End-Of-Worlder Michael Müller Foams At The Mouth Over SPD Comrade Vahrenholt

I must admit that over the last record-breaking 10 days here at NTZ, it’s been interesting to watch the climate activists and the end-of-the world whackos hyperventilate about Fritz Vahrenholt’s and Sebastian Lüning’s questioning of climate science.

So over-the-top have some of the attacks been that readers are beginning to question the very sanity of some of these obsessive Armageddonist.

At Germany’s version of moveon.org, www.vorwaerts.de, the mouthpiece of Germany’s socialist SPD party, to which Vahrenholt himself is a member, party honcho Michael Müller unloads. Müller’s rambling diatribe runs over an exhaustive 5 pages. Strangely on the surface, his screed appears like a book review of Die kalte Sonne, but after going through Müller’s rant, one finds almost nothing about the book itself!

Müller obviously has never read it.

So it’s good that the very first and only reader comment makes a point, one that hopefully will remind Müller what a raving public fool he looks like. Reader Gerhard v.d. Straten left the following comment:

Do you think that’s okay? Climate denier, irresponsible, climate-Sarrazin? Indeed that goes too far. We really have not gone back to the Dark Ages where everyone who questions the faith gets stoned to death. Vahrenholt and Lüning don’t even do that. They are only bringing into the discussion the point that global warming is 50% caused by man. How would it be to first read the book before first foaming at the mouth, Herr Müller?


That’s good advice for any mouth-foaming end-of-worlder. Obviously discussing anything with the closed-minded basket cases we’ve seen over the last few days is a waste of time. All they’re interested in is finding the closest tree to carry out their political lynchings. I suggest to Müller that he take steps to have Vahrenholt booted from the SPD Party. Go ahead and try.

Unfortunately, Mr Straten, the end-of-worlders like Müller are indeed back in the Dark Ages. I wonder how much longer your comment will even remain. Here’s the original German in case it should disappear:

Finden sie das in Ordnung. Klimaleugner, verantwortungslos, Klima-Sarrazin. Das geht doch nun wirklich zu weit. Wir sind doch nun wirklich nicht im Mittelalter angekommen und müssen jeden steinigen, der eine Glaubensrichtung in Frage stellt. Varenholt und Lüning tun das noch nicht einmal. Sie bringen nur die These, dass die globale Erwärmung 50% menschgemacht ist mal wieder in den Blickpunkt. Wie wäre es mal mit Buch lesen und nicht gleich Schaum vor den Mund kriegen, Herr Müller.
G. v.d. Straten

9 responses to “End-Of-Worlder Michael Müller Foams At The Mouth Over SPD Comrade Vahrenholt”

  1. Ulrich Elkmann

    It would really be interesting to have been a fly on the wall of the diverse political parties in Germany – the large, established ones – over the past 12 or 18 months, to see what flak they got over their official politics from their member base: the Social Democrats over the way they handled the Sarrazin cause and now Vahrenholt; the Christian Democrats over the end of nuclear energy, the Free democrats over Frank Schäffler; everyone over the unconditional endless bailout rounds. The standard response of “you can always leave, but then even your tiny part in shaping politics will be gone for good” must sound increasingly off-color to those party guardian who start to realize what the internet really is.

    1. DirkH

      There’s always Die Partei Der Vernunft. (Objectivists)

      But it looks like we’ll get another leftist spawn, Die Piraten, instead.

  2. R. de Haan

    ….”dass die globale Erwärmung 50% menschgemacht ist mal wieder in den Blickpunkt”

    ….What warming?

  3. R. de Haan

    If the IPCC science would have been right we would be sitting at the French Riviera by now.
    Instead we have people dying from cold all over Europe and North Africa.
    Rumanian farmers have been digging their pigs out of the snow taking them into their houses to warm up.
    Indeed we’re back into the Medieval Ages before we know it if the weather gets cold.

    All warming has…. gone.

  4. DirkH

    I second Ron, I think Miskolczi is right, CO2 can’t cause direct warming, that’s also why Beenstock and Reingewertz couldn’t find the projection (in the sense of Abbildung) of the statistical properties of the CO2 time series in the temperature time series.

    What can cause warming or cooling is the thermal inertia of the oceans, which are heated or cooled determined by the cloudiness (TSI stays largely constant), and cloudiness is regulated via the Svensmark hypotheses; IOW a modulation by the Solar magnetic field strength.

    A scenario like David Archibald / Friis-Christensen and Lassen predict is a possibility; severe cooling. We can survive that with enough fossil fuels and nuclear power. We should start to prepare for it. The first necessary step is to defund and fire the IPCC climate scientists and re-allocate climate research money to explore the cooling risk.

    Icarus, if you’re reading this is the long answer, I was in a hurry yesterday.

    I’m not certain about that cooling; but it is the risk that I see. The warming is not a risk; it is highly unlikely and would not be a catastrophe.

  5. mwhite
  6. Mindert Eiting

    This is almost of Biblical proportions. Vahrenholt told his comrades that the climat catastrophe will not happen. They should be greatful but they are outraged in stead. I’ve forgotten much of the Bible, but wasn’t it the prophet Jonas hoping for the end of the world? However, he was swallowed by a whale and had to stay for three days in its stomach to calm down.

  7. DirkH

    Michael Müller completely dismisses Svensmark; says that CLOUD “does not confirm” the Svensmark hypothesis. Well it doesn’t by now because the nuclei they produced in the chamber were too small for real condensation nuclei.
    Which only shows that one should run it again and for longer to produce larger nuclei. Cloud chambers prove the principle good enough.

    So that’s basically the last ditch Michael Müller has. Why does he still resist? He will be run over pretty soon now. The stubborness of cultist belief systems baffles the rational mind.

    SPD – Die Harder.

  8. Sean

    “after going through Müller’s rant, one finds almost nothing about the book itself!

    Müller obviously has never read it.”


    Hmmm. Sound oddly like the same thing that the climate criminal Peter Gleick did with his “review” of Donna Laframboise’s expose of the IPCC’s fraud.

    I eagerly await Comrade Müller’s next act. What crime will he undertake to show that he is even more committed to his climate religion than Gleick? This could be the start of a new trend.

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