Marc Morano: Global Warming Alarm Spread By Al Gore And The United Nations “Is In Utter Collapse”

We know that Marc Morano’s latest headline is about Al Gore going ballistic in a cuss-laden tirade against growing global skepticism – probably venting his pent up anger over his evaporating investments and reputation. Anthony Watts also fills us in on that padded-room incident.

So this is as good a time as any to bring you the latest video of Marc Morano and his latest assessment of the global warming movement.

Some of the more notable quotes Morano makes:

…real world data are showing that the global warming alarm spread by Al Gore and the United Nations is in utter collapse…across the board what we thought we knew about climate just 4 or 5 years ago is now in utter collapse – we call it sub-prime science…UN scientists were trying to act as gatekeepers of peer review, they were trying to shut out people like Roy Spencer…peer review is still a corrupted process…It’s always been a political movement…akin to Nostradamus…”

9 responses to “Marc Morano: Global Warming Alarm Spread By Al Gore And The United Nations “Is In Utter Collapse””

  1. GregO

    Great video – man it is about time that MSM started picking up the threads of Climategate and reporting on the utter melt-down of Man-Made-Catastrophic-Global-Warming from Man-Made CO2.

    We can only hope that once the Goreacle opens his big mouth on 9/14/11 it leads to some intelligent probing questions from the media so a greater public can get a grip on how exaggerated the claims of Man-Made Global Warming really are. Morano is correct in pointing out that this isn’t a scientific debate at all – it is pure politics, politics driven by the far-fringe left and it is politics that have been proven to lead directly to failed policies worldwide.

    Oh, and another claim of the doomsayers I was unaware of: “ocean assification”. I’d actually never heard that one:

  2. DirkH

    Marc Morano does a great job of delivering the story on TV.

  3. mindert eiting

    It is summer time on the northern hemisphere and many people are on holidays. Therefore, the news inpact is not that much. AGW got some terrible blows the past few weeks and the next months will show the difference between a science and a sect. In the latter case, falsifying evidence will make the sect-members even stronger believers than they were before.

    1. DirkH

      You’re right, that’s typical for cults.

  4. Ulrich Elkmann

    AGW, however, is neither a science nor a sect; it is a political ideology – but one that uses the mantle of “science” to give itself an air of infallibility. That has led to it being mandated top-down, by rules and regulations imposed by states and international organizations, being taught in schools as an unquestionable fact, and infringing on the freedoms of citizens incrementally – a classic example of “salami tactics”. (In a way, this is a new turn in the history of “applied political ideas” – the 20th-century equivalent would have been to declare the diverse totalitarian ideologies “settled science” and imposing them via the UN – the Third International/Comintern was not quite the success its founder hoped it would be.) This will have consequences for the devolution of this Political Religion: if it loses all political and public support, the institutions that have been used to lend it scientific credibility, like GISS or PIK, will make a few noises about “being overconfidential” and the precautionary principle and continue merrily on their way. The individual fellow travellers will just shrug it off and be as unrepentant about it as their ’60s counterparts are about their former rooting for every blood-soaked tyranny.

  5. Ulrich Elkmann

    An appropriate comment by “Anonymous” on The Hockey Schtick:
    Gore……..A bloody mess associated with a horror movie.”

  6. John F. Hultquist

    GregO’s term “assification” [first comment] suggests either a joke or the truth of his statement. Just in case anyone needs to review this topic, here is a link:
    From the results section:
    “In conclusion, claims of impending marine species extinctions driven by increases in the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration do not appear to be founded in empirical reality, based on the experimental findings we have analyzed above.”

    1. DirkH

      “GregO’s term “assification” [first comment] suggests either a joke or the truth of his statement.”

      It’s how Julia Gillard pronounces “acidification”.

  7. Tory Gantz

    How does global warming contribute to the number of cyclones?

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