Namibian 50-Year Hockey Stick

I’ve often wondered why Germany remains so joined at the hip with the climate change movement when everywhere else it is collapsing. One reason may be because of the constant weak non-science-based reports like the one presented at N24 German television.

CLICK HERE TO SEE 4:40 VIDEO  (much is in English)

Hat tip: Ron de Haan

The video features the coastal Namib desert, which is supposed to be one of the oldest on the planet. The clip starts in German where the desert is introduced and it is claimed that its unique biodiversity is now threatened (by man-made climate change?). Because the biodiversity is highly adapted to the desert’s unique conditions, any change is all the more critical.

After 50 seconds, the video goes to English with German subtitles. Note how Joe Henschel claims that if anything there changes, then it means “something is really wrong”. The implication is that it is caused by man of course. Again it’s the unfalsifiable science of man-made climate change.

After the interview with the first man, the reporter says in German what climate change will bring for the desert, namely more storms, storm damage and erosion – and so everyone there is threatened. All the fault of man, I guess. The reporter says the Namib desert could act as an early warning system. Life forms from neighboring environments could begin invading.

(Chart by P Gosselin)50-year hockey stick

After 2 min 50 seconds, some observations are given in English by a specialist. The report I guess tries to say that any weather change in Namibia is due to global climate change, which is due to man. The man claims that the weather in the Namib desert has changed suddenly over the last couple years:

The earlier climate records only go back about 50 years, and in geological time that is a very short period. But if we do look at the records we have, we find that the climate has been relatively constant for most of the reported time. In the last few years though we have had a number of unusual events.”

This of course  is very weak science. Remember it is based on only 50 years of observation. I’m not knocking Mr Henschel, but look at how N24 spins the story.

Perhaps similar changes occurred sometime before that. As Steve Goddard points out almost daily at, many of the “unusual” events we see today also occurred back in the not so distant past – more than 50 years ago.

So if anyone has observations, data or information from the Namib desert from more than 50 years ago, Mr Henschel may be interested in them.

(Note: The above hockey stick chart is my own depiction of the Namibian climate)

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  1. DirkH

    Wonderful, i have a free day and while cleaning up my flat a little i watch these N24 climate porn pieces as well… Here’s another one, if you’re capable of understanding spanish, you don’t need the German subtitles. It’s an interview with a Chilean guy who will tell you that the Echaurren, an important glacier in Chile is threatened… for three reasons he says:
    -the configuration of the Earth’s orbit around the sun
    -Global Warming
    -industrial use – they cut pieces off the glacier to use the ice for something.

    Well, Duh! Boy, you gotta be less honest if you wanna be a bigwig warmist!!! Didn’t you get the memo!
    The itnerview with Mr. Rodrigo Weissner starts at 1:00 into the video.

    1. DirkH

      and at the end of the video a dedication title:
      “Dank an Greenpeace Deutschland”
      “Thanks to Greenpeace Germany”

      Well and thanks to the PUBLIC BROADCASTERS in Germany financed with MY FRIGGIN MONEY to help Greenpeace get its message across!

      1. DirkH

        I’m an idiot. Somehow i was thinking of NDR, the public broadcaster. N24 is private and belongs to ProSieben. Sigh.

        Given how NDR cited “Greenpeace experts” during the Fukushima crisis in their news reporting in the radio, my complaint about them is valid nevertheless. Maybe we can say that ALL media in Germany, private and public, is happy making propaganda in greenpeace’s services.

        That’s even worse. One big Berkeley.

  2. R. de Haan
  3. R. de Haan

    Current temp locations and temps Namibia from Wunderground.

  4. DirkH

    Lower Saxony’s CDU government defends fracking against the desires of the Red-Green Northrhine-Westfalia government who want an environmental assessment for each and every drilling. Says it’s been used for 35 years in Lower Saxony without negative consequences.

    (Lower Saxony has some shale near the Netherlands border AFAIK)
    The Red-Green loons in NRW are mad – they have even more shale than we and seem to be bent on preventing its use.

  5. DirkH

    EU whitepaper:
    “European strategies
    White paper 2011
    Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system
    By 2050, key goals will include:

    •No more conventionally-fuelled cars in cities.
    •40% use of sustainable low carbon fuels in aviation; at least 40% cut in shipping emissions.
    •A 50% shift of medium distance intercity passenger and freight journeys from road to rail and waterborne transport.
    •All of which will contribute to a 60% cut in transport emissions by the middle of the century. ”
    with video:

    1. DirkH

      The video has a certain unvoluntary comic to it. On several levels.

  6. DirkH

    EU climate propaganda video collection. Pick your language.

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