German Green Parliamentarians Stuck On Stupid – Taxpayers Now Waiting 6 Months For A Reply

Dr. Hermann Ott, German global warming mobber who not long ago called for a science pogrom aimed at skeptics of dubious global warming science, brings our attention here to a planned conference at the Bundestag in Berlin on June 10, 2011.The conference is designed to attack skepticism in science, and is hosted by the German Green Party faction.

It is dubbed: Strategies of the so-called climate sceptics and who is behind it. Here’s an excerpt of the conference description:

In the USA skepticism has had a long tradition, and with the recent congressional elections it has reached new dimensions. The ‘arguments’ of the climate change skeptics have found fertile ground there, and also in Germany. […] At our conference we wish to shine light on the background of the climate skeptic activities. What are the strategies of the so-called climate sceptics, who is behind them and who finances them?”

Yes, the Greens have to go back to the old worn out pages of its propaganda playbook and rehash all the old drivel about “climate change deniers”, evil industry funding, Fred Singer and Big Oil conspiracies as being behind the skeptic movement.

They’re stuck on stupid. They don’t have the science, so they keep using the old stories.

Unfortunately, Ott, Rahmstorf and the rest of the green supremacists have forgotten that all these questions concerning skepticism in Germany have been already answered, see see here in German and here in English.

Yet in response, many of us have questions of our own for the Greens, and we sent them a list. For example, the Free Democrats of the Friedrich Naumann Institute and other freedom and science-friendly organizations prepared a list of questions for the Greens to answer and sent it to the Green Parliamentarians – way back in November – more than 6 months ago.

Questions to the Greens still unanswered – 6 months and still waiting

The list of questions was even signed by thousands of taxpaying citizens with a copy posted in the Internet. After 6 months – still no sign of a reply. In case the Greens have forgotten, here is the list of questions once again, in short form.

1. Are the Greens aware of the 800 900 peer-reviewed papers that question AGW?

2. Are the Greens aware that climate science is a relatively new science that still entails lots of uncertainty, and that there is no consensus?

3. Will the Greens even send a representative to the 3rd 4th International Conference on Climate and Energy?

4. If the Greens think the question of climate change is already settled, then why spend billions more for financing of climate research work?

5. Are the Greens aware of any other institution, except for the Pope and their own party, that claims to be infallible?

6. Are the Greens aware that scientific papers questioning man-made climate change were suppressed, and are they aware of Climate-gate, Himalaya-gate, Glacier-gate, Amazon-gate?

7. Are the Greens aware of the scientific achievemnts of Prof. Fred Singer’s distinguished scientific career?

8. Are the Greens aware that Prof. Dr. Judith Curry said: “Man made climate change is a theory and is highly uncertain”, and that distinguished professor Willaim Happer called it: “The dubious science of the climate crusaders”?

9. Is it the Greens’ view that serious, scientific work is only so if it supports the political aspirations of your party?

10. Why is it that no journalist has ever gotten the idea to check up on the scientific reputation of experts that are paid by the Greens?

11. What is the Greens’ position on the fact that your politics accompanies the profligate subsidies to solar and wind energy, bought by donations from, among others, IBC Solar AG, SMA Solar Technology AG, Ostwind, Umweltkontor Renewable Energy, EWO Energietechnologie GmbH, Conergy AG, Pro Vento, Nordex AG, Windpark G. W. Meerhof GmbH & Co. KG, Ersol AGder Windpark GmbH & Co. KG, Wind Project Development GmbH, Solarworld AG, SMA Technologie AG, Solon AG fir Solar Technology, AGU Energy and Electrotechnology GmbH?

12. Which renewable energy industries and to what extent have Parliamentarians of the Green Faction invested?

13. Do the Greens intend to continue their constant use of the expression “climate denier”?

14. Will the Greens continue to use public money to encourage and incite others to commit criminal acts such as vandalizing railways?

15. Do the Greens call protests at nuclear waste storage facilities only when they are in the opposition, and do the opposite when they are not?

16. Are you Greens aware of the point you’ve reached today, when you are asked such questions?

How about answers to our questions, Mr Ott? With us as taxpayers and you as a Parliamentarian, it is only fitting that you provide a reply. Why are you and your faction, along with Drs Rahmstorf and Schellnhuber, always hiding from open debate? Why do you and the scientists at PIK insist in remaining mired in the narrow-mindedness of dogmatism?

What are you afraid of?

15 responses to “German Green Parliamentarians Stuck On Stupid – Taxpayers Now Waiting 6 Months For A Reply”

  1. Harry Dale Huffman

    If they continue, they will bring on a real revolution, not just an intellectual one. Their attempted tyranny simply will not be stood for by those who know better.

  2. pointman

    The Greens remind me more and more of the Bourbon kings, “they forgot nothing but they learnt nothing either”. What would make them more dangerous at this point is if they could change strategy but they won’t because they can’t. They’re fanatics and it’s starting to work against them.


  3. biggreenlie

    They CAN’T answer the questions! To do that means that they will get “off message” which is the worst thing that can happen to “propaganda driven objective”.

    To go “off message” is defeat, plain and simple.

    Stay on message, keep regurgitating the same old puke over and over and hopefully “people will break down and accept it as truth”!

    Unfortunately for these “Green Mobsters” is that there is now an enlightened and informed young generation who can discuss any matter within seconds to anyone world-wide and it’s called the INTERNET! This phenomenon has hit the “old guard very hard and the streets of major countries are filling up with these “Democratically starved youth”!

    These “Greens” have lost the war for governance yet they still hang on to their “masters” message! Adios you idiots!!!!!

    1. DirkH

      There’s not much green fanaticism in todays teenage generation in Germany. I have a teenage son so i see what they’re interested in. It’s a generational thing. A lot of the green demonstrants here are 40+.

      Increasing costs of renewables will slowly drive the public away and hollow the movement out, but it will be a slow and painful process. At the moment, they are at the zenith of their power. If they were a stock, i would short them.

  4. DirkH

    ” Strategies of the so-called climate sceptics and who is behind it.”

    Strategy #1: They ask us questions.


    Simply answering them is obviously not tricky enough for old school soviet style agitprop con artists.

  5. DirkH

    Here’s another strategy conundrum for green leftists. As environmentalists they should oppose industrialization of the countryside. But as warmists they must support solar.

    Up to 21 million acres could be developed for solar in the US.,0,1010788.story

    Once you have it industrialized, even for an as yet wimpy technology as solar, you won’t let go of the area again…

  6. DirkH

    Thinking more about it, the Green movement has all the hallmarks of an Ersatz religion. The Green party is thus the upper echelon of that Ersatz religion. Like real religions, they have their dogmas – thou shalt not mine – and their holy buildings – wind turbines. Instead of going to a church, the Greens go to demonstrations. Instead of wearing cruzifixes, they wear Atomkraft Nein Danke pins and stickers on their cars; i just saw a car in the neighbourhood with three of them on it, the owner obviously a serious case.

    So, do not ever expect a debate along the lines of reason, as their dogmas are not negotiable for them.

  7. R. de Haan

    OT: Iceland’s Grimsvörtn Volcano erupts, seaismic activity off scale all over the island.

  8. R. de Haan

    Nice article plus pictures about the eruption at Zero hedge

    1. DirkH

      Great news! I’m not long in European air travel ATM, phew…

  9. Ulrich Elkmann

    “Thinking more about it, the Green movement has all the hallmarks of an Ersatz religion” – or, more precisely, they constitute a political religion, as defined by Eric Voegelin (see Die politischen Religionen, 1938). And if you look up the conceot, you will find some other instances of Political Religions these people are not always comfortable with … starting with Saparmurat Nyazov (a.k.a. “Turkmenbashi”) and Hugo Chavez and ending with Mao, Stalin and Hitler. The German pejorative term “Ersatzreligion” misses the point that these sets of beliefs constitute an all-encompassing set of beliefs about the material as well as the transcendental aspects of the world – and that in this case the transcendental purpose of human existence (for the Greens it is “Peace with Nature”, for the Socialists it was the classless society) has been completely taken down from the metaphysical sphere and been reduced to a purely terrestrial dimension, to be achieved by human effort, as soon as possible. Of course, given this view of things, unbelievers soon turn from benighted heathens to be converted into Enemies of God (or Nature, as the Supreme Cause is still that; it just is conceived as something totally Of This World).

    1. DirkH

      Thanks for your thoughts, Ulrich; much appreciated. I saw the possibility to expand the concept to the other political movements you mention but didn’t know about Voegelin.

      “The German pejorative term “Ersatzreligion” misses the point that these sets of beliefs constitute an all-encompassing set of beliefs ”

      Hmmm… i was actually aware that the Greens try to create themselves a perfect hermetically closed set of beliefs… What i mean with Ersatz is that most of them would deny the notion that they are behaving in religious ways. Most of the German greens would describe themselves as rational, non-religious and apolitical, when they are none of it.

  10. Stop Common Purpose

    “They’re stuck on stupid.”

    Could not have put it better myself.

    Sums them up perfectly.

  11. DirkH

    Globalist Cangaroo Court; Nobel Laureates try to gain back leadership in humanity-hating Malthusian movement.
    “Transforming The World In An Era Of Global Change”
    Scroll down to the last page and you find amongst others the logo of the PIK.

  12. Francis Massen

    Zum Thema Ersatzreligion ein exzellenter Artikel von Serge Galam:
    Global Warming: the Sacrificial Temptation

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