Vahrenholt’s Spiegel Interview – “I Feel Duped On Climate Change!”

Here’s the Spiegel interview with climate maverick Fritz Vahrenholt – in English!

“Will reduced solar activity counteract global warming in the coming decades? That is what outgoing German electric utility executive Fritz Vahrenholt claims in a new book. In an interview with SPIEGEL, he argues that the official United Nations forecasts on the severity of climate change are overstated and supported by weak science. Continue reading

His book Die kalte Sonne”can be ordered here (in German only).

21 responses to “Vahrenholt’s Spiegel Interview – “I Feel Duped On Climate Change!””

  1. Ed Caryl

    Vahrenholt is much to cautious.

  2. Bernd Felsche

    Story in Stern “Has Climate Catastrophe Been Cancelled? — New Book by Vahrenholt” (article in German)

    Syndicated to regionals (deep SPD-Territory)

    and the “far East” of Saxony-Anhalt (NB not “Saxony-Hitchhike”)

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Oh yeah … article down in Frankfurt/M “SPD-Rebel considers climate predictions to be exaggerated”,1473244,11582682.html

      Mentions the (CLOUD) experiment at CERN which confirmed aerosol enhancement, but it looks like they screwed up the details or Vahrenholt needs to look at the literature again until he understands that the aerosols aren’t formed because of the weaker solar magnetic fields, but that the weaker fields allow more cosmic radiation to ionise molecules which increases the likelihood of aerosols forming (into clouds). Or perhaps he simplified for the interviewer.

      1. DirkH

        I am very sure that the journalist does not have enough room (in his head) to explain a causal chain with more than the absolute minimum of cause and effect…

  3. DirkH

    Oh great. That’s why I shelled out 4 EUR on Monday. Just searched their site: In German, it’s only available paywalled online by now. Okay, next time I’ll just wait for the English version.

  4. DirkH

    Another one bites the dust: SunConcept; 100 employees, insolvent. Reported on a website called clean thinking; now that’s a name! No dirty thoughts!

  5. matti

    Marotzke claims, but adds, on a self-critical note, that his profession has neglected to explain that global temperatures will not increase uniformly. Instead, says Marotzke, there could also be phases of stagnation and even minor declines in temperature. “This has exposed us to potential criticism,” he says.

    This same claim has been made by other warmists but most of the AGW predictions are void of any cooling . MetOffice claimed one decade decline in 80 years. They have already played their card as we have just had a 10 year decline or flat period , so by their model there will be no more declines for 80 years . This is nonsense as the current decline may go well into 2030/2040. Alternating 30 year periods of warming and cooling are not minor declines . If you have these declines , it will be impossible to have 4 degree C rise by 2060 or 3-6 C riseby 2100. Their science is full of holes and the public can see it now clearly with the current cold spell when they were supposed to have warming winters

    1. klem

      That’s right, that’s also why they were in such a hurry to have everyone sign the Copenhagen Treaty and get Cap&Trade. They said we had to hurry or we’d pass a climate tipping point after which we’d suffer climate catastrophe. Remember all of that? They knew that if we waited more a than a couple of years, the jig would be up. The years have now passed and they were right, the jig is now up.

  6. klem

    “Vahrenholt’s Spiegel Interview – “I Feel Duped On Climate Change!”

    Welcome to the club pal. Take a number.

  7. Claire

    It’s odd that there’s already a book in English called “The Cold Sun” by an ex-shuttle engineer that says a less active sun will being about cooler climate. Published May 2011.

    I would like to read this book in English, so what will it be called when it gets translated and when will that be? Anybody know?


    1. DirkH
  8. matti

    I might add that there was one other warmist who did say that global cooling is possible , although he did not say when.
    Professor Latif spoke at the 2009 World Climate Conference in September 2009.

    He showed a 20 th Century temperature curve simplified with a projection to 2100 and showed a typical cooling period around 2010-2030 for illustration.
    He verbally indicated that you can enter a cooling period of a decade or two in these long term periods

    He never expanded on this later to my recollection.

    1. DirkH
  9. Ike

    got my copy today. will start reading it on weekend.

  10. DirkH

    I’m listening to Dana Loesch (at breitbart; talk radio from St. Louis).
    She just mentioned Vahrenholt, Lüning and “Die kalte Sonne”, and their “switching sides” from pro-IPCC to contra.

  11. DirkH

    spiegel has a commentary article about the consensus vs. skeptics controversis, and takes the moral high ground of standing above it all.
    (After decades of gullibly repeating any alarmist press release),1518,813953,00.html

    der Spiegel disappoints – again. – gavin

  12. DirkH

    Natgas shortages in Southern Germany due to reduced delivery from Russia force communes to reduce heating in public buildings. Industry customers don’t get gas. In Karlsruhe, gas powered plant RDK4 was forced to shut down. Little wind power and no solar power in the evening force grid operators to activate cold reserve plants (fossil fueled, 1000 MW, 4 power plants, old and inefficient; they were mothballed but put back in operating condition after the nuke switchoff, waiting for a situation like this).

    Situation in Northern Germany is relaxed as we get more of our gas from Norway and the Netherlands.

  13. matti

    I think what every German should ask from these warmist professors why they think there will be only minor declines in global temperatures when the past record clearly shows two major temperature declines lasting from 1978-1911 a drop of 0.61C and another 1944-1976 , a drop of 0.376 C during the last century or so. Going by the past frequency of these typical temperature declines , there will likely be two such periods during the next 100 years . So we have potentially two such periods of negative temperature periods that account for 60 years where there will be little if any temperature increases .Their answer will likely be that extra heating from greenhouse gases will overide the past natural variability. That argument is rubish as today natural variabilty has been doing the opposite and overiding the negligible warming if any from greenhous gases for the last 10 years . Their science and math is is totally uncredible and now the whole world is witnessing their false science with the cold spell in Europe[and declining winter temperatures since 1998] when it is supposed to be warming.

  14. matti

    In my previous post I said
    ‘the past record clearly shows two major temperature declines lasting from 1978-1911 a drop of 0.61C and another 1944-1976 , a drop of 0.376 C ‘

    I meant to say …..the past record clearly shows two major temperature declines lasting from 1878 -1911[not 1978-1911]……..

  15. captndelta

    I wish they had this book as kindle version on the english Amazon site…

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