Which Issue “That The Survival Of Civilization Hinges On” Was Missing In The CNN Debate?

Face it – it’s not an issue in American politics. Nobody gives a rat’s butt about it. It’s off the radar, folks!
Hot Air here lists the question topics at the CNN debate:

  1. Plans for job creation
  2. Tim Pawlenty’s plan for sustained 5% growth
  3. Raising taxes on the wealthy
  4. Repealing Dodd-Frank Wall Street regulatory expansion
  5. Repealing ObamaCare
  6. Pawlenty’s ObamneyCare comment (with 4 followups)
  7. Individual mandate in health insurance coverage
  8. Convincing moderates and independents
  9. “Aren’t you concerned about the influence of the Tea Party?”
  10. “CNN is hosting a Tea Party debate in September!”
  11. How to bring manufacturing jobs back from overseas
  12. Right to work legislation – is that demonizing union members?
  13. Government assistance to private enterprises
  14. Space program
  15. Housing meltdown
  16. Food safety
  17. FEMA
  18. Medicare
  19. Social Security reform
  20. Debt ceiling
  21. Separation of church and state
  22. Muslims in government
  23. Same-sex marriage
  24. DADT
  25. Abortion
  26. Immigration
  27. Eminent domain (Kelo)
  28. Ethanol subsidies – which only one candidate got to answer (Santorum)
  29. Pulling out of Afghanistan after OBL’s death
  30. Libya
  31. Should we start closing overseas military bases?
  32. Who among this group would you consider as a running mate?
  33. What have you learned in the last two hours?

Where’s global warming? Even “Muslims in government” is a bigger issue.

15 responses to “Which Issue “That The Survival Of Civilization Hinges On” Was Missing In The CNN Debate?”

  1. DirkH

    Must be the weather.

  2. Ed Caryl

    Oh, but that one is settled!

    But really, it was left out because none of the participants are “climate scientists”, therefore cannot have an opinion on the subject.

  3. papertiger

    Imagine if Joe Romm, John Cook, and Bill McKibben’s internet privileges were revoked.

    That would be the end of AGW. All over. Done. Kaput. End of scare story.

    Those three degenerate liars are the only thing propping up the fraud at this point.
    Most politicians are hoping not to talk about it anymore.

  4. DirkH

    A little German Green warmist madness.
    “„Klimahaus Bremerhaven“ erhält Klima-Verdienstkreuz
    Energie & Umwelt
    Pressemitteilung von: Viabono – Erlebnis Grünes Band
    Die Klima-Hotels haben diese Woche das Klima-Verdienstkreuz dem „Klimahaus Bremerhaven“ verliehen. Hinter dem Klimahaus steckt eine Ausstellung rund um die Klimazonen und den Klimawandel auf unserer Erde.

    “Climate House Bremerhaven gets Cross Of Climate Merit”
    Press Release by Viabono – Experience Green Riband
    The Climate Hotels have in this week given the Cross Of Climate Merit to the Climate House Bremerhaven. The Climate House Bremerhaven is an exposition about the climate zones and Climate Change on our Earth.”

    and so on… be sure to stay in one of these 9 Climate Hotels when you happen to come to Germany, they are especially nice to Gaia. And they are the world record holders in using the word Climate. Reminds me of Being John Malkovich…


  5. Harry Dale Huffman

    Politicians are like rats, or cockroaches, that run from sudden light. It is never about the truth, except incidentally. It is about getting control of the situation, and in the climate debacle there is no controlling what will become a vast revolution. I am sure they (the politicians) hope they can limit the revolution to science, and to the future, but deep down they know that they have turned on — falsely — the hopes of the underdeveloped nations for untold billions of dollars. A sort of Non-OPEC bailout, free money for the have-nots for a change. Too many people are not insane, however, so those hopes will be terribly dampened sooner or later. And I think there are plenty of Americans as disgusted as you with the avoidance of reality with respect to climate “science”. The 2012 election will tell, partially; if Obama is re-elected, it will send an unmistakable signal that the fever has not broken and the American voters remain too divided to be of much use for “change we can believe in”, and the world will remain at war: The War of the Insane Left (copyright me, 2010).

  6. DirkH

    Greenpeace Germany (via Greenpeace Germany member Sven Teske, IPCC lead author) uses its sockpuppet, the IPCC, to promote renewables, letting the IPCC state that 80% renewables is no problemo.
    Link to a warmist, Mark Lynas, who is not happy. I think he still believed the IPCC does science. Rude awakening boy.

    1. TimiBoy

      I don’t know how to get this articel to Anthony Watts. Do you? He should read it…

      1. DirkH

        Don’t worry, it’s all over the place… found the link on climatedepot.

        1. DirkH

          And the guy who discovered it in the first place is one Steve McIntyre.

  7. DirkH

    Bonn – Friends Of The Earth is PISSED at the World Bank for financing power plants in developing countries. They hate it, hate it, hate it. World Bank rises in my opinion.

  8. R. de Haan
  9. R. de Haan

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