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Seven Different Methods All Yield The Same Result: Cooling Ahead!

Seven Different Methods All Yield The Same Result: Cooling Ahead!

Share this… Facebook TwitterNatural Cycles by Ed Caryl Solar and ocean cycles indicate that cooling times lay ahead over the coming decades. One argument against the CAGW hypothesis is the influence of natural cycles controlling weather and climate. In nature, there are many phenomena that are cyclic. Figure 1. This is solar cycle variation 1975 […]

“IPCC Ignored An Entire Field Of Science”, Die Welt Reports. Slams “Intergovernmental Panel On CO2”!

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe online DIE WELT today has a leading commentary here on the fallout of Fritz Vahrenholt’s and Sebastian Lüning’s skeptic book that has delivered a body blow to the German global warming movement.The DIE WELT piece, written by Ulli Kulke, is titled: “Climate science is the new replacement religion” In contains a […]

70% Of Financial Times Deutschland Readers Welcome Vahrenholt's Skeptical Book

70% Of Financial Times Deutschland Readers Welcome Vahrenholt’s Skeptical Book

Share this… Facebook TwitterIt’s been interesting reading some of the reactions from the green, warmist sites. Of course they are all seething in rage and resignation as their unclean movement collapses.None of them up to now have presented any scientific arguments refuting the claims made by Lüning and Vahrenholt. Indeed many forget that geologist and climate-paleontologist […]

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