Achtung! Herr Environment Minister Röttgen Declares Climate Protection As “New World Order”!

Sorry, but I always get a little nervous when top German and European officials put themselves first in line for a “new world order” that will tell the rest of the world how to behave. Other countries outside of Germany or Europe can and should decide for themselves how to live and run things.

Why do Europe’s elitists always view foreign ideas and ways as inferior?

CO2 Handel here reports that German Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen, one of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s leading officials, has declared climate protection the “new world order“.

Röttgen obviously has been having disturbing visions of a planet headed for a climatic catastrophe – unless us humans stop burning fossil fuels and start rain-dancing to the beat of appointed climate high priests. Never mind that global temperatures haven’t risen in 15 years, visions from green prophets and wisemen trump.

Or maybe Röttgen is simply dreaming of wielding lots of global power. According to CO2 Handel:

There can only be one global answer to global warming in the words of Federal Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen (CDU). Climate protection is a ‘Weltordnungspolitik’ (world order policy), said Röttgen on Thursday in Bonn at an international human rights conference.

That also means: ‘Everybody must be on board.’ To have a greater impact on global environmental and climate protection, a new UN special organization – something like the WHO for health – would have to be set up.”

Herr Röttgen says that the Kyoto Protocol, which covers only 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, is unable to function any longer.

Strange how activist warmists often accuse skeptics of being paranoid for believing that climate policy is masquerading as global governance. Here we have the German Federal Minister of Environment himself, a top government authority, calling for climate policy to be made into “world order policy”. How could anyone make the true intentions any clearer?

So dear global citizens, get ready to go out and rain-dance every day for good weather and climate, i.e. act like raving superstitious fools, because the government says you have to.

Attn Readers: Please no references to Hitler and National Socialism in comments! Stick to rational arguments.


17 responses to “Achtung! Herr Environment Minister Röttgen Declares Climate Protection As “New World Order”!”

  1. Rick Bradford

    Their mantram is ‘global problems require global solutions’, but the truth is that they love the idea of global solutions, so they keep fabricating global problems.

  2. DirkH

    I think this is a face-saving way for the German government to get out of Kyoto. The argument is: Kyoto alone doesn’t help; only a NWO can help – the German government knows that the chances of one are nil. So there, we can let Kyoto expire, we announced it, now it’s dead.

    Related insofar as the Death of CAGW and the death of Kyoto are related:
    Nir Shaviv about the unmaintainability of the IPCC’s posited climate sensitivities:
    Then he has a bewildering choice of words. And he keeps saying Germany must be a “Spitzenreiter (leader). So I’m not convinced he’s looking for a way out. -PG

    1. DirkH

      Some semantics. Don’t know the context where he used “Spitzenreiter” but there’s a subtlety in usage. “Spitzenreiter” is used as “record holder”, so, Germany is Spitzenreiter in renewable energy per capita (probably).

      When German politicians want to say “leader” they say “Vorreiter” (trailblazer).

      I know, the dictionary definitions are nearly identical, but the usage in the everyday and political language is different.

  3. Pops

    Herr Environment Minister Röttgen is not alone in his fantasies:

  4. dave ward

    “Because the government says you have to.”

    And if we don’t they might sentence us to six months in labour camps, North Korean style…

    P.S. I hope this doesn’t contravene your request at the end of the post. Please remove if it does.
    All tyranny starts with small steps. NoKo does not threaten to take over the world, Big Green does. -PG

  5. TheJollyGreenMan

    At least Canada seems to have returned to sanity.

    We know China and India also opposes this idea.

    So it looks like Norbert will be chairman of a very small club comprising of deadbeats and has beens.

  6. German Official advocates the “New World Order” « The Big Green Lie

    […] Achtung! Herr Environment Minister Röttgen Declares Climate Protection As “New World Order”! […]

  7. thebiggreenlie

    This NEW WORLD ORDER is getting “soooooo played!”

    Note to the German Officials that won’t stop: “your getting really boring”………….

  8. Helmut Hassel

    Mr. Röttgen has to tell all this, otherwise he would lose his job. That’s it!


  9. Dave

    “Kyoto Protocol, which covers only 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions…”

    See.. the problem here, that is never mentioned, is that human activity only contributes 2.7% to the total amount C02, which in itself is a minute TRACE gas (.037% of the atmosphere). The other 97.3% occurs naturally. So, realistically, even if all human activity ceased, there would be virtually no change is the level C02. Yet, these eco-facist imbeciles want us to believe that “taxing” 2.7% of a trace gas in the atmosphere is somehow going to change the climate, and we need some “world order” to administrate this? This is all about money and power, that’s all.

  10. archaeopteryx

    You will not be surprised to see that the modern Climate Alarmism may have been official German policy since the late 80’s: , and

    1. DirkH

      But don’t forget its even deeper roots, back to 1975
      1975 `Endangered Atmosphere’
      Conference: Where the Global
      Warming Hoax Was Born
      Mead, Schneider, Holdren and Lovelock

      and from there directly to the Limits To Growth by the CoR.
      With Kyoto, the Germans simply took advantage of it.

  11. Bernd Felsche

    Didn’t Röttgen suggest that every individual should be allocated a lifetime CO2 emissions quota? A lifetime ration of energy?

    As with all corrupt systems, the rations don’t apply to the chosen ones. As evident from the Klimaretter (or is that Klimaratte?) jet-setting life-style.

  12. R. de Haan

    If we’re lucky their Global aspirations evaporate when the domino’s of their empire start falling.

    My advice is to book a single ticket to Canada to escape the fall out of such an event which becomes more imminent by the day.

    The EU is toast.–-eu-toast

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      Haven’t looked at the Krugman op-ed but am willing to bet €€€€€€€€€€€€ that for him the EU is toast only because it failed to install fiscal union or economic dictatorship fast enough and forced the ECB to print money without even the pretense of securities.

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