Deep Freeze May Be Headed For Western Europe

No doubt Europeans this year have been enjoying a relatively mild winter this year, unlike the previous 3 winters. But it may be too early to start planning for spring. Mother Nature has a way punishing the overly optimistic.

At the ProfiKarten (professional charts) provide computer generated forecasts in the form of nice color charts. The first chart shows the outlook for 7 days – more of the same mild weather:

The cold is restricted to Scandinavia and Northern Russia.

But at the 10-day mark things really start to change. Of course when the computers grind through the next batch of data, the picture may change. 10-day forecasts are still not that accurate. For now, here’s the latest 10-day picture for Europe (temperature):

Note how the cold plunges through Eastern Europe and makes its way deep into Germany. After 14 days, much of Europe is forecast to be gripped by bitter cold:

So you might want to hold off putting the winter gear away!

14 responses to “Deep Freeze May Be Headed For Western Europe”

  1. dave ward

    You had better stock up with candles – this could be the first big test of Germany’s power system since the nuclear plants were taken off-line.

  2. Bob W in NC

    Hope y’all make out OK in the apparent upcoming onslaught – I do not envy you in the least! I don’t like the trend I’m seeing (e.g., Joe Bastardi’s post below).

    So far here in the Southeastern US, we have had a relatively mild winter (50°–60°F daytime) with only one cold snap when temperatures reached 18°F (night time) in coastal North Carolina. Knowing how quickly that can all change, we are taking advantage of the relatively warm conditions while we can.

    Thanks, Pierre!
    Bob W.

  3. matti

    My best estimate is still for the real winter to start in February and cool weather will go to the end of April.

  4. Ed Caryl

    We had 5 inches of snow just before Christmas that has not completely melted. Forecast is for 4 to 8 inches tomorrow night. That would make it double what we had for the last three winters here. It’s desert here, you know. (Southern New Mexico, 6000 foot level). Ski Apache has lots of snow.

  5. DirkH

    O/T Wonderful news. German public TV broadcasters ARD and ZDF), strictly pro-EU and arch-warmist, lose viewers in droves. Now overtaken by private broadcaster RTL.
    RTL 14%
    ARD and ZDF 12% each; way to go, but a very good trend.

  6. Alex

    How long does it take to restart the German nuclear reactors? Meanwhile, the intelligent French, while seemingly riding the Global Warming Scam Gravy Train, are actually playing a double game: They preach green technologies to their neighbours who fall down on their knees in front of giant wind turbines and solar panels, then when these gods of false energy fail, the French sell nuclear-generated electricity to the rest of Europe.

    France generates 80% of its requirement by means of nuclear power stations.

    It is worthwile also noting that Finland produces ALL its electrical needs by means of NUCLEAR power stations and the don’t have economic problems.

  7. matti
  8. stephen parker

    Hi pierre,
    Think we’ve got a 1947 winter coming?

    Steve in south east england

  9. matti

    Stephen Parker

    Our chief weather focaster in Canada David Phillips said it best in my opinion . He said ,”in 2012 expect the unexpected.” Your question about whether this winter will be like 1947 is as good a guess as any out there, as JAN/FEB/MARCH of 1947 was very cold in Central England during the latter part of the winter. The mean winter temperature was 1.1 C. Pesonally I favour 1985 which was a La nina year also with a delayed winter , a normal December and with a mean winter temperature of 2.7 due to a cold FEB/MARCH. Even for my guess, it will have to get much colder soon as December was 6 C and was above normal by 1.3 C and January is running 3.7 C above the normal at 7.2.C to date.

  10. matti

    I8 Feet of snow in Alaska . Coming to your region? Austria is seeing some and US Northeast will see some this coming weekend.

  11. matti
  12. DirkH

    Looks like their long range forecast wasn’t that bad. We’re about to hit 0 deg C on Saturday according to the 4 day forecast of , that’s the 14th, or 7 days into the forecast of wetter24. Maybe that cold blast will really work out…

  13. DirkH

    Looks better and better (the quality of the long range forecast, that is)! Down to -8 deg C forecast for the night from Saturday to Sunday.

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