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Marc Morano: Climate Science Now Reduced To “Witch Burning…An Embarrassment”

Share this… Facebook TwitterIf you haven’t seen the following 2 clips, get the popcorn, go full screen and watch this. Even a couple of NTZ stories are brought up, e.g. at the 5:30 and 8:30 marks. Here’s Part 1: and Part 2: Share this… Facebook Twitter

NOAA Data Shows Slowing Sea Level Rise

NOAA Data Shows Slowing Sea Level Rise

Share this… Facebook TwitterWe keep hearing various stories about sea level rise. Some alarmists even claim that it’s accelerating and coastal locations could be drowning in water by the end of the century, if not sooner. So I decided to make quick check of the data myself. I took a sampling of 21 randomly selected┬álocations […]

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