Germany’s Federal Environment Agency Issues Spooky Guide On Citizens’ Duties And Ethics. Live Green, Or Else!

Here’s the kind of green propaganda that poor Germans have to endure from their obviously panicked and hysterical Green government.

The German Environment Agency has put out a booklet advising citizens on how to achieve a Climate Neutral Lifestyle, in a bid to avert imminent catastrophe. This is really spooky. The guide communicates that it is Germany’s collective, ethical duty to save the planet from the scientifically proven “climate catastrophe” and that all citizens need to mobilize.

It defines the morality and ethical standards that citizens are to adopt. The guide first starts off by warning citizens:

We are all aware of the importance of climate protection. We are also aware that time is running out.

Scientific evidence on the imminent danger for humans and nature and the resulting cost has been increasing dramatically over the past decades, as has the knowledge about possible action to avert it.”


What is needed is a political and economic U-turn in favour of climate protection.

Social commitment (such as membership in environmental groups) could further the introduction of more environmentally friendly legislation.”

5 examples of living green

So if you are a good citizen, care about the planet, and want to assure that future generations will have a happy planet, then it is your duty to live like one of the following 5 example persons. How you cut CO2 emissions is a “difficult ethical question,” the guide says.

Sabine P.
1. lives in a well-insulated flat
2. participates in car sharing
3. uses bicycle for short trips
4. buys green electricity
5. buys organic produce
6. buys energy-efficient household appliances (A++)
7. supports environmental organisations
She has no car, but “has a clean conscience as well as a lower electricity bill. However, Sabine’s commitment does not end with consumption. ‘I am a member of various environmental organisations and donate on a regular basis.’”

Or you can live like Peter B.
1. lives in a passive house
2. has a solar panel on his roof
3. drives an economical car (3.5 l/100km)
Peter B. says: “It is fantastic to shower with water heated by the sun.” I never knew you could tell the difference.

Check out Katharina C.
1. limits consumption by limiting work hours and salary
2. lives in a small flat
3. turns the heating down
4. lives close to her workplace
5. participates in car-sharing
6. uses the bicycle for short trips
7. avoids long-distance travel
8. buys green electricity
9. buys energy-efficient appliances (A++)
10. cooks vegetarian dishes
11. buys organic food
12. looks out for ecolabels such as the Blue Angel
13. buys CO2 certificates from the EU emissions

By now you are getting the feeling this is communist central planning economy that will fail quickly. Soon Germany and Europe will look like North Korea. Or how about:

Sybille B.
1. has a season ticket for the railway and no car
2. invested money in wind energy (€ 30,000)
3. invested money in sustainability funds (€ 20,000)

The keep telling where to invest. Someone is getting awfully rich from this scam. This is not trickle down, but gusher up economics. Finaly we have

Linus L.
A successful executive, always on the go. His CO2eq emissions come to 18 tonnes per annum. Clearly, this is not a sustainable lifestyle, and he knows it. No problem though: He donates 420 € per year to a reputable carbon offsetting service provider. Hence, his money only goes to UN-certified projects that fulfil the Gold Standard. He sees it as part of his global responsibility – helping other countries to build low-carbon industries.

Some of you may ask what Pierre G. does to reduce carbon emissions. Answer: Not a damn thing. I leave lights on, eat steak, own 2 cars, drive instead of walk, leave windows open etc.

Result? The planet has not warmed in almost 15 years. Screw the green religion, take your hysteria and get out of my house.

Personally I’m going to put a copy of this booklet in the safe so that my children one day can look back and marvel at the degree of collective madness and hysteria that is capable of gripping a society when science runs totally amok. It is truly scary that some societies today are led by institutions seized by such hysteria.

Surely this will be another case study (and again from Germany) for the historians of the future.


13 responses to “Germany’s Federal Environment Agency Issues Spooky Guide On Citizens’ Duties And Ethics. Live Green, Or Else!”

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    Leviticus for Greens, eh?! Now I know it is a religion.

    Maybe they can nail a copy to the front door of the DAX stock exchange or something.

  2. Pat

    I note that germans are being discouraged from buying cars- given the proportion of GDP generated by their motor industry, I can’t help wondering about their future prosperity.
    The more so as they propose to generate electricity without recourse to either fossil fuels or nuclear energy.

  3. Bob in Castlemaine

    Germany is certainly not alone in the group madness stakes, when you see the level of mind numbing “carbon” stupidity griping the current Australian Government. The current madness is the result of a minority government comprising a coalition of anti civilization Green eco-looneys and the socialist Australian Labor Party (ALP) led by a clueless apparatchik of the extreme left.

    We are about to have thrust upon us a “clean energy future” which will devastate what manufacturing industry we have left, cripple the mining and farming industries, not to mention causing untold economic hardship and energy poverty it will cause.

    One of our more perceptive “and fearless” economic journalists, Terry McCrann puts some perspective to the mind numbing stupidity of the Gillard/Brown “clean energy future”:

    All so, utterly, utterly pointlessly.

    As I’ve written before, you could close Australia down completely, presumably shipping most of us to some foreign ‘home,’ reducing our carbon dioxide emissions all the way to zero, and it would make not the slightest difference to the world’s climate future.

    Right now we emit around 600 million tonnes of CO2 a year. Have a guess how much China increased its emissions in 2010?

    Just under 700 million tonnes. And almost certainly the same again this year. And it’ll be the same next year.

    Just let that sink in. In just one year, China increased its CO2 emissions by more than our ENTIRE EMISSIONS.

    And we of course are not intending to cut our emissions anywhere close to zero, or even significantly.

    1. DirkH

      Australia and California are the two favourite destinations for highly skilled German emigrants. That group -young engineers/computer programmers in their 20ies and 30ies- is also arch-green and often fanatically committed to electric cars and renewable energy.

      This might explain part of the current destabilization of Cali and Oz.

  4. DirkH

    You should mention that they call the abysmal excuse for a life that the fictional Sabine T. has to lead “Unashamed joie de vivre”.

    Which means: “supports environmental organisations”.

    Somebody in that institution has a wicked sense of humour.

  5. DJL

    So now you not only have to live like a Monk, you have to donate all your money to the cause too.

  6. Ulrich Elkmann

    The resultant schizophrenia is telling: They want, basically, to advocate a radical makeover of our way of life – in effect, nothing less than some version of “primitive communism” à la Rousseau – but they keep pandering to what used to be called the petite bourgeoisie (vulgo: the philistines) and their values: a life defined by driving your own car and furnishing your home with only the best of all those shiny electrical appliances and taking part in community charity services like baking cakes. The nagging prissiness of such rules of conduct is a telltale sign. It makes sense: these ARE the Green clientele.
    Actually, this is a sign of hope: if the revolution has come to that, it is already decadent and in statu corruptionis.

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