Der Spiegel Calls UN Weather Extremes Report Summary “Dubious”

Axel Bojanowski of the German flagship news magazine Der Spiegel blasted the UN for its Extreme Weather report saying the:

UN presentation was dubious: research results are ignored, the report remains secret.”


Only the summary of the report was officially made public on Friday. This is a document that politicians and lawyers of the community of countries negotiated this week in Kampala.”

Even though the sensationalist mainstream media have been writing about predictions of dire events coming in the future, Bojanowski writes:

Neither the new climate report nor its summary can be read as a sheer warning of increasing weather catastrophes. The real message is: We simply know too little about the most weather catastrophes in order to predict their development.”

There’s simply not enough data out there to draw conclusions. Der Spiegel also seems frustrated that politicians are not taking scientists seriously.

The presentation of the new climate report however shows the opposite, that it appears to not matter what scientists find out through their years of hard work – the message is always the same: ‘Everything is going to get worse.'”

With the conference in Durban coming up, little seems to have changed. Politicians automatically use every climate report for the sole purpose of driving the agenda, without even knowing what’s in it. Der Spiegel writes:

The climate report is being sold simply as a wake-up call – the work of the scientists is simply being ignored. ‘Unfortunately we still don’t have many answers to the questions of climate forecasts,’ says Lisa Schipper of the Stockholm Environment Institute, a lead author of the new IPCC Report, to SPIEGEL ONLINE. ‘There is no black and white scenario’.”

The circus that was Copenhagen is moving to Durban, and is about to start soon.

7 responses to “Der Spiegel Calls UN Weather Extremes Report Summary “Dubious””

  1. ArndB

    QUOTE: “Unfortunately we still don’t have many answers to the questions of climate forecasts,’ says Lisa Schipper…..”

    That is likely to last for a long time, as climatologists do actually not know what they are talking about, not able or willing to provide proper definitions, but merely using the layman’s explanation: climate is ‘average weather’. This definition “must surely be regarded as quite inadequate” was the verdict of H.H. Lamp in a Nature article (Vol.223, 1969), founder of the Climatic Research Unit in 1972 in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia, in 1969. It seems the progress in atmospheric science has been remote during the last 40 years. Further discussion at:

    In the same article HH Lamb asserted: “Only thirty years ago climatology was generally regarded as the mere dry-as-dust bookkeeping end of meteorology.” Now it looks a if it is the other way around.

  2. DirkH

    Notice the headline: “UN fails to educate about climate change”. The rock solid conviction of Der Spiegel remains that CAGW happens and is catastrophic. They are pissed that the UN didn’t manage to produce better “evidence”.

    They are 100% CAGW believers:
    “Zwar ist bewiesen, dass der Mensch mit Treibhausgasen das Klima erwärmt.”
    “It is proven that man warms the climate through greenhouse gases.”

    They love the precautionary principle (after all, Der Spiegel are socialist statists):
    “Diese Unberechenbarkeit bedeutet freilich keine Entwarnung, sie könnte der Welt vielmehr eine besondere Mahnung sein – schließlich könnte das Klimasystem böse Überraschungen parat halten; vieles scheint möglich.”
    “This unpredictability is no reason to relax but should serve as a special wake-up call – after all, the climate system could contain evil surprises; much seems possible.”

    More evidence for my thesis that the drinking water in Berlin and Hamburg must be laced with lead.

  3. Ulrich Elkmann

    “…could contain evil surprises; much seems possible…”- if that’s the worst spin these people can put on the story, then they are beating a dead horse if they stick to the AGW narrative. Perhaps we can expect a Merkel-style U-turn from them and look forward to cover stories about “The Alternative Energy Lie”, “Terror in the Name of Nature: How the Germans are Extorted by the Climate Mafia”, “The Solar Zero Solution: Illusory Answers to a Nonexistent Problem”.

  4. DirkH

    Jo Nova’s take on the IPCC’s extremes report is a must-read:

  5. Ike

    ‘found this today on

    Climate Change is good for human evolution!


  6. kevin king

    Der sogenannte Climategate-Skandal um die geklauten E-Mails von Klimaforschern konnte nur deshalb so hochkochen, weil die Forscher intern über Wissenslücken sprachen, die sie in der Öffentlichkeit bestritten.

    I think you should include a translation for the above too, because it highlights the fact that Der Spiegel still believes fundamentally in the science. They claim to have forensically analysed the climategate mails but still they maintain the only issue there was the fact the “team” failed to make public certain reservations they had about their predictions. This is a laughable interpretation and is one reason I can’t take any german periodical seriously on this issue.

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