Less Blogging In The Weeks Ahead

I’ve been entrusted to help out on a very interesting project that will tie up much of my time in the coming weeks. So I’m going to have to cut back on the blogging until the project gets done. I’ll still post from time to time, but much less.

Readers are invited to write their own essays, submit them, and I’ll gladly post them. They should be kept down to 500 words or less. Also you can help by leaving tips and links to interesting stories in the reader comments.

This clandestine project I’m collaborating on is climate-related, and I’m sure the warmists are really going to love it. More later on that as things unfold.

P. Gosselin

6 responses to “Less Blogging In The Weeks Ahead”

  1. DirkH

    Oh, so you’re taking a vacation from watching the smoldering wreck of CAGW policies?

    Good for you! Hope your experiment succeeds!

  2. DirkH

    First snow in the Harz (highest mountain 1,000 m). Photo gallery. A funny one of Marathon runners on the Brocken who did not expect snow.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      BRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr … and spring hasn’t yet gripped this region yet, through I did manage to “harvest” about 100 kg of “herbs” from the front yard yesterday.

      Driving around today, I noticed that the vegetation was almost as green as it was in June in Germany. That is “unusual” here, especially after a decade of near-drought. It reminds me of a puppy that my sister bought many years ago … it was about 7 months old before it first experienced rain; and it didn’t know where to run.

      I wish Pierre success on his secret mission.

  3. Edward

    I’ll kinda miss the ‘hit’ but go with it PG.

    I know, it will eventually be well worth reading and anything which further undermines these alarmist loons is ultimately, of benefit to us all.

    Good hunting!

  4. mbabbitt

    Good luck with your project.

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