predicts a new Solar Minimum with return to Little
    Ice Age climatic conditions.”

  3. Jimbo

    I’m just relieved they have failed so badly before they can do more damage. These people a wicked haters of humanity. Closet dictators in sheep’s clothing.

    1. DirkH

      Still waiting for the breakdown of the Green commotion in Germany…

  4. biggreenlie

    sad wee little man trying to be a big fish in a very small pond!

  5. DirkH

    One of the commenters at WUWT made a great remark: “Live by the trend line, die by the trend line.” In reality, whatever Grist or Romm or another Soros outlet says will not save the AGW cult as long as its cooling. The Grist dwarf bemoans the lack of a referee; but there is a referee, it’s called the Sun, or the PDO, or the SOI.

    I see a correlation between the appearance of trenchcoats in girls fashion and the global temperature anomaly.

    Trenchcoats are on the rise.

    1. DirkH

      A few days ago there were still some yellow spots on the global SST anomaly by Unisys, they’re gone now. Cool colors dominate.

  6. GoFigure

    Being as how we’ve had 13 ice ages in he past 1.3m years, average duration 90k years, with an average intervening warm period of 10k years, that looks like a pretty strong trend for little old humans to overwhelm. We’re about due for the next one (not just the “little” one.)

    (But, during the 70s Holdren, “scientific adviser” to Obama, did consider, at that time, procedures needed to fight it global cooling by warming the globe. You gotta give him credit for being flexible! (Altho’ even a stopped clock is right now and then.)


  7. GoFigure

    … “the past 1.3m” … not “he past…”

  8. DirkH

    Bye bye storks in Germany. I’m just googling around to find out whether wind turbines kill storks. The stork is an iconic bird and a symbol for the German environmentalists. High voltage pylons are demonized for their stork-killing properties.

    Well, it looks like evolution hasn’t prepared storks for collisions with huge spinning blades either.
    “Jungstorch H 8075 verunglückt tödlich an Windkraftanlage”
    “Young stork H 8075 dies at wind turbine”


    Google “Störche Windturbinen” …

    1. DirkH

      Storks are a good example here because all storks born in Germany get ringed and numbered and tracked.

      1. DirkH

        Diary, May 2011:
        “05. Boldixum, 7X006, 150m v.e. Windkraftanlage tot gefunden (D.Risse) ”

        7X006 found dead at Wind Turbine.

  9. Neo

    “There are great parallels with the tactics used by the tobacco industry.”

    A PhD statistician once told me back in the 80’s that his “dream job” was in the Tobacco Institute. My experience from the outset has been that the entire “Global Warming” thing is a statistical scam. I always wondered where those folks went when the Tobacco Institute closed, obviously they went right into Global Warming.

  10. R. de Haan

    Dave Roberts has failed spectacularly.

    And the corruption of climate science has created 30 lost years

  11. DirkH

    Green overlord of Baden-Württemberg dictates 5 year plan to car industry.
    “Above all, Daimler and Porsche should see themselves as mobility companies in five years’ time – and no longer just as car factories.””

  12. anon

    Did it ever occur to you that someone might, heaven forfend, disagree with a scientific argument?

    You guys are absolutely the most tone deaf movement in all political history.

    1. DirkH

      Don’t know what you mean with “tone deaf”. I know a socialist when i hear one. For the socialists, AGW is only a means to an end, they don’t care for a moment whether it could be true or not. Just look at their political background. Look at how Holdren effortlessly switched from Ice Age Alarmism to Global Warming Alarmism. He will switch back again just as effortlessly.

  13. pyeatte

    The AGW movement is about the social control of the people. As they get their policies implemented (EPA), economic decline sets in and the people revolt. This is a perfect feed-back system to fight the socialists and it is working – witness last November.

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