Climate Vatican’s CO2 Emissions Up 2.4% In 2010!

How many billions of euros has the EU spent on renewable energy in order to reduce climate killing CO2 emissions? How many billions have been spent on research, institutes, think tanks, government, NGOs, etc., for the purpose of educating and regulating the public to curb CO2 emissions?

How many pages have been written and words spoken preaching that CO2 has to be reduced rapidly, or else the Earth will burn in hell?

How many light bulbs have been changed?

No continent on the planet has pontificated so incessantly to the rest of the world about the evils of CO2 emissions like Europe has.  The ultra-green continent even demands emissions be cut by 30% by 2020, and 80% by 2050.

So wouldn’t you think that Europe would be cutting its emissions every year?

In reality, Europe is like the chronic alcoholic who goes around telling everyone that he’s gone dry, only to stagger through the door hours later every evening.

The religious tree-hugger site klimaretter reports on the EU’s latest CO2 binge. EU emissions rose 2.4% in 2010. Ironically, the cause of the rise is reported to be a healthier economy, and a cold winter!

7 responses to “Climate Vatican’s CO2 Emissions Up 2.47 In 2010!”

  1. DirkH

    Oh looky. I looked around on Klimaretter and found this:

    There was a climate shindig in Panama last week and nobody noticed. Didn’t see anything in the news, neither Germany nor US.

    The local natives greeted them with dances.

  2. Sun GCR

    Healthier economy??? Are we talking about the same Europe?

    1. DirkH

      Germany’s doing fine. We could use more engineers though.

  3. DirkH

    BBC confirms we’re headed into a Grand minimum. Ignore the text; look at the graph of the Sun’s magnetic flux.

  4. Edward

    CO2 emissions up and the EU is falling down, what’s not to like?

    Alack! A Bloomberg hissy fit, they’re showing their petticoats!

    The sooner the EU carbon price drops through floor never to return, the better!

    “Green Europe imperiled”… b****x! – What they are really concerned about is their ‘investments’, or should I say -AGW PONZI-get-rich-scam is going t*ts up – hoobloodyray!

  5. nofreewind

    click on the pdf of the publication referenced here.
    on page 11 of the PDF it shows CO2 emissions have grown from 25 x 1,000 million tonnes CO2 to about 33. – a 33% increase!
    Yet global temp’s have been FLAT for a decade.
    and the coal trains of death have doubled in the world, with no change in temp

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