“IPCC Ignored An Entire Field Of Science”, Die Welt Reports. Slams “Intergovernmental Panel On CO2”!

The online DIE WELT today has a leading commentary here on the fallout of Fritz Vahrenholt’s and Sebastian Lüning’s skeptic book that has delivered a body blow to the German global warming movement.The DIE WELT piece, written by Ulli Kulke, is titled:

“Climate science is the new replacement religion”

In contains a plea for calm and a reminder that global temperatures have gone nowhere over the last 13 years. DIE WELT writes:

Even one of the biggest prophets of climate catastrophe, Englishman Phil Jones, had to admit after the disclosure of thousands of e-mails from the IPCC a few years ago that the current temperature development is comparable to two other periods occurring in the last century.”

Moreover, DIE WELT writes that a real discussion and debate is constantly torpedoed by the global warming protagonists, and that they have a habit of ignoring inconvenient facts: DIE WELT writes:

The IPCC has ignored an entire field of science

Very few people have recognised that in the research that Vahrenholt und Lüning are referring to has nothing to do with the irradiative heating of the sun, which indeed does not fluctuate much, but with the soilar winds which are increasingly shown to have an indirect impact on cloud formation, and thus influence the climate.

The IPCC has looked at this on the fringes and have determined that this research – which the renwoned CERN institute and others are carrying out -– is not far enough to allow conclusions to be drawn.

That may or may not be the case. But the fact remains that the IPCC, which is responsible for bringing the scientists together, still has not gotten the idea to invite these scientists for its large climate reports. Why not? After all it’s the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and not the Intergovernmental Panel on CO2.”

The positive feedbacks ASSUMED for CO2 with respect to water vapour are also very poorly understood. Yet the IPCC has no problems inflating those and including them in their climate reports.


6 responses to ““IPCC Ignored An Entire Field Of Science”, Die Welt Reports. Slams “Intergovernmental Panel On CO2”!”

  1. DirkH

    It’s a start for Die Welt.

  2. IPCC "ignores an entire field of science" | Australian Climate Madness

    […] Source link from No Tricks Zone. […]

  3. cb

    Oh no, no. ‘Climate Science’ is not the problem, EVERY branch of ‘Science’ that has political impact is the problem.

    The Leftists were let into Academia after the 60s, and they promptly used dirty tricks to start getting rid of everyone who did not share their ideology of radical Humanism: today that destruction is essentially complete.

    Here is the thing: science is either about truth (fact, logic, reason), or else it is about ‘serving humanity’. Jones, Mann, etc are ‘good people’… who happen to be hardened liars: such people cannot be scientists – it is well known that in politics the ‘image’ is the thing; in science ‘image’ has now also become the thing… which is to say that it is no longer science, and has not been for at least 50 years now.

    Consider the Royal Society – it is, perhaps, understandable that their leadership has been corrupted: all politicians at all levels are everywhere corrupt. What showcases the ‘problem’ is however that the majority of their members… are still members. Here is the problem, as a microcosm.

    Hippies are, ideologically, incompatible with concepts such as honesty and integrity – their utter hatred of Christians and Jews are but a symptom of this – without which a ‘scientist is’, in fact, an activist. And without which ‘science’ CANNOT exist. It is a rational incompatibility, which a consistent outcome – corrupted ‘science’.

    Science is dead. Behold the true face of the New Age, created by the New Agers – aka Leftists – aka hippies.

  4. John Marshall

    Dr. Pachauri has admittedthat the IPCC has nothing to do with climate change but to transfer wealth from the West to developing countries.

    The rubbish they come out with concerning climate only confirms that they should give up the day job and retire. Their pronouncements have given developing countries further belief in not working for a living.

  5. Charles Higley

    “The positive feedbacks ASSUMED for CO2 with respect to water vapour are also very poorly understood.”

    Poorly understood? They do NOT exist!

    It has been elegantly shown that (1) CO2 interferes with water vapor’s ability to convert IR to heat and (2) as CO2 increases, absolute water vapor decreases, creating a constant if not diminishing effect as water vapor is a stronger IR/heat-converter than CO2. Both of these suggest that more CO2 might cause a tiny bit of cooling.


    1. William Bell

      Can you give a link to credible support for assertions (1) and (2)?

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