The Suppression Of An Artist – Germany’s Inconvenient Rapper

I’ve noticed that German skeptic sites who were vigorously publicizing the rap video (here with English lyrics) yesterday (like Achse des Gutens) have abandoned ship today, and removed the story. I’m told that Kilez More is indeed very controversial, and is into all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories, and thus ought to be avoided. Tell me which artist isn’t!

Kilez More is a very young man who is obviously going through a growing-up stage – one that many people go through at one time or another in their lives, especially in their late teens and early 20s. It’s a stage of rebellion and questioning. That’s what most young people do.

He also has the talent of rap, and so is using it to express his doubts and to question society – just as many artists do. He provokes. Oh the crime of being young! What the warmists are trying to do is to suppress his questioning – asserting authority and insisting the discussion is over. It’s a shame even the skeptics have turned their backs on him. It’s a tune by a rapper, and nothing more.

Of course I probably don’t agree with most of More’s ideas (haven’t looked into them) but I do agree that he has the right to pose questions, especially about climate science, and that his encouraging young people to ask questions is correct. He makes climate assertions. Let his viewers hear them, and let them make up their own minds. Maybe he is wrong on every other subject. So what!

The only wrong questions are the ones that never get asked.

His Climate Swindle video is only telling young people to be careful, and to look deeper into the issues before accepting them at face value. Claims to authority aren’t good enough. That’s important. Young people eventually will do their own research and decide for themselves what the truth is. I haven’t looked at the content of his other music videos – no doubt some may be very controversial – but that’s another discussion.

Questioning authority cannot and must not be criminalized, and must not be a right that is exclusively reserved for a few. 

I get the feeling he is increasingly being viewed as a dangerous man for doing just that. The attempt to shut him up will backfire. Keep rapping, Kilez – they’re scared.

7 responses to “The Suppression Of An Artist – Germany’s Inconvenient Rapper”

  1. DirkH

    OT Lewandowski “accused” of “denial”. “Forced” to “recant”. Notice that all these terms are practically verbatim Spanish Inquisition all over again. We are completely in religious territory; there can be no doubt.

    Via Marc Morano:

  2. Ulrich Elkmann

    Lewandowski is Poland’s EU budget commissioner: this is not the Spanish Inquisition, it is Comrade Stalin looking after you.

  3. R. de Haan

    This will make him famous.

    Just feed the guy with good information to serve as material for a few other raps and link the claims made in his performance to a web site with the background info for verification.

    If the AGW proponents can make a deal with Hollywood, the skeptic side can have this rap artists.

  4. R. de Haan
  5. GregO

    I love his rap. I don’t care what his other views are or who he is (think of other artists …) An artist is a visionary and on occasion they see right through everything. It takes an audience to make performance art and this particular piece resonates with me.

  6. intrepid_wanders

    I rather liked his blunt message in his “Climategate”…

    Fun stuff…

  7. John Q. Galt

    Oh noes he has ANTI-NWO messages on his site. Must be very controversial. No German has any good reason to suspect the intentions of The State.

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