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Don Easterbrook calls PIK scenarion "nonsense!" (Photo: nofrakking consensus)

Easterbrook To Panicky Potsdam Institute: “Look At Real Data If You Want To Predict Real Events”!

There’s been some discussion in the media about the Potsdam Institute’s (PIK) recent paper claiming that Greenland is much closer to a collapse than previously expected. Don Easterbrook calls PIK scenario “nonsense!” (Photo: However, few scientists outside the circle of IPCC alarmists are taking the PIK claims seriously. Recall that the IPCC 5th report […]

German Warmists Now Fear Growing Skepticism Is Making A "Dangerous Comeback"

German Warmists Now Fear Growing Skepticism Is Making A “Dangerous Comeback”

Anthropogenic global warming skepticism, not taken seriously in Germany until recently, has now got the warmists in a state of panic, despair and even deeper irrationality.   Warmists Vlad Georgescu and Marita Vollborn have written an essay at German public radio called: Climate Change? No Thanks! It focuses on the growing wave of skepticism now sweeping across […]

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