Array Of Climate Evil (Skepticism)

That’s most likely what the warmists will be thinking after reading this post :).

Here in Germany the Greens and activists are constantly bemoaning the strong undercurrents of climate skepticism one finds in that “backward country” USA, and claim it’s all fanned by “hack” scientists, like Fred Singer, who are funded by Big Oil, or Koch Industries.

Well guess what? Climate skepticism is spreading way way beyond North America. Not long ago, Portuguese site Ecotretas put together an impressive list of skeptic blogsites and websites that are “in other languages” with “a few in English from non-native English speaking countries”.


Don't despair! Skepticism - the essential element that makes science work - is alive and well in climatology, and spreading! Big blue dots represent the number of skeptic blogsites (not to scale, for illustration only).

Most of us have long been familiar with sites like Climate DepotWatts Up With That, Real Science, Climate Audit, etc., but now we see there are many others out there all over the endangered planet.

I counted over 100 on the Ecotretas list.

Skepticism is spreading around the globe faster than Hansen’s phony red warm spots. How many of these foreign sites do you suppose are funded by Big Oil, Big Coal or Koch Industries? Yeah – we wish!

I can’t speak for others, but I can tell you I have not received a single cent of funding from anyone so far. I’m operating solely as a concerned citizen. I’m sure many on the list find themselves in similar situations.

The Ecotretas site is really worth bookmarking as many of these sites offer different perspectives on the issues. But there is one thing that is common to all: They suspect the science underpinning catastrophic man made global warming is a multi-billion dollar heap of rubbish…a scam that is disgracefully defrauding the public.

We’re on to you.

12 responses to “Array Of Climate Evil (Skepticism)”

  1. Ecotretas

    P Gosselin,

    Thanks for the reference. Just to let all your readers know that the list incorporates several automatic translations to several languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French), and is available here:

    Also, if anyone knows more sites not on the list, please email them to me (email on top left corner of my blog), and I’ll add them!


  2. Eduardo F.

    May the Force be with you. Always.

  3. DirkH

    Greenpeace eco warriors trying to take off with a helicopter, 2006.

  4. Casper

    Another interesting site in German/English:

  5. pointman

    Hello Pierre.

    “skeptic sites are absent in undemocratic, authoritarian and dictatorial countries.”

    They don’t need them since they have absolutely no belief in the global warming chimera. They’re quite happy to watch the democracies immolate themselves.

    Great list Ecotretas.


  6. Captain Pithart

    so what do the small dots (blue/orange) represent?


  7. sunsettommy

    I see that he has a nice list of skeptical BLOGS.

    What about skeptical FORUMS?

    They exist too.But usually in just the science and Technology section of political forums.

    Mine is one of the rare ones that is ALL about AGW and climate skepticism.

    I wonder how many there are in the forum set up?

  8. DirkH

    Can there be a revived CDU after Merkel?
    Lower Saxon CDU starts a critical debate.

  9. DirkH

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