Germany’s Green Führism: We Have To Destroy It In Order To Rescue It. Green Infallibility Shows Its Ugly Side

Slowly it seems that some greens are starting to wake up from their zombie condition and are showing signs that they may one day realize the disaster they’ve unleashed.

German public television, the ZDF of all networks, has a clip on how the building of windmills has completely run amok in Germany. Hat-tip:

Now mountain and hill tops are being deforested to clear the way for 200 meter tall monster industrial wind turbines. As the ZDF shows, greens are aghast.

The clip shows how forests in Rhineland Palatinate are being cleared, along with the habitats of 13 different types of bats and other types of biodiversity, all to make way for wind parks. The people at the start of the clip are visibly in a state of shock. This is the last thing they ever expected of their once beloved movement.

Margrit Stroh says:

I’m amazed that once we were all in favour of wind energy, and now we are demonstrating against it.”

As for Isa Mann (later in the clip) save your tears, lady. You were warned. Worse, the clearing of land is being done without even obtaining a permit. That formality can be skipped when it comes windparks – so decrees the Greens.

With wind parks, all due process gets thrown to the wind. Bats, beetles or trees, which can otherwise stop any billion-euro project in Germany, simply get trampled when it comes to wind parks.

Part of the reason for all this is because the German government finds itself in a jam. It concocted a nice story on why it needs to be done, and now it has to save its face quickly – even if it means destroying Germany’s once famous forests and landscape.

Magdelene Becker, on the verge of being speechless, says:

Now, even before anything is permitted! I can’t believe that they are allowed to do such a thing. I don’t understand it.”

Follow the Vorreiter (Führer)!

If you don’t understand it, then let Green Party propagandist, one bordering on climate madness, Eveline Lemke explain it:

If we don’t succeed in transforming our supply of energy soon and if we don’t show the world how to fight climate change, then nobody will look at us. Germany is the leader. We want the world to witness how one goes about protecting the climate. Without climate protection, there won’t be any species diversity left to protect. This is why this is a priority.”

Rarely does one see that level of arrogance and dominance-with-a-mission as that displayed by Lemke. Now if that doesn’t convince you how out to lunch these people are…

Welcome to Germany – a country run by Green infallible Führers – and soon to be covered by windmills, corn for biogas…and possibly lots of angry citizens.

Note: The video clip is called: Der “GRÜNE Wahnsinn”, which means: The “GREEN Madness”. I call it “Green Führerism”, which is the same.


26 responses to “Germany’s Green Führism: We Have To Destroy It In Order To Rescue It. Green Infallibility Shows Its Ugly Side”

  1. DirkH

    “Without climate protection, there won’t be any species diversity left to protect. ”

    Yeah, the most stunning statement. Candidate of the week for The Big Lie. Repeat early, repeat often.

    Northern Germany and the ex DDR are already saturated with on shore wind; but as these areas had lots of plains, the bird choppers were just erected amidst the fields. It’s different in Southern Germany – only now do they need as many wind turbines as possible; they relied heavily on nukes before half of them got switched off. In the hilly and mountaneous landscape there, you can only put the whirlygigs on top of the ridges. And that’s where the old forests are.

    What a nice dilemma for the Greens. Watch them implode…

  2. Ulrich Elkmann

    The Revolution has now advanced to the stage where the Old Revolutionaries are thrown under the bus and their equivalents of Trotskyites and Bucharinites take the place of the old regime.

  3. Bernd Felsche

    They certainly were warned.

    “Industrielandschaft Deutschland” is a long way from the open plains, the rolling hills and the lower Alps which locals and visitors enjoyed in the past. Wind “parks” (well, they’re often stationary, so parked is what they are) have destroyed tourism in some areas. And made the countryside a lot less enjoyable; with industrial overtones creeping up to even protected landscapes.

    And all for nought (and worse). Every MW of wind generating “capacity” requires almost a MW of conventional, shadow capacity. Now only possible with coal and gas.

  4. Casper

    Powarzynski – a typical “Geman” name 😉

    1. DirkH

      In the 19th century, lots of Polish immigrants were needed in the mining industry of the Ruhr coal mines. They were prohibited from speaking Polish, even at home, and had to blend in in the German culture – so they and their successors became part of the German people. These days, names like Kowalski can be found everywhere in Germany and we don’t think much about their roots.

  5. JuergenK

    Vorreiter means mastermind or pioneer but anyway – the greens love to have a Führer role, they really do. As soon as the greens had been in governmental responsibility they dropped their green masks and one could see their red faces underneath.
    Where are those protesters against Stuttgart 21 now? In Stuttgart they’ve managed to save a damaging bug by court decision. Why don’t these same people show up to protect a rare bat species? They save vermin and let those beneficial critter eaters die. The green species loves bugs and hates bug eaters. Where are the Men in Black when we need them 🙂

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      Oh, the MiB are there, all right. After every operation, they apply a mindwipe the everybody who happens to be around, and they have to start off from point zero, the proverbial blank slate, as in John Locke’s theory of the mind. That’s why they are incapable of learning anything from their experiences (or those of others – that’s one of the more useful definitions of culture, ergo it’s a venial sin in the Green book.)

  6. orkneylad

    shocking stuff, great post.

  7. DirkH

    This is interesting – Der Spiegel reports that the Ozone Hole is shrinking; since 2010.

    Of course they say it’s thanks to the CFC prohibition but I wonder… this could correlate much better with the climate shift to cooling / the onset of the weaker solar cycles / the fall of solar magnetic activity… the timing is just too suspicious. The article states “For years we have waited for the Ozone Hole to shrink and now, finally, it starts to happen”…

    Oh, and they say
    “Scientists wonder why high layers of the atmosphere in the North cool down so much. This could be due to the greenhouse effect which keeps heat in lower layers, but this can only explain part of the cooling.”

    It’s the sun, stupid…

    1. JuergenK

      They cannot think outside the box!

  8. MichaelC58

    The funnyest thing I’ve seen all week.
    Now these old greens they need to be bussed to where the government is building the new coal fired power stations after they shut all those nukes [].

  9. TIM

    I just have to laugh at the dazzling display of Green hypocrisy. Tear down the forest to protect the wood. What a bunch of idiots. It used to be called ‘insanity’, but now it is called ‘sustainability’.

  10. Asmilwho

    An interesting snippet of information I caught, courtesy of Gunter Jauch and his “who wants to be a millionaire” quiz show: there are currently more than 20 000 wind turbines operating in Germany.

  11. Asmilwho

    Und zum Thema Eveline Lemke: Am deutschen Wesen soll die Welt genesen, oder wie heisst es?

  12. DirkH

    BTW, the German Greens are shedding voters. At the federal level, they were at 28% approval rating right after Fukushima, they’re now down to 12 %.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      In Australia, Green’s membership is strongest in the cities. Amongst the concrete.

      Greens amongst the concrete are weeds. After ripping out as much of them as possible, it’s important to spray the area with herbicide to kill off any latent sprouts/seeds. Well, that’s what I should have been doing this morning around the driveway; but I slept in.

      1. DirkH

        “In Australia, Green’s membership is strongest in the cities. ”

        Same in Germany.

  13. Petra

    To translate Vorreiter as “leader” is a bit misleading, considering the nasty connotations the word “leader” = Führer = Hitler carries.

    A better translation would be f.i. “vanguard” or “trailblazer”. The German word Vorreiter suggests the image of a rider on a horse, gallopping in advance of a rider’s squad or troup, giving direction where to go. The Vorreiter is a pioneering frontman, leading the fainthearted to new frontiers. I think there is an English word “outrider” that might catch the image.

    Anyway – pinpointing out that the German word Vorreiter does not carry any Nazi-connotations does NOT mean that this word is devoid of traditional German arrogance, presumption, conceit and snotty-nosedness. Crazy German Greens like that frightening lady in the TV-Feature actually do believe that Germany has an historic and moral obligation to show the world how to act and to give the dumb world an example in ethical behaviour. They are implicitely, without noticing, on the same wave-length as those historic Germans who used to say “Am deutschen Wesen soll die Welt genesen” – “The world shall take its cure from superior German essence”.

    It’s one of the most disgusting lines from German history. It finds a revival in Green Conceit.

    1. DirkH

      About the connection between Nazis and ecology.

      I don’t want to allege that todays green teachers are aware of this. They should be. I had green/red teachers and they never mentioned this. He who forgets history…

  14. Peter Hartman

    For *cks sake Pierre. How is building windmills the same as gassing jews? If you want to be taken seriously, you really need to reflect on your tone.


    1. DirkH

      Peter, it occured to me that Pierre’s choice of word is much more appropriate than you would like it.

      Consider: Areas with high temperatures always have more biodiversity than cold regions.
      Evelyne Lemke in the video states “When we don’t manage the shift to renewables, there will be no biodiversity to protect.”
      So what does she fear? A rise of temperatures of 2 deg C? Of 8 deg C? No – this would result in an increase in biodiversity in Germany.
      She obviously fears a complete end to life on Earth, akin to the Venus Hothouse nightmare visions by Hansen. That’s the only possible explanation for her statement.

      She is on a mission to save the planet from TOTAL DESTRUCTION (and this way, she carries an enormous importance, which surely bolsters her self-esteem and is the psychological reason for her choosing this mindset).

      People with this mindset CAN’T compromise or argue – this would be irrational for them, because the only RATIONAL way in the face of complete destruction is fighting to the end.

      It will be next to impossible to deprogram her. The best we can hope to achieve is neutralizing her and her kind.

  15. Peter Hartmann

    Dear “DirkH”, what kind of “final solution” are you aiming at for the “neutralizing” of “her and her kind”?

    Just kidding. You guys need to get off the Godwin train, or you’ll just marginalize yourself even more. That’s fine by me of course; just wondering why you would go this way.


    Pierre, please un-ban my IP address?

    1. DirkH

      You didn’t read or understand my argumentation, I’m afraid. At least you don’t bring a counterargument.

      Again: Evelyne Lemke’s point is that there will be no biodiversity in Germany in the future if we don’t erect wind turbines. From this, it becomes clear that she and probably the other greens as well believe that Global Warming will kill all life on the planet – which is a baseless fear, as I tried to clarify.

      And from this deluded point of view held by the German greens it follows that they will have to radicalize themselves , for they believe they are fighting for survival.

      Is that so hard to understand?

      Now, you are a green warmist. Tell me under which circumstances you would be willing to COMPROMISE about the introduction of renewable energies. Is a compromise still THINKABLE for you? I don’t have the impression.

    2. DirkH

      “Dear “DirkH”, what kind of “final solution” are you aiming at for the “neutralizing” of “her and her kind”?”

      Create a rift within the movement to make them squabble with each other for the rest of their unproductive lives.

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