“Climate” Not Mentioned Once By Obama In Speech!

While Al Gore is running all over the country, screaming about the approaching greatest catastrophe man faces on the planet: “climate change”, President Obama did not mention it once in his speech yesterday.So dysfunctional and scattered is policy strategy on the side of the Democrats.

Indeed if anyone or anything is in danger of going extinct, it’s Al Gore and his bogus climate issue.

Hat-tip: Hot Air.

Speech transcript here.

So let’s give Obama credit where credit is due. With his focus now returning to jobs and economy, he is slowing getting on the right path. Still, right now, his formula for job creation looks like it comes from a playbook written in the 1930s.

8 responses to ““Climate” Not Mentioned Once By Obama In Speech!”

  1. DirkH

    He can’t repeat the New Deal… he doesn’t have the House.

    And did the New Deal actually work? The wikipedia and Paul Krugman sure say yes, but I found a different opinion.

    “In 1930, unemployment was at 8.7 percent, and it climbed to 24 percent in 1932 before declining to 15 percent by 1940”
    The depression was only the scapegoat:
    “Under Wright’s interpretation, the Great Depression merely catapulted the Democrats to power and allowed them to enact the policies they wanted anyway.”
    “”All those things did was transfer funds from one group of decision makers—consumers—to another—federal officials,” Powell argues.”

  2. Edward

    Obama, is playing ‘realpolitik’ now, he is looking at a ‘certain election time’…. .

    He knows, that the Americans have seen through the AGW BS, trouble is, he [Obama] hasn’t sussed that, Keynsian economics is not the way out of this slump.

    Low taxes, less government and more manufacturing and industrial production are the ONLY WAY.
    And reflation, makework jobs and more borrowing = disaster.

    What he should be doing is building new and lots of new power generation plant.
    Energy, Energy, Energy!
    The cheaper and more plentiful the better – energy – er………..just like……. China very much understand, it is deeply ironic, that 93 years after the death of it’s greatest immigrant industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, that, China understand very well his modus operandi but the Americans seem to have forgotten it.

    Carnegie, he will be spinning in his grave.

  3. R. de Haan

    It isn’t the Governments task to create jobs. Period.

  4. R. de Haan

    Besides that, the current Euro crises is accelerating.
    The end game is underway making 2008 look like a walk in the park.

    Here’s why:

  5. Ed Caryl

    One lesson that Obama needs badly to learn: When in a hole, stop digging”
    The “jobs” bill will use borrowed money. The money is borrowed from investors, whether overseas, in China, or corporations here. That money could have been invested in creating jobs, but now will be lent to Government, and will be wasted.

  6. Harry Dale Huffman

    Obama doesn’t have to mention something to try to get his way on it. Indeed, his “reign” has been marked by a characteristic, recurring effort to make end runs around Congress and the will of most of the American people. In the case of climate policy, he has tried to use the EPA to do the real work for him, and it is still to be seen whether the Republicans can and will pull the plug on the EPA’s campaign against carbon dioxide “pollution”.

  7. DirkH

    I just checked the Obama transcript – the word “Green Jobs” doesn’t appear!
    40,000 Bank Of America employees would have loved to assemble PV panels:

    American Progressives forget for a moment that Earth teeters on the edge of a climate catastrophic cliff:
    “I agree with Paul Krugman and Joe Romm that Obama’s speech was better than expected, both rhetorically and substantively.”
    Say what??? This from grist!!! The article doesn’t mention climate, warming, just points out how super Obama’s plan is…


    (grist still peddles climate alarmism on other posts, no worry – the doublethink only has just been perfected a little…)

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