DIE WELT: Claims Of Global Warming Contradicted by Renown Scientists And Latest Data

Another of Germany’s leading dailies, DIE WELT, has a skeptical piece (for a change) on global warming – written by Dirk Maxeiner and Michael Miersch. Read here. It starts:

The claim that man was causing global warming has long been said to be irrefutable. But this is contradicted by renown scientists but also by the latest data.”

My how the times have changed. Remember how just a few years ago the debate was over and the science was settled? Die Welt reminds us:

In the middle of the last decade, former UN Secretary Kofi Annan handed down the final verdict: ‘The few skeptics who are left and trying to sow the seeds of doubt should be seen for what they are: out of touch, depleted of arguments and washed up.’ Since then, much has changed“

But today, once written off skeptical scientists are now re-emerging. Maxeiner and Miersch write:

Svensmark, whose research in this field had long been ignored, is now causing people to change their minds. Those who are convinced of anthropogenic climate change have suddenly gotten much more careful. And those who kept their doubts hidden, have suddenly become braver.”

Take Professor Fritz Vahrenholt and Dr. Sebastian Lüning, for example. DIE WELT is just the latest major media outlet to put controversial, new skeptical book Die kalte Sonne in the public focus, following right on the heels of FOCUS magazine and DIE ZEIT. This early media attention is likely just a preview of what is to come in the days and weeks ahead.

For many establishments this is all going to cause some major indigestion, like the University of Osanbrück, for example.  Maxeiner & Miersch write:

This politically correct field of science still has not gotten used to the new situation. When the University of Osnabrück found out that Vahrenholt wanted to speak about his book at his scheduled speech, he was promptly dis-invited. The reason: It was necessary to first organize a the counter-speech by a climate scientist.

Just one problem. One couldn’t be found.”

Maxeiner and Miersch should have mentioned that the University of Osnabrück also deemed skepticism of the climate catastrophe as “provocative”.

The book comes out next week. I’m quite excited about how the greenheads and alarmist kooks are going to react.

Chronic insistence of the “climate catastrophe” is not really normal

Normally the book ought to be good news. It’s a powerful argument that the climate catastrophe is not coming and that the science underpinning the theory of a coming climate catastrophe is pathetically weak, crappy, and so cannot be taken seriously at all.

But oddly, from a psychological point of view, the chronic alarmists appear obsessed with the end of the world, and actually seem to hope that it will come. And it’s as if it couldn’t come soon enough for them. If I were like that, I’d seek professional help and counseling. That’s just not healthy.

This reminds me of all the elite kooks now down in Antarctica claiming the ice there is melting faster than ever. Yet, the data shows the contrary – ice growth trending up over ther last 30 years!


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