EU Parliamentarian: “Europe Climate Policy Dead End…China, India, Australia Waving Goodbye

It’s over. All that is left to die is that last flicker of European hope.Another European politician has long since seen the bold-letter writing on the wall. The following was written by European Parliamentarian Holger Krahmer and appears in German at the Achse des Guten here. What follows is an English translation (emphasis added).


Only Europe Still Believes In Rescuing The Climate
by Holger Krahmer (MdEP)

The climate policy of the European Union is now stuck for good in a dead end. Europe wanted to be the leader – showing the world the way. They especially wanted to export the “market-economic” instrument of emissions trading as a new standard of regulation. The climate summits in Copenhagen and in Cancun were supposed to herald in a successor treaty for the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012. Both summits yielded zero results. Today it is clear: There is going to be no successor agreement. Also the option of simply extending the existing Kyoto Protocol was thrown overboard by the main countries at the last G8 summit.

The situation in global climate politics can be summarized in short: There isn’t any.

Especially the emerging economies of Asia are refusing to allow their possibilities for growth to be curbed by obligatory CO2 reductions. Everywhere globally, climate laws are being buried for good or put on ice. Especially the once ballyhooed instrument of emissions trading is obsolete. China, India and Australia are waving goodbye. In the USA the Chicago Climate Exchange was closed just after the last midterm Congressional elections. Just before that, the self-anointed climate pope Al Gore cashed in by selling his shares. “Climate politics is a dead project“ is the word in Washington today. Yet, the EU is still clinging to all measures and is even discussing making them even stricter. As a result, we are now left alone with the political costs of CO2 reduction. We are ignoring international reality with an amazing level of tenacity.

As always, we continue to stick to the naive, worn-out argument: “Someone has to start the process.“ That start is a go-it-alone! And if we do not wake up to that, then we will ruin our market economy with one-sided massive costs.

In the end, that will do nothing for the climate. No matter what CO2 may do in the atmosphere, every reduction in European emissions will be offset very quickly by other emissions someplace else in the world. In addition to the political realities, questioning the scientific basis of climate change put out by the IPCC is being increasingly equated as a sort of blasphemy.

Now that the IPCC is completely discredited by scandals and political influence, the current CO2 hypotheses need to be re-evaluated. That climate change is complex was always known. That it is mainly driven by a trace gas in the atmosphere is unlikely when one soberly examines it closely with an open scientific mind and when one examines the long-term history of the climate.

Whoever has the power over the religion, also has the power over the people. That has always been the case for religions. Today the belief in manmade global warming appears to have become a sort of substitute religion.

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10 responses to “EU Parliamentarian: “Europe Climate Policy Dead End…China, India, Australia Waving Goodbye”

  1. mindert eiting

    This is very good news. Now we have to wait for the moment that the market of CO2 indulgences collapses. But for how long will crackpot science go on, like the recent study about a sea level hockey stick? See:
    If the Dutch astronomer De Jager is correct, we will get a Little Ice Age till 2100. That’s good news for the coolers in our charity bet!

  2. Jimbo

    If Europe goes it alone then industry is always free to move to China. These people are living a dream which if they enact it will make their children very angry and poor for generations to come.

  3. Aurthuria

    The EU is hellbent on being ridiculous about this. You want 1990 as the base year (as that is pre collapse of the Eastern European heavy industries) and then you export all your comsumer emissions to China (where the same amount of goods costs more in CO2 emissions) and do not count the extra emissions. As fo rthe subsidies to wind and solar power…

    Everyone else is quite happy if the EU to just stay there in your getto. It looks like the Germans want to beggar everyone else around them to become a cheap source of labour and to keep the Euro down lower than the Deutschmark would have been. EU continuing to decline in importance is great for the rest of us

  4. biggreenlie

    The only ones who will keep spouting the Warmist’s claims will be the ENGO’s and the mainstream media which is bought and paid for by the Warmists. REAL people know this is a scam and there are more of US than them!
    Adios AGW!……….I almost knew ye!

  5. Beano

    The current socialist Australian Government is trying to introduce a carbon (dioxide) tax.
    So they are not really “officially” dead on the CO2 and climate change issue.

    The trouble for the government is that the people don’t want it. If the tax is introduced the current government will be routed at the polls of the next election.

    1. DirkH

      Oh, i would say Gillard *is* a walking political dead. Jo Nova has been personally insulted in parliament by an MP! How desperate are they when they feel the need to blame a blogger for their political failure? Pretty desperate. I can imagine a surge in traffic for Jo now… No better way to advertise her blog!

      1. Beano

        I agree she is dead and doesn’t know it. She will be gone before Christmas. The real problem is that as from next week – June 30th, the Greens control the upper house of parliament.
        Parliament really needs to be dissolved (both houses) and new elections cast.

        The lower house is controlled by three independents who have pledged support for the Gillard government. I prophesize that the greens will put the independents offside and this will bring down the house and elections.

        Meanwhile against all opposition the government is spending lots of tax payers money trying to bulldoze the electorate into believing the carbon tax will be good for them.

        There are no dissenting voices allowed on the MSM – except for a few such as Andrew Bolt. The general population is being filled with lies and innuendo.

        My sister (in her fifties) told me last week that there are more hurricanes and cyclones then ever before – I had to point her to Ryan Maue’s site to correct her misconception.

        Her knowledge has come from her daughter (my niece) who is at University studying to be a “environmental lawyer”.

  6. DirkH

    Holger Krahmer is a member of the FDP. The German wikipedia points out that he is a climate skeptic. Wow! They use the word “skeptic” – is Connolley’s stranglehold waning?

  7. Milan

    I wish the EU has more politics like Holger Krahmer to mitigate stupid policy of fighting against wind mills of AGW! This policy results in no help to climate, but costs unbelievle amount of financial resources and weakens the economy.

  8. Arno Arrak

    If Chna, India and Australia are waving good bye this is good news indeed. Australia especially since they have a stubborn warmist gavernmental attitude. Now we also need the USA to stop trying to introduce cap and trade by a backdoor way after the senate killed it. EPA got the supreme court to declare carbon dioxide a pollutant and is ready to start regulating it under the Clean Air Act. This is an absolutely unscientific and totally idiotic way to try to stop a non-existent global warming. Satellites have been observing global temperature for thirty one years now and they don’t see any of this anthropogenic warming that was supposed to have started in the late seventies. What they do see is a step warming that started in 1998, raised global temperature by a third of a degree in four years, and then stopped. There was no warming before or after that. The only part of the world that is warming today is the Arctic but it is neither global nor greenhouse warming because its cause is currents of the Atlantic Ocean carrying warm water north. It has been going on for a century. Signs of this Arctic warming have been used as confirmation of anthropogenic warming but since it is not greenhouse warming because laws of nature do not permit it they can no longer be used for that puirpose.Since satellites cannot see any global warming despite the temperature curves thrown at us by NASA, NOAA, and the Met Office, we need to understand why this is so. An explanation comes from Ferenc Miskolczi who studied the absorption of infrared radiation by the atmosphere. Using the NOAA weather balloon database that goes back to 1948 he was able to determine that the absorption of IR by the atmosphere has been constant for the last 61 years. At the same time, carbon dioxide concentration in the air rose by 21.6 percent. This means that the added carbon dioxide had no influence whatsoever on the absorption of infrared radiation by the atmosphere. No absorption, no greenhouse effect, case closed. But climate models that forecast dangerous global warming ahead use this absorption by the added carbon dioxide to produce their predictions. Putting a non-existent quantity into a computer is putting garbage into a computer. And if you put garbage in you will get garbage out too. Or GIGO as they say. Which makes all those predictions of dangerous warming nothing more than high quality GIGO. And what about that “sensitivity” of carbon dioxide to doubling its concentration? Miskolczi’s work proves that it is exactly zero.

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