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Russian Lake Vostok Scientists Say “New Ice Age Is Unavoidable”

Someone forgot to tell the Russians that natural climate factors no longer count for anything, and that from the 20th century on man-made CO2 is the sole driver of the climate – now making the Earth only warmer and warmer. Lake Vostok under almost 4000 meters of ice in Antarctica. Source: US Government. The German edition […]

No Relation Found Between Cosmic Rays And Atmospheric Transmission

No Relation Found Between Cosmic Rays And Atmospheric Transmission

On Cosmic Rays and Clouds By Ed Caryl There have been several papers and articles recently about Svensmark’s theory that claim cosmic rays produce cloud nuclei, which in turn produce clouds that affect the Earth’s climate. My recent article showed the relationship between atmospheric transmission, the Earth’s albedo, and temperature. Photo by Krish Dulal. If […]

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