Hamburger Abendblatt Defends Vahrenholt & Lüning, Slams Germany’s Culture Of Intolerance

Matthias Iken has written a piece at the online German daily Hamburger Abendblatt here on Germany’s reaction to Fritz Vahrenholt’s and Sebastian Lüning’s climate skeptical bestselling book “Die kalte Sonne“. His piece is titled: The Intolerant Society.

Germany deals with its climate skeptics (Public domain work)

Needless to say, the reaction to Germany’s bestselling skeptic book has been brutally harsh. In his piece, Iken reminds us of three rules in Germany:

1. Never praise the Pope!
2. Never doubt the multi-cultural society!
3. And do believe in climate change!”

Violating any of the above will get you into serious trouble. Since Vahrenholt’s and Lüning’s skeptic book has hit the bookshelves, the two authors have been met with a storm of outrage from the much of the media, numerous zealot activists and the political establishment. Vahrenholt’s own party comrade Michael Müller even labelled him a “climate denier”.

Germany stomps “skeptic physics

As Die kalte Sonne website mentions, Iken writes:

It is best kept silent that Vahrenholt is the director of RWE subsidiary Innogy for alternative energies. The same applies to the fact that the former environmental politician fought as a pioneer for the ecological movement, as the author of the book Seveso ist überall [Seveso is everywhere} and that he was the manager of the wind power company Repower. He has earned the right to be taken seriously. No one has to agree with him, but he needs to be discussed with.”

Die kalte Sonne website writes that one has to wonder about the massivve blind trust placed in the keepers of the unchallenged IPCC climate truth. Instead of entering into a fruitful discussion, brimstone and fire has rained down. Numerous scientists who agree at least with parts of the book’s argumentation are keeping silent for fear of being chastised by colleagues and loss of grant money. Unfortunately Germany has seen similar days some decades ago. The only difference today is that the science that challenges climate orthodoxy now gets called skeptic physics.

No. 14 on bestseller list

Critics also unfairly claim that the book was not written by real climate scientists. However, not only is Vahrenholt a professor of chemistry, he is also an expert in renewable energies – something the media keeps burying. One critic scientist even made the mistake of claiming that Lüning has not authored any real peer-reviewed papers. However, it turns out that he has authored or co-authoredover 30 publications, and, since two weeks, is the author of a bestseller: “Die kalte Sonne”, now ranked No. 14 on Spiegel’s bestseller list.

On the other hand, warmist Mojib Latif, a fierce critic of Vahrenholt and Lüning, has also just released a climate book. It’s ranked number 31,500 at Amazon, making it a real loser. Latif obviously is seething with envy and so has resorted to petty back-biting.  

Die kalte Sonne also includes 4 guest authors who are distinguished experts and pioneers in their respective fields: Nir Shaviv, Henrik Svensmark, Nicola Scarfetta and Werner Weber. Scientifically, it’s as solid as can be.

Ikes reminds us:

As Francis Picabia once said: Our heads are round so that we can think in all directions. In Germany we often act like blockheads.”

Publications Sebastian Lüning, click here.


4 responses to “Hamburger Abendblatt Defends Vahrenholt & Lüning, Slams Germany’s Culture Of Intolerance”

  1. thebiggreenlie

    People who are called “Climate Deniers” should wear that name as a “Badge of Honour” in these “Dark Ages of Scientific Enlightenment”.

  2. DirkH

    O/T I have my issues with Project Syndicate, as it’s a Soros outlet.
    But here’s Björn Lomborg with some interesting words about the German PV craze.
    (Don’t forget he’s a warmist)
    “To put it another way: by the end of the century, Germany’s $130 billion solar panel subsidies will have postponed temperature increases by 23 hours.”

  3. DirkH

    and BTW, good that the Hamburger Abendblatt stands up for freedom. It’s an important local newspaper in a city that is pretty much the German capitol of warmism. (Warmist exhibitions in musems; European climate capitol of 2011; lots of propaganda actions; seat of the German Club Of Rome and its pet project Desertec; seat of all the wind power and some of the solar renewable company centrals; home to warmist research institutes – von Storch, Marotzke.)

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