Atmospheric Changes On All 9 Planets! How Can It Be Manmade CO2?

The clip below gets really interesting at the 2:03 mark. All of the solar system’s 9 planets are undergoing major atmospheric changes. Of course anyone with a few points of IQ will know that it isn’t because of man driving SUVs.

h/t Reader DirkH.

It’s the sun, stupid!

17 responses to “Atmospheric Changes On All 9 Planets! How Can It Be Manmade CO2?”

  1. Hengist McStone

    Where to start, correlation is not causation , perhaps.
    But more to the point, whenever the ‘climate change is happening on other planets’ trope comes out I’m reminded by just how narrow the goldilocks zone of the solar system is. How many of those nine planets have a climate that supports life ? Just one. Comparing planets that are devoid of life with the Earth is probably not a clever way of advancing climate skepticism 🙂 !!!!

    1. DirkH

      I don’t think we have to advance skepticism – Trenberth, Dessler, Gore are doing that just fine…

      1. mindert eiting

        Well Dirk, after scrolling the internet a bit, I have discovered that Al Gore will launch during 24 hours a full attack on the skeptics (on us). But this is marvellous because we are now his major enemy. It looks like the last months of WW II. I do not know precisely what he has in store for me but after wednesday I have to be beaten or not. By the way, Pierre, the planet story is interesting but I would appreciate some written sources.

        1. DirkH

          Prepare for a Powerpoint overkill.

          “”There will be 200 new slides arguing the connection between more extreme weather and climate change,” Trewin Restorick, chief executive of the event’s UK partner Global Action Plan, told Reuters on Monday.”

          BTW, here’s a GOOD powerpoint presentation (not climate-related):

    2. Nick

      I see where you’re coming from on this but let’s look at it another way.

      The sun, not CO2, is causing changes on 8 of the solar system’s planets.
      These planets have completely different atmospheres but are all reacting similarly.

      Our own planet is however a ‘special case’, because it has humans on it and ignores the sun’s influence, but is extremely sensitive to a minor trace gas that’s been around at higher concentrations at several points in our history without causing warming but it has decided to be active NOW because humans breathe out and drive SUV’s.

  2. Etaoin Shrdlu

    Albert Gore, Jr. seems to qualify on the IQ/ SUV thing.

  3. A Tree-less Southern Hemisphere

    the first part of that video should be played every time he mentions anything of climate change to show how little intellect went into creating his fictional masterpiece.

    So the GLOBAL carbon levels are completely reliant on whether leaves are on trees in the northern hemisphere. when the leaves are on, the global carbon levels decrease because they absorb the carbon and when they fall they release the carbon they store, creating the ‘breathing’ effect. So does Gore realise there is a southern hemisphere too? and when the north is having its fall we are having our spring? and the whole premise of falling and increasing GLOBAL carbon levels is ridiculous because the we have same effect at opposite times in the year, thus cancelling each other out? So by his explanation the Earth is actually holding its breath!

    its quite typical for american politicans to be oblivious of other nations, but of an entire hemisphere?

  4. Captain Pithart


    please read this, and tell me what you think:

    Don’t believe everything that suits your world view, check it first. Be a skeptic.


    1. DirkH

      While skepticalscience points out that not all bodies seem to be warming they still won’t or can’t explain why several bodies seem to be warming simultaneously. So their explanation boils down to “It MUST be CO2 on Earth, so it CAN’T be the sun for the other celestial bodies” – which is devoid of logic.

      I’m skeptical about John Cook’s explanation.

  5. GregO


    OT but this might warrant some investigation from someone with a European connection:

    1. DirkH

      In Germany, the cities of Bremen and Hamburg are especially hysterical about CAGW; being harbour towns, the local alarmists were able to exploit the population’s deep-rooted fear of getting inundated.

      So they were able to get funding for a propaganda centre in Bremerhaven (the harbour part of Bremen), the Klimahaus.

      It’s a kind of CAGW adventure park, where proles can pay entry fees to have their families entertained and brainwashed. Of course, it’s mostly funded by the taxpayer; how could it be different in the EU; to the tune of 100 Mio EUR.

      “We show the main insights of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). Learn more about future climate change. What would happen if everything were to carry on as it has been to date? What happens in contrast, if environmental issues and sustainability are given greater emphasis? ”

      1. DirkH
        1. GregO


          Thanks. Gazing into the minds of these people is interesting. They have a warped sense of reality.

          1. GregO

            I checked out sea-level rise close to Bremerhaven:


            Hmm…not too much to get awfully alarmed about; what’s up with these people? Records go back to the 19th century and sea-level rise is neither dramatic nor accelerating. What motivates the panicked thinking?

          2. DirkH

            Traditional fear of storm-driven surges during high tides – the funnel-like river mounds of the Elbe and the Weser work like amplifiers for incoming surges; North Sea storms can be violent. Don’t know about Bremen but Hamburg had a catastrophic flooding in 1962.


            Naturally, the citizens are sensitized to prospects of sea level rise.

  6. R. de Haan
    1. DirkH

      10,000 Aussie Dollars… 7500 EUR. Well, it’s a start…

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