German Skeptics Finally Breaking Into The Discussion – Germany Says Auf Wiedersehen To Climate Science Consensus

While German politicians, alarmist scientists, activists, and media are staying super-glued stuck on stupid, i.e. remaining mired in the stupidity of dogmatism and closed-mindedness, the climate debate and controversy in Germany is, well, shall we say, heating the hell up.Mark the following time and place on your calender:

Wednesday, 25 May 2011, 10 pm.

Once facing a hostile climate of intolerance and threats, German climate-catastrophe-skeptic scientists are increasingly coming out and choosing to exercise their human right to express themselves freely, without fear of mobbing and bashing. Good for them I say. It’s past high time.

“Do politicians really know what they are talking about?”

Hans von Storch’s Klimazwiebel site here informs us that German MDR public radio station will broadcast a special on climate change, Wednesday evening at 10 p.m. The show is produced by Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt and according to the MDR website here, its description (emphasis added):

The show looks at just how much is climate change caused by man, or is it more a cyclic phenomena? The science is everything but in agreement when it comes to the interpretation of the huge number of facts, theories and model predictions of weather. There are plenty of loud and serious voices out there claiming climate swindle. The mainstream media are purveying a clear picture of coming catastrophe that is freshened up on a daily basis. When politicians call on us to prevent climate change, do they really know what they are talking about?

Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt provides a look into the jungle of science, the media focus and political correctness, and invites you on a playful science expedition to Spitzbergen, Masdar, the Brandenburg Lindenberg and other locations.

Directed by: Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt; Holger Kuhla
Production: RBB 2011

In Germany, on the subject of climate change, “do they really know what they are talking about” is one of the most provocative questions that’s been posed in a long time. Let’s hope that this show is really serious about being fair and balanced. I have no reason to doubt that they won’t be, and look forward to listening in.

I can almost hear Messieurs Schellnhuber and Rahmstorf screeching, at high pitches, to MDR in a bid to get the station to drop the skeptics and to stop spreading Big Oil’s and Fred Singer’s “disinformation”. But what else should we expect from zealot dogmatists who are hopelessly super-glued on stupid.

Klimazwiebel has a list of scientists who will be featured on the show:

Prof. Hauke Trinks (Sea Ice Researcher)
Prof. Steve Coulsen (UNIS Terrestial Ecology)
Prof. Jørgen Berge (UNIS Marine Biology)
Andreas Umbreidt (Terra-Polaris)

Abu Dhabi / Masdar City
Joachim Kundt (CEO Abu Dhabi Siemens)
Rene Umlauft (CEO Renewable Energies Siemens)
Dolf Gehlen (CEO International Renewable Energy Agency)

Christoph Hein (Writer)
Mike Kess / Udo Schulze (Citizens’ Initiative “CO2 Endlager”)
Dr. Franz Berger (Weather Station Lindenberg )
Prof. Hartmut Grassl (Hamburg Max Planck Institute)
Dr. Wolfgang Thüne (Meteorologist)
Prof. Dr. Werner Kirstein (Institute for Geography, University of Leipzig)
Prof. Friedrich Wilhelm Gerstengarbe (Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research)
Michael Limburg  (European Institute for Climate and Energy)
Dr. Joachim Bublath (Science Publicist)
Prof. Hans von Storch (Institute for Coastal Research, Geestacht)
Prof. Jan Veizer (Evolution Geologist, University of Ottawa)
Dr. Nico Bauer  (Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research)
Prof. Dr. Claudia Kemfert (German Institute for Economics)

Plenty of warmists, but still with a number of skeptics. MDR has framed the description in a way that tells listeners that not all is well in climate science. It’ll be interesting to see if they deliver on this. Let’s hope so.

Hope to have interesting results to report on Thursday.

13 responses to “German Skeptics Finally Breaking Into The Discussion – Germany Says Auf Wiedersehen To Climate Science Consensus”

  1. DirkH

    Good news. In their announcement they use the word “Klimaschwindel” (climate con) which is a word play on “Klimawandel” (climate change). Nice.

  2. DirkH

    Meanwhile, Greens (23%) overtake CDU (21%) in Bremen elections. SPD (38%) stronger than the Greens.

    Another opportunity for the Greens (after Baden-Württemberg) to prove their Realpolitik mettle. Not much industry left to destroy in Bremen, though. City already lives mostly off benefits.

    1. DirkH

      …the SPD rules there since 1947… they do have elections but *never* used them to oust a government. Freakish.

    2. Bernd Felsche

      Bremen’s result is the sort to be expected when 16- and 17-year-olds are given the vote. Full of opinion but no responsibility. The age-bias in voting intentions is markedly Green-Red amongst the young. The conservatives have never done well in Bremen… but the “cheesed-off citizen’s” (Buerger in Wut) party got a seat in parliament anyway.

      Germany’s problems seem to be down to a dominant public sector, and those dependent upon it. That means high taxes to pay for political whim. Which most people are coming to realize (even in Germany) is not the way forward to a sustainable budget. But those benefiting from the public purse also vote; so it’ll be a long, slow iterative process to cull excess from the public sector.

      Now if more than half of the eligible voters can be bothered to vote, the election result might be a different colour. (Perhaps the BiW showing is the glimmer of hope.)

      1. Ike

        A friend of mine is a teacher at a Gymnasium in Munich (I don´t know the English term for it).

        As most of the teachers are from the ´68 generation and think green and left, the students don´t. My friend told me, that most of them are conservative and would not elect green or red. He teaches biology and chemistry and is a frequent reader of notrickszone….. 🙂


        1. DirkH

          Similar with my kid. Not a green bone in him. I told him to be careful and tell the teachers what they want to here. Don’t argue with the disciples of Gaia.

        2. Bernd Felsche

          As long as voting remains secret, the indicated intentions of voters will be swayed by peers and what the voters think is expected of them; the “correctness”. Young voters who may well be students, are still in the mind-set of delivering “correct answers”.

  3. Edward

    ‘From little acorns do great oak trees grow.’

    Some cracks do appear to be opening and that is good for all us Europeans.

    It seems to me, the realists are doing better in the fatherland, than us, here in la-la-land-Britain.
    Where recently, energy minister – Chris Huhne has destined us to the scrap heap of Europe [by means of lunatic CO2 emissions limits – limits which are SELF IMPOSED AND UNILATERAL!] – very, very soon, we’re going to be as poor as the Moldovans/the noveau Romany of Europe.

    1. DirkH

      “It seems to me, the realists are doing better in the fatherland, than us, here in la-la-land-Britain.”

      Don’t think so. Our parties are all warmists; some because it is their believe, some because they think it buys them points. So they all cater to a green electorate – non-green voters can just as well sleep through any election. My interests do not exist for any of the parties.

  4. Rudy

    How is it that climatology is called a science anyway? I was taught that science was based on hypothesis, method, observations and conclusion based on proof.

    Climatology appears to be a field of study of modeling based on conjecture and speculation about fabricated data. Has any theory of climatology been proven?

    There is no such thing as global mean temperature. Global average temperature would be much more meaningful but it is impossible to define and even more impossible to measure. Would it be measured daily, hourly, by the minute or continuously? Should it be measured on a 10M grid, 100M or 1km? At the surface, 1.5M, 10M or every 100m vertically? How would this be humanly possible?

    Climate itself is an abstract concept which cannot be measured at all. It is whatever you conceive it to be.

  5. No matter how well constructed, flawed narratives fall apart eventually, global warming no exception | JunkScience Sidebar

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