Marc Morano: Climate Science Now Reduced To “Witch Burning…An Embarrassment”

If you haven’t seen the following 2 clips, get the popcorn, go full screen and watch this. Even a couple of NTZ stories are brought up, e.g. at the 5:30 and 8:30 marks. Here’s Part 1:

and Part 2:

24 responses to “Marc Morano: Climate Science Now Reduced To “Witch Burning…An Embarrassment””

  1. Eric Gisin
  2. DirkH

    Der Spiegel reports about new results from the CAGW scientists in a Potsdam-based institute called the GZF: Using tons of EU grant money and a new computer model, they found out that a mass extinction (during and maybe before the Siberian Trapp eruptions) might have been caused by CO2 (and some HCl).

    Goody! The last few wild speculations about how CO2 killed most life on the planet all came from the US, it’s time the EU comes up with their own results about this terrible gas that we are, unfortunately, all forced to exhale!

  3. DirkH

    Thanks for posting the video. I often find Alex Jones too paranoid, like Glenn Beck, following very questionable traces, but this was, just as he said, one of the best interviews he’s ever done. And Marc Morano is always great to listen to, and right in his conclusion that this scam might have worked in the past, but can’t now for all the self-organizing information networks. (Germany is a little behind the curve, but that’s normal…)

  4. Ike
    1. DirkH

      The media need a new scare – CAGW has run its course; that’s why they ignored Gore’s Climate Reality Project. They are preparing for the next version of the Ice Age scare.

      As always:

  5. matti

    Those of us from the general public who follow the climate science debate and more recently Al Gore’s presentation have noted that the AGW scientists now seem to paint a very confusing message to the public. What started out as a global warming debate and which has now been shown to be a flawed science has been morphed into a confusing and an alarmist science which erroneously mixes climate science, pollution control, climate change and extreme weather events into one pot where almost every climate event is now claimed to have been caused by man generated greenhouse gases. The public is beginning to se through this misinformation and the belief in human caused global warming is in serious decline. The following four areas are entirely separate issues and except for the false claim in A] below, none are caused by greenhouse gases generated by man.

    A] GLOBAL WARMING as described by IPCC/AGW is the concept that human generated gas emissions like CO2 are causing the planet‘s atmosphere to get significantly warmer by blocking the release of long wave radiation back into space. This they suggest causes the atmosphere to get warmer and the polar ice to melt which could results in major global flooding .Although science may be valid in theory, the impact on global climate seems to be miniscule and grossly overstated as we have observed since 1998, where the C02 is going up but the global temperatures are flat or declining completely opposite of what the theory claims. More recently they have renamed this science climate change and climate disruption but the underlying flawed science remains the same.

    B] POLLUTION CONTROL is the practice of limiting and controlling various air, water and land pollutants that are harmful to all life including man.CO2 is not a pollutant .It is not part of any worldwide air quality index. Pollution control can be expensive especially the last 5-15% of the clean up and under taking these last phases can only be done in stages as economic resources allow. There has been a tendency by the green movement to push this without appreciating the very high cost for very nominal gain.

    C] NORMAL CLIMATE CHANGE is the natural variability in the climate of the planet which manifests as alternating climate cycles of typically but not limited to 30 years of warming and 30 years of cooling. The alternating component in the planets temperature anomalies is caused by the regular variation in the ocean’s deep currents and SST which release the previously absorbed solar energy. There is also a steady small rise component in the planet’s temperature anomalies [0.5 C per century more recently], the mechanism of which is still being debated .but thought to be due to variations in the sun or other cosmic variables

    D] PERIODIC EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS periodic and unusual variation in normal climate variables which have happened throughout history. There are periods where these have been more significant in magnitude and frequency and periods where things are quieter.

  6. mindert eiting

    A counterfactual conditional: What would have happened if Al Gore would have won the elections and had become president of the USA? He would not have had the need of a scare campaign to get attention. No inconvenient truths from Hollywood, no Nobel prices, and nothing of the last week show. Instead, he has become a merchant in disasters and even the warmists begin to doubt whether he still serves their cause. It must be embarassing if mad clowns are your allies.

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      No. I fear that in that Alternate Reality things would have been really bad. It’s all there, in statu nascendi, in Big Al’s Little Green Book, Earth in the Balance, from 1992, which predates his presidential aspirations (i.e. state regulations, energy & trade curtailing, politburo decisions). Being in power would have given him leverage to put his visions directly into place. The campaigns would still have been necessary to cow the Republicans into submission (they would have neutralized President Gore in due time anyway, just as they will be doing it with Obama). Of course, running it as an SF/Alternate History story, one would be obliged to play it as a worst case scenario: riots (white Republicans, not a London mob), martial law declared, famine (John Brunner’s The Sheep Look Up, 1972, ends with the smoke from burning America seen from England – in the novel, that’s a sign of hope…). These authors have never shown any trust in democratic institutions. However, this type of book is only ever written by liberals (in the American sense of the word), so it could never feature a nominal Democrat.

      1. DirkH

        You mean dystopian SF novels? Get yourself Vernor Vinge’s Across Realtime… the (“evil” – or misunderstood) “Peacer” government in there has a striking resemblance to today’s UN, complete with technocratic scientists… written 1980 or so – and very libertarian.

        1. Ulrich Elkmann

          The trouble is that in these books the solution consists in fleeing the The State, as far as possible – in Vinge in the “peace bubbles”/stasis fields dozens of millions of years into the future; in Poul Anderson’s “Harvest of Stars” novels to the nearest stars. (Or you can wait in a Shangri-La retreat for the system to collapse: Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’). Parallel worlds, preferably medieval, are also a cool option for the hacker elite. The heroes tend to be Heinlein’s ‘competent men’: give orders, take orders, plan an invasion, cook a meal. They only thing they don’t have to master is filling out a tax form; there ARE no taxes in their pocket utopias. It may get you a Prometheus Award, but it’s less of an option for mere mortals like your normal reader. (And Vinge, btw, tends to base his universes on made-up physics that ‘enable storytelling’ – or not: the ‘technological singularity’ rather derails it).

          1. DirkH

            It’s not that easy to write a story around the technological singularity… he freely admits that he invented some new physics to make the story work. And that’s legitimate in SF – consider H.G.Welles “Time Machine”, or Roddenberry’s “Warp Drive”.

          2. Ulrich Elkmann

            Absolutely – especially since trying to play the game with all the nets up tends to land you in “Next Saturday A.D.” territory – c.f. Eschbach’s “Ausgebrannt” (2007) or Schätzing’s “Limit” (2010). Richesse d’embarras is guaranteed.

    2. DirkH

      He would have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize anyway (remember Obama).

  7. Edward

    I know it has been said before, however it is worth repeating, Al Gore, his cartoon winning nobel prize effort, now works not in favour but very much against, the alarmist cause – AGW alarmists, would love Gore to, STFU.

    Meanwhile, we can enjoy the exposition, trashing and vilification, of a charlatan, self publicist and liar.

    You can’t say he didn’t bring it on himself, for most rational people: he is beyond parody.

  8. Edward

    BTW, I forgot to say, great stuff by Marc!

  9. Edward

    Ulrich, what I meant was, the good ole folks missed the irony, took it at face value – for some – it became an anthem…………..and yes, the song ain’t half bad:>))).

    In future, I shall qualify my remarks more accurately, there are no jejune commenters on this thread.

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