EU To Control Energy Consumption By EU Consumers

The German online Die Welt here reports that the EU plans to force consumers to save energy – 1.5% every year.According to plans by EU Commissar Günther Oettinger of Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU party, energy suppliers in the future have to assure that their customers use less power and gas. Every year suppliers will have to reduce its market share by 1.5%

If that sounds economically retarded to you, you’re not alone.

I guess that means consumers must forget about expanding the family, or getting a bigger and more comfortable house, or buying an air conditioner. No – in Europe it’s downscale your lives – until you’re living in a cardboard box under a bridge. Die Welt writes:

Oettinger also expects public offices and buildings to join in. The draft law stipulates that beginning in January 2014, 3% of all buildings in all 27 member countries shall be made energy-efficient by renovation according to EU requirements.”

I wonder who is going to pay for all that. This sounds like one of the shovel-ready-jobs programs that worked so well under Obama. The proposed law will be introduced to the Parliament next month.

Of course, all the energy saving will be “voluntary” at first – at least during the years 2012 and 2013. But if the targets are not met, then in 2014 “the second bomb will be lit” and the Commission will enact “binding requirements”, Die Welt writes.

Not everybody is pleased about this state-controlled economy. For example, Herbert Reul, Chairman of the Industrial Committee in the EU-Parliament, says all this will lead to an “over-bureaucratization” and that the State “might as well just take over the entire energy sector and that what the EU proposes no longer has any semblance of a free market”.

For readers outside Germany, now you know how crazy on green Angela Merkel’s government truly is in pushing all this. The German CDU as it is today is a party that needs to go politically extinct – the sooner, the better. I can hardly differentiate it from the East German SED  in some areas.

14 responses to “EU To Control Energy Consumption By EU Consumers”

  1. Rick Bradford

    No, they don’t want us living in cardboard boxes under bridges — that’s very unsightly and individualistic.

    They want us to live in yurts powered by tallow candles in model Peace Hero Villages, controlled by a benign eco-committee.

  2. R. de Haan

    And all this insane policies are based on ludicrous IPCC reports like this blunder of staggering proportions.

    We need to show these bozos the door, all of them.

  3. Ulrich Elkmann

    Does anybody have realiable figures on how much large industrial businesses and manufacturers save per annum by the usual process of innovation and modernization? Could that be about, say, 1.5%? These guys are certainly capable of promising you an extra day per leap year as proof of their excellence…

  4. R. de Haan

    Here is a more mature view on our carbon cycle

  5. jazznick

    Huhne is trying something similar in the UK

    But more scary yet is an extra chapter to the IPCC/Greenpeace story regarding
    further NGO interference. This time the true reasons for this advocacy is revealed
    and I’m sure there is much more of this going on both in the UK and EU wide.
    Read this and weep.

  6. R. de Haan

    “Every year suppliers will have to reduce its market share by 1.5%”

    This is something only “Communists or NAZI’s can come up with.

    Eventually such a scheme will bankrupt all suppliers.

    Please people get rid of these morons.
    They belong locked up for life in a mental institution.

  7. DirkH

    Madness of epic proportions; i would have expected this from one of our communists of Die Linke, not from the conservative-by-name CDU. It’s a total treason of the free market principle that the EU purportly has; the Beast shows its true colors.

    I expect a commission sub-apparatchik to appear here and deny it all in 3… 2… 1…

  8. DirkH

    Der Spiegel calls this “Diktat from Brussels” and goes on to quote Die Welt. So, for some reason, the arch-warmists and arch-leftists of Hamburg are ALSO not happy with the EUSSR; i shall give them a few months to ponder what their position is.,1518,768682,00.html

    And for some reason, even the normally lunatic commenters over there suddenly sound like free-market libertarians.

    That gives me a certain hope that we will get a lot of recruits from the leftist loons as soon as the EU repression hits home.

  9. Edward

    “Smart meters” in Britain are pushed by our insane DOEaCC as a way of saving domestic electricity [ho ho].
    The [realist’s] feeling, is, that in future, homes will be allotted a certain ration and if this is exceeded, then the householder will be punished by fines or electricity limitation/cut off.
    Sounds like the Germans are thinking along similar lines – I think the ‘logic’ behind all this is, fuel provision and energy generation is facing a considerable shortfall – between supply and demand, future discrepancy of S and D, will mean ways have to be found of limitation of demand.
    NOW!…….In a free market economy, suppliers would bust a gut to provide more supply and more generation of power – but the EU is a Socialist workers Utopian-paradise and CAGW is the new orthodox, therefore: saving mother Gaia is of the utmost necessity?!…..
    Stuff the workers eh?

    On home and business insulation: we have a precedent in the SH, in Australia they abandoned this idea in 2010:

    Sanity prevailed [in Aus’], where is sanity gone to in the EU? It sure as s**7 ain’t residing in Brussels or in Angela-land, or in CamoronUK.

  10. DirkH

    Maybe the mandated 1.5% reduction per year was chosen to fit to the slow extinction of the German population; only peoples who make the mistake of breeding must be punished in that case. Looks like the perfect Malthusian strategy; a kind of Khmer Rouge in slow motion.

  11. Ulrich Elkmann

    It’s simple in the case of Der Spiegel: they like to be the ones who tell everybody the correct line; they do not relish the prospect of some Commissar telling them to hoe to the party line. It is all right for the Fourth Power to dictate the political agenda, but any politician who gives them order conjures up the spectre of Franz Josef Strauss.

    1. DirkH

      Hmm… but how can they be anti-authoritarian and ardent globalist warmists at the same time without going mad? Oh, and it becomes more difficult by the hour to ignore the fact that the Spiegel’s beloved activists of all colors are only paid stooges of the EU.

  12. R. de Haan

    Never trust a former “Commie”.

  13. Daniel J. lavigne


    Humanity’s infection by the madness of greed, the same madness that permitted millions to ignore “The Rule Of Law” and SUPPORT plans and preparations that are predicated on a will and capacity to USE nuclear and other weapons of mass murder, now leads these same scofflaws to actually REFUSE to think of the fact that adding to the planet’s heat load could well bring about that which they should fear with an equal foreboding:

    The Cooling of the planet to such a degree that ALL life is rendered extinct.

    “The Message”:

    Everything changes; including beliefs in religion, gods, fairytales and entitlement to a way of life supported by the efforts of “others” (That belief in “entitlement” being the reason why some nations are prepared to murder all others, if need be, in order that their “Non-Negotiable Way of Life” not be challenged, by anyone.)

    So, what are we to do?

    Allow fools to dictate the all-out use of our remaining fossil fuels in a mad orgy of pointless production in order to maintain our useless / meaningless beliefs in “Sustainable Growth”?

    Or do we risk the time and effort needed to come to a valid understanding of the planetary processes which could well, due our ignorance and ignorant responses to foreseeable disasters, bring about that we which we hope to avoid?

    I suggest that efforts, such as contemplated by should be promoted worldwide.

    Yes, I own that web-site and started it for one specific purpose:

    Wake the world’s ignorant masses to the reality of what they and their progeny face.

    Thank you.

    Daniel J. Lavigne

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