Cold Records Smashed In Alaska And Arctic!

The UN just released its summary report on how we should all expect extreme heat in the future. Well forget all that.It’s all nonsense coming from unrealistic models that do not even take the cycles of the sun (source of 99.9% of the Earth’s surface heat) and cycles of the oceans (which cover 70+% of the Earth’s surface) into account. Garbage in, garbage out. Simple as that.

And a few days ago German climatologist Mojib Latif spewed out more nonsense, claiming Germany would soon experience Sahara-like summers – also based on the same completely bogus climate models that ignore 99.999% of the Earth’s energy systems (sun and oceans).

Alaska gets a taste of the ice age, -40°F in mid November!

Alaska is just the latest example of how glaringly deficient the models are. Not long ago the models said global warming was supposed to be especially pronounced up in the Arctic – in places like Alaska. Someone forgot to tell the climate that.

The following are excerpts from the (temperatures in degrees F).

Fairbanks, Alaska set a new low temperature record on Thursday the second time in three days with a temperature of 41 degrees below zero. That broke the old record of 39 below set in 1969. Fairbanks also set a new record of 35 below on Tuesday, and hit 39 below on Wednesday, two degrees shy of the record. The last time Fairbanks saw 40-below temperatures in November was in 1994, when temperatures of 45, 43 and 45 below were recorded on Nov. 24, 25 and 30, respectively.

“This sort of thing is certainly more common in December and January than November,” meteorologist Dan Hancock at the National Weather Service in Fairbanks said. “We can go through an entire winter and not get this cold.”

Several record low temperatures set more than 40 years ago were broken in the Fairbanks area. Eielson Air Force Base had a low of 43 below early Thursday morning, which broke the previous record of 40 below in 1969. It was the second day in a row a new record was set at Eielson. It was 42 below there on Wednesday morning.

The coldest temperature reported Thursday morning was a record 54 below in Manley Hot Springs. A temperature of 49 below was recorded at KNJP radio station in North Pole, also a record. Thursday morning saw lows of 46 below in Fort Yukon, 45 below in Nikolai, 42 below in Nenana and Tanana and 40 below at Bettles.

Worse, there’s a chance even colder air could move in early next week. How cold it gets will depend on how much cloud cover there is. Meteorologist Julie Malingowski said. “If it does clear out, we’re doomed.” …read all about it here!

h/t: Weather Bell.

9 responses to “Cold Records Smashed In Alaska And Arctic!”

  1. Rick Bradford

    One of the new Warmist claims is that weather extremes of all kinds are “consistent with” CAGW.

    How many more cold extremes will there have to be before the world wakes up to the emptiness of the theory of catastrophic warming?

  2. Mike Spilligan

    One thing to note is that this UN report has been re-interpreted (or mis-interpreted) in various ways by the MSM – mostly trending towards it being a confirmation of the “We’re all doomed” fictional scenario. Well, it sells newspapers and grabs attention after the TV soap-opera.

  3. Magnus A

    This is anomaly. In Scandinavia we have temperatures a lot higher than normal, October, and November — almost no snow yet. 🙁

    _But_ I think that (*) the UAH temperature record now shows a few tenth of a degree below zero anomaly. If at the same time Alaska happens to locally have a record low anomaly that’s bad for those there who wants a warm month.


    Sweden’s coldest November is btw -43 C, in 24-26 Nov 1890. Source:

    Anyway, from a scientific point of view I believe we’ll get between 0.2 C and 1.2 C temperature temperature increase until year 2100.

    On extreme weather the world leading scientist Chris Landsea left IPCC because of the message IPCC has now, and he says that a likely outcome is rather less extreme weather (quite logical, and what climate history says) :

  4. DirkH

    A warmist asked me “You don’t really want to use the winter as proof that there’s no global warming, do you?” I said “But yes, indeed.” Because for simple physical reasons – that it’s much easier to increase the temperature of a cold object than to increase the temperature of a hot object; the IR radiation emitted by the object increases with the 4th power of the temperature – any global warming must, and this has always been predicted by the warmists, warm the cold extremes more than the hot extremes, alleviating the cold. Thus the “snow will be a thing of the past” prediction was consistent with the CAGW theory, and is indeed an excellent test of the theory.

    And this long standing (and now failed) prediction by the warmists is in total contradiction to their new message of more extremes. Their theoretical basis has experienced a total collapse. Under global warming, temperature differences must drop, not increase, and storms must become less frequent, not more frequent. They’ve lost it and they contradict each other now.

    We are watching the last days of a cult whose prophets have been shown to be false prophets.

  5. Do you believe Polar Bears are drowning in the Arctic?……………WHY???? « The Big Green Lie

    […] Cold Records Smashed In Alaska And Arctic! […]

  6. matti

    The coming winter 2011-2012 will be colder than 2010-2011 across Northern Hemisphere. We are just starting to get brief glimpses. I reported ealier on similar cold temperaures in Northern Canada . We have had snow already in southern Ontario .

  7. DirkH

    Gotta share this. You get an interesting curve when you run a bandpass type operation on something like HadCRUT. It kinda uncovers the cyclicity. I used only linear operations so this is the temperature time series run through a filter, like the equalizer of your HiFi equipment; what you see are frequencies that are part of the original signal.

    Inspired by

  8. DirkH

    The BBC’s Harrabin got paid by the UEA’s Tyndall Centre.

    Article also mentions WWF, UN and EU paying for BBC reports.

  9. Casper

    Alaska is not in Germany, comrade Gosselin. 😉

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