EU Climate Negotiations Break Down Too – Dzieki Poland!

With the spate of bogus horror “climate papers” coming out recently, e.g. rapid sea level riseoceans dying and spreading drought, one has to wonder if they weren’t timed to scare politicians into taking rash action at climate-rescue conferences. If they were, they have failed miserably so far.

EU Environment Council in Luxembourg on Tuesday. (Photo: President of the Council)

Firstly, the international climate talks in Bonn, which were aimed at forging a successor agreement to the Kyoto Protocol, which expires next year, broke down, failed and ended with no result. There won’t be a Kyoto-2 anytime in the foreseeable future. See Kyoto obituaries everywhere and Yvo de Boer: Kyoto is dead.

Yet, Europe still insists on being gung-ho about going it alone in rescuing the climate with its roughly 10% modest share of global emissions – to show the world the way. But perhaps reality is finally beginning to sink in in Europe too. The leftist and warmist Klimaretter here reports that talks yesterday in Luxembourg between the EU’s 27 environment ministers also collapsed and ended in failure. Klimaretter writes:

Uproar among the EU Minister Council in Luxemburg: The 27 ministers have postponed negotiations.

Without energetic efforts, the EU will fall way short of its long-term climate targets. Artur Runge-Metzger, responsible director at the General Climate direction of the EU-Commission, drew up a handout for the environment ministers that hardly could have better illustrated political failure:  instead of an 80% reduction, the production of climate gases will be reduced by only 40%.”

Not that this difference would make any climatic difference globally to begin with. To put it in perspective, the EU is responsible for just over 10% of the world’s CO2 emissions. That means the difference between 40% and 80% reduction in Europe would make little climatic difference globally, yet would entail huge costs and sacrifice for European citizens.

Initially a press conference had been scheduled for the early afternoon to present details on the new plan. But by 6 pm there was still no press conference. It was becoming clear that no agreement could be reached. Klimaretter writes:

So there was little wonder that by 6 pm there still had not been a press conference: Hopelessly without agreement, the ministers psotponed the matter. ‘A black day for the leadership of the EU,’ said the British Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne, who put the blame on Poland: Poland refused to grant its approval for a step-by-step plan, and thus caused Runge-Metzger’s preparations to wind up in the dustbin.”

Also read here, – hat-tip GWPF.

So how does one say “Thank You!” in Polish?

Dzieki Poland!

21 responses to “EU Climate Negotiations Break Down Too – Dzieki Poland!”

  1. M White

    It’s not all Poland

    “David Cameron has promised to intervene in the intensifying row over rebel Tory MEPs who are trying to prevent a toughening of Europe’s climate targets”

    I lead to believe that twenty percent of the UK consumers energy bill amount to tax.

    “A mutiny by MEPs against action on global warming is only the latest bruising fight for David Cameron. But the battle to win Tory hearts is deeply damaging the battle to save the planet”

    1. Casper
  2. DirkH

    “Röttgen warnte: «Wenn wir uns zurückhängenlassen, wird Europa marginalisiert und keine Rolle spielen. Wir werden dann eines Tages aufwachen und feststellen, dass China uns herausfordert und überholt hat.»

    German Environment minister Röttgen: “When we fall back, Europe will be marginalized and play no role anymore. We will wake up some day and see that China has challenged and overtaken us.”

    It must be a strange feeling being Röttgen. Does he even know that China sells nearly all its renewable tech to Germany? Who needs Greens when you have such an idiot in the CDU?

    1. Casper

      Have you noticed that no one has reported on that in Germany. I mean the mainstream media like Der Spiegel, FAZ, Die Welt or Die Zeit. I can’t find any topics on it.

      1. DirkH

        I think they’re just slow. It’s not sanity that prevents them from printing it, that’s for sure.

        1. Casper
  3. Casper

    But polish prime minister Donald Tusk and polish president Lech Kaczynski have accepted the climate pact!!! Now, the prime minister is behaving like idiot. He is crying; it will kill our industry based on coal!!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆


  4. DirkH

    James Hansen (Master of GISTEMP and author of “Storms Of My GrandChildren”) is so concerned about the fate of his grandchildren that he accumulates a vast fortune so that they can build themselves a Venus-condition-proof shelter come the climate catastrophe…

    At least i think that’s the reason he rakes in the cash like crazy as detailed here:

  5. Jimbo

    EU won’t even reach 40%, it’s just daft promises. Kyoto fail, Copenhagen fail, they simply don’t have the stomach for the sacrifices it would entail. Even if Europe managed 80% India and China would soon make up the difference.

  6. R. de Haan

    Green revolution part 1

    I agree with the author.
    This is a dangerous development.

  7. R. de Haan

    Europe is going bust, Greece is going bust and the USA follows.
    No read this story and connect the dots

  8. Edward

    One voice of sanity and of reason, amongst the wailing ‘lemmings of doom-mongering’, is enough, we remember and salute, the pragmatic people of Poland.

    The tripartite of corruption, ie, bankers, politicians [or should I say, micro-managing despots] and corporate business has too much to lose if this scam [AGW] is allowed to die but they are at the moment, caught up in the ultimate death spiral: of the imminent collapse of the euro-zone – if that goes then the whole infested ship of diseased rats goes with it.
    And, although it will effect each and every one of us and maybe badly [God only knows? When the system of financial shenanigans, of those marvellous debt parcels of mystery – unravels], I cannot help but feel that the demise of the euro-zone is a good thing for us Europeans who love freedom and the right to be the masters/mistresses of their own destiny’s but, also, it will ultimately be good for the morons who want to be told what to do, because responsibility brings a good, in itself – immediately crime and corruption would be deflated.

  9. Time Traveller

    In the context of recent history, how interesting that Poland joins the Czech Republic as opponents of tyranny in western europe.

    Mind you, I could warm to the EU if it continues to upset Chris Huhne.

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  12. Casper

    Polish veto works!
    – Online By Benny Peiser Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    The European Parliament has today voted against raising the EU’s emission reduction targets from its current goal of reducing emissions 20 per cent against 1990 levels by 2020 to a 30 per cent cut by the same date. The vote represents a major blow to efforts to encourage the EU to deliver more ambitious targets.—BusinessGreen, 5 July 2011

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