Scientists Of The Russian Academy Of Science: “Global Warming Is Coming To An End – Return To Early 1980s Level”

The German langauge Voice of Russia here reports a news item you’ll never hear from the mainstream media. Top scientists of Russia’s most prestigious academy say global warming is ending.

Hat-tip: European Institute for Climate and Energy.

Here’s the Voice of Russia report I’ve translated in English:

Global warming is coming to an end: In the coming years the temperature over the entire planet will fall and the cooling will provide a character of relief. This is the conclusion reached by Russian scientists from the Physics University of the Russian Academy of Science.

The process of a general temperature decrease has already begun, according to the research. After having peaked in 2005, the average temperature on Earth is now returning to the level of the 1996-1997 years, 0.3°C lower.

According to the scientists, global temperatures will fall another 0.15°C by 2015, which corresponds to the climate of the early 1980s.”

Wow! More great news that rebut the claims of the climate catastrophe. I’d think the media and western political readers would embrace all this and be relieved.

The persons most relieved to hear this should be the panicky James Hansen and Al Gore. Surely they’ll be very happy to hear this news.

Now climate scientists can go back to the old narrative of the early 1980s: global cooling!


24 responses to “Scientists Of The Russian Academy Of Science: “Global Warming Is Coming To An End – Return To Early 1980s Level””

  1. Casper

    /sarc on
    Don’t worry. There can be only the global warming. The global cooling is caused by lack of ice cover on the Barents Sea which is due to the global warming…
    /sarc off

  2. DirkH
    1. DirkH

      A little bit more info.
      Paul has found a way to visualize a pattern , the intensity of the temperature or better energy difference between equator and poles, measurable in the average wind speed, for instance, and shows it as depending on season and year.

      You recognize an exactly repeating pattern from 1980 to 2008, with the long period of 22 years (two normal length solar cycles, or one complete solar-magnetic reversal).

      BEFORE 1980, the pattern shifts over the seasons – and after 2008, it starts shifting again; the stable repeating pattern breaks down.

      So what he has displayed seems to be coinciding with “The Time Of The Warmist”. And we have already undergone the shift into “The Revenge Of The Skeptic”.

      Note: This has nothing to do with the Svensmark hypothesis – where we are still waiting for a discovery of short-term correlation of climate or weather with GCR intensity; what Paul shows is an observable correlation along the lines of Piers Corbyn’s SLAM hypothesis.

  3. Old Goat

    Has the man in the picture lost his head?

    (Like Hansen, et al…)

  4. Edward.

    Been going down since the 30’s in the USA:

    Mind you, it all depends on where you draw the line;-)

    Hansen, knows all about that though.

  5. Charles Higley

    Yes, global warming is the only meme Hansen and ManBearPig can support, as they have to blame climate on human CO2. Otherwise they cannot demonize human activities and seek to control the energy of the world, supporting the forever depression economy the UN seeks for their Agenda 21 goals.

  6. Nonoy Oplas

    Here in the Philippines Pierre, we have about 5-6 months wet and 6-7 months dry season each year. This year for instance, there was only one hot, dry month, last April. Some warmists were complaining of global warming. By May 1, heavy rains started pouring. So 1 out of supposedly 6-7 dry months, that’s one indicator of cooling already here, since a few years ago.

  7. Don B

    This prediction is not a sudden revelation. In 2005 solar physicists Galina Mashnich and Vladimir Bashkirtsev bet climate modeler James Annan $10,000 that global temperatures would be cooler during 2012-2017 than they were during 1998-2003.

    A problem for Galina and Vladimir, as I see it, is that the data set they will use to settle the bet is NCDC. Warmists in the U.S. have a habit of adjusting the data, which usually results in apparently more rapid warming.

    1. DirkH

      The warmists will not be able to keep lying and adjusting til 2017. No way. Their resistance will break down. Expect “The Grand Revision”. A lot of dishonest adjustments will be taken back. They’re on their last leg. Expect more mental breakdowns, Gleick style.

  8. pyeatte

    It is sad that the Russians are where we have to turn to get accurate analysis. Our official agencies have become so politicised that whatever they say must be taken with a grain of salt. It will take many years for them to regain scientific credibility and the confidence of the American people. That is not the way it used to be.

  9. Jason Werbics

    Well at least this comes full circle.

    Most do not know that in 1987, one year before the 1988 media revealed the notion of global warming…the Soviets held a conference in Moscow, inviting all left and green groups from around the world to top level discussions.

    Some guests, Castro…The leadership of the Green party in West Germany…

    Just guess what the hot topic in 1987 was?

    1. DirkH

      Very interesting. I find this.
      page 18, about Gorbachevs KGB strategy (while playing the nice guy in public, he
      strengthened the KGB to extend control over Western Europe; the goal was to create a rift between the US and Europe, driving Europe into the Soviet influence sphere):
      “Through “Operation Mars” groups of the peace movement, like the “general for peace”, were to be mobilized against “american armament policy”. [17] Prerequisite for this was infiltration with undercover service men and economic and logistic support. So, department X (“active measures”) of the MfS Hauptverwaltung (Stasi HQ) designed speeches and books. Even the speeches of leading members of the peace movement have allegedly been written by Warsaw pact intelligence officers.”

      1. Ulrich Elkmann

        Don’t trust this – “a secret book…”, provenance completely unproven; quotes only secondary sources; no page number for ANY of the newspaper quotes given: at the very least this is shoddy and lazy, hearsay turned into Chinese whispers.
        Even if the Gorbi/Stasi plans can be accepted: Keep in mind that Eastern spy rings were at least as ignorant as their Western counterparts (and looking at those where the files have been disclosed – see, e.g., Tim Weiner’s “Legacy of Ashes” or any recent history of the Cuban Missile Crisis – the West; or the Stasi attempts to cover Che’s career via their supposed agent, Tamara Bumke, see Gerd Koenen, Traumpfade der Weltrevolution: these files show an abysmal ignorance and even worse guesswork). Keep also in mind that the spymasters were under emormous pressure to “produce results” and had considerable leeway to make up imaginary threats, and you have a guarantee for an impenetrable haze of half-truths and wishful thinking.
        That said, “Generäle für den Frieden” was always strongly suspected of being a communist operation among the Bundeswehr brass; except for those who saw THAT as the knee-jerk reaction of old Cold War Hawks; but nobody wasted a second taking them seriously.

        1. DirkH
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  12. pithart

    Isn’t anyone here at least interested in the actual names of the scientists? where’s your skepticism? (rhetorical question, of course)


  13. pithart

    10€ that it’s Abdussamatov.


  14. Ed Caryl
    1. Ed Caryl
  15. Mindert Eiting

    This evening the most alarmist lady I know, told me with a calm voice that she had heard that the warming of the earth is not taking place. The whole thing is cancelled, she said. How is that possible? I wanted to be polite and said that there is much unreliable information in the world. That will be the reason, she admitted. She seemed not to be shocked at all: it’s simply over for her, whereas she had sleepless nights about AGW one year ago.

    1. DirkH

      She will follow the next journalist narrative, I fear, and be lead by the nose ring again.

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