Kyoto Obitiuaries Everywhere In Germany’s Press

With the climate conference now taking place in Bonn with the aim of coming up with a successor to the 2012-expiring Kyoto Protocol for Durban later this year, signs of success are non-existent.

Obituaries are now being written everywhere in the German press, also see here and here.

For that we can all breathe a big sigh of relief – saved again from another huge Soviet-scale bureaucratic folly run by enviro-zealots.

The latest obit appears today in the leftist online Frankfurter Rundschau titled Kyoto Dies, which frames the current conference as follows:

If the EU fails to give a signal of a breakthrough, then the conference in Durban in December threatens to be a flop. That would make the Kyoto process practically dead -– almost 20 years after it started at the UN Earth Conference in Rio de Janeiro.”

With the USA, Russia, Canada and Japan out, and only countries that represent 20% of the global emissions still in it, the death of Kyoto is assured.

Not everyone has given up hope. For example “climate expert” Christoph Bals of tree-mater (we’re talking about real enviro-perverts here) group Germanwatch hope that Europe will summon the courage to take the lead and be the first to leap into the abyss of economic suicide. The Frankfurter Rundschau writes:

He demands the EU increase its reduction targets for the year 2020 from 20% to 30%. In fact the EU has already reached 17%.”

Most of that 17% reduction came in the early 1990s from shutting down inefficient industries centrally-run by the Eastern European communists, whom the tree-maters admire so much.

Meanwhile here’s how Der Spiegel starts off:

Already at the start of the climate conference in Bonn hopes were next to zero. No one gave a successor protocol  for the 2012-expiring Kyoto Climate protocol a chance of being passed on time, said UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres. Now, 11 days later, the renewed failure is perfect: there is hardly any tangible progress.”

Also read here:

6 responses to “Kyoto Obitiuaries Everywhere In Germany’s Press”

  1. DirkH

    Somehow the usual practice of packing the conference halls full with paid agitprop stooges must have backfired at COP15. They overdone it.

    Pro-warmist reporting from Hopenchangen 2009, turn off the sound and watch the stooges parade. Nice reporter though.

  2. biggreenlie

    Every single one of these evil, corrupt and eco-deviates should be charged with “Crimes against Humanity!”
    The ENGO’s that have propped up the IPCC and written their reports should also be disbanded and ordered to re-pay all the monies they have stolen form the People of the World through misrepresentation, fear mongering and out and out lying!
    If any of your friends or relatives say your just a “conspiracy theorist”, just tell them to look up at the sky and [-snip…a little too far out]

  3. Edward

    Crikey PG, that is good news, if the mental greenies in Germany are pessimistic then in all likelihood the Kyoto son of.. is dead, dead as a ‘Norwegian blue’….:>)

  4. Kyotoprotokollet dödsförklaras | The Climate Scam

    […] Notrickszone rapporterar att de tyska tidningarna är pessimistiska om en fortsättning på Kyotoavtalet: […]

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