Yvo de Boer: “Kyoto Protocol Is Dead” – Kyoto Countries Plummet From 55% To Just 20%!

The climate change train left the station long ago. Someone needs to tell Romney and Christie because they look awfully silly standing all alone there on the platform, waiting for the train to come. It left long ago with hardly anyone getting on it – just some Europeans and a few panhandlers.

The leftist German daily TAZ reports (bemoans) here that the Kyoto Protocol is dead, this according to former UN Climate General Secretary Yvo de Boer in an interview.

On getting a successor to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, TAZ quotes de Boer (emphasis added):

The spirit of the Kyoto Protocol has disappeared. Its body is being artificially kept alive and perhaps some of the organs may get transplanted. But we have to admit that the Kyoto Protocol is dead.”

This, de Boer says, can be traced back to a lack of political will.

Politicians obviously have come to realize that implementing Kyoto-brand policy is far more risky than alleged climate change itself. The hoax has been exposed, the science discredited, and the tide of public opinion has shifted since Climategate rocked the climate science community in late 2009, causing the Copenhagen Conference and the global warming hypothesis as a whole to crumble to pieces. Resuscitating the climate patient failed – it’s dead on arrival.

Kyoto countries today represent only 20% of the world’s CO2 emissions

Indeed de Boer says the remaining Kyoto countries represent only 20% of the global CO2 emissions, down from 55% back in 1997. The air is out.

Yvo de Boer does not even believe a road map to a new Kyoto is possible.

We had a road map in Rio in 1992, in Kyoto, in Copenhagen, in Cancun. How many more road maps are necessary?”

De Boer favours incentives for saving energy rather than forcing countries to meet targets. But that would only mean more government meddling in markets. Best way out would be to accept the science.

12 responses to “Yvo de Boer: “Kyoto Protocol Is Dead” – Kyoto Countries Plummet From 5512 To Just 2012!”

  1. Stop Common Purpose

    The only road map they have is the Road to Nowhere.

  2. Beano

    Some idiots like former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Dudd rushed out and signed up to the Kyoto Protocol only 2 years ago.

    He couldn’t recognise a dead dog with a microscope.

  3. Co2 Insanity

    Too bad the UN doesn’t die with it.

  4. mindert eiting

    What shall we do? Be diplomatic and allow them to believe in a lack of political will? Or should we rub salt in their wounds and tell them that they believed for decades in the most stupid hoax of all times?

    1. DirkH

      They are fools and need to be exploited.

  5. Michael B. Combs

    Anthropogenic global warming was built on ignorance and coincidence; ignorance of historical climate change, and coincidence that the long warming period following the Little Ice Age coincided in its latter period with increasing CO2. Greenland ice cores show that 9,100 of the past 10,000 years were warmer than any of the past 100. Even during the past 60 years, as CO2 increased, half the time we had cooling.
    During the Holocene Climate Optimum of 6,000 years ago, sea level was 10 to 20 feet higher than now, glaciers had retreated much more, and temperature was 10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer. The Medieval Warm Period of 1,000 ago was warmer, and sea level was 8 inches higher, with significant glacier retreat. Glaciers rebounded in the Little Ice Age.

    1. DirkH

      Great talk by Prof Ian Plimer about the ups and downs of climate and sea level, three parts, 2009:


  6. Ron Henry

    Well said, Mr. Combs. Ignorance was aided by the deception of the eco-leftist politicians, self-serving university researchers, data manipulating government scientists/bureaucrats, and perhaps most of all, phony-baloney computer models.

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  8. Jean Demesure

    The climate is going crazy, it’s man’s fault, and we must make sacrifices.
    Well, preachers in all civilizations were using this scam for ages. That’s why it’s dead, for the time being.

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