New Study Rains On The Anthropogenic Climate Change Charade. Finds Decadal/Centennial-Scale Fluctuations

Global climate, we are told, was more or less constant before man began emitting greenhouse gases. This is what a number of IPCC scientists tried (and are still trying) to tell us with their fabricated hockey sticks.

A new 9170-year paleohydrologic reconstruction by Kirby et al is out. The team of scientists have examined deposits from Lower Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains, in southwest United States. These mountains are the source region for the Mojave River.

The authors write in the abstract that “the new multi-proxy record is characterized by alternating organic-rich/carbonate-rich sediment units”, which they say can be interpreted “to reflect hydrologically-forced changes in the lake’s depositional environment”.

What result did they find? (My emphasis):

Our interpretation of the proxy data indicates nine decadal-to-multi-centennial pluvial episodes [periods of heavy precipitation] over the past 9170 cal yr BP. Of these nine inferred pluvials, five are interpreted as more pronounced based on their combined proxy interpretations: (PE-V) 9170?–8250, (PE-IV) 7000–6400, (PE-III) 3350–3000, (PE-II) 850–700, and (PE-I) 500–476 (top of core) cal yr BP.”

This tells us that precipitation amounts were high in the region of the San Bernardino mountains during those periods. Moreover, the authors add that this was not a locally isolated phenomenon, but was widespread over the general region:

Our comparison extends north also to Tulare Lake, which drains the southcentral-western Sierra Nevada Mountains. This temporally and spatially coherent signal indicates that a similar climate forcing acted to increase regional wetness at various times during the past 9170 cal yr BP. […] Holocene pluvial episodes are associated with changing the frequency of large winter storms that track across a broad region at decadal-to-multi-centennial timescales.”

Centennial time scale? This would indicate something more at work than ocean cycles, which are internal within the climate system, and suggests that other natural, external cycles are at work. However, IPCC scientists like to suggest that these natural factors no longer play a role today, that they stopped working a hundred years ago, and so leave them out of their climate models.

According to the German-language Wikipedia, in paleoclimatology pluvials are usually in connection with unusually strong precipitation – geologically shown to have occurred mainly in tropical and subtropical regions. Good examples are areas that are deserts today, e.g. the mudpans of the Sahara, Lake Bonneville in western Utah, Lake Moeris Faiyum, Egypt, and Lake Chad.

Overall the cold periods on the Earth were less wet than the warm periods.

All that is left to do is to compare the results of the new study to solar activity over the last ten thousand years. Maybe we’ll find that there was cyclic volcanic activity driving it all!


7 responses to “New Study Rains On The Anthropogenic Climate Change Charade. Finds Decadal/Centennial-Scale Fluctuations”

  1. Pascvaks

    And this is from Kalifornistan? I don’t believe it! Oh, I’m not talking about the paper itself, I just thought that everything inside the PRK was monitored by the State and blessed by the Central Committee in Sacramento. I guess there’s still an underground movement that has a few cells fighting for truth in science yet. Funny, really, I thought they had all been re-educated or had escaped to the East years ago. This was probably just a publication ploy to flush them out; shame they had to use ScienceDirect, I guess it’s still impossible for them to have a Free Web site.

    PS: Careful out there WebNuts, the UN is still trying to squash the Free Web Movement by imposing TAXES on the Web. Rise Up! Resist! 😉

  2. Steve Klaber

    Earth’s main cooling system is a phenomenon called “lake effect” rains. Their large-scale disappearance is the cause of desertification and climate degradation. The cause? WEEDS! The world’s rivers, lakes and ponds are clogged with Typha, Phragmites, Papyrus, Water Hyacinth, Salvinia and others. These weeds are dessication machines, and siltation machines. The silt that they produce covers lake beds and prevents the refreshing of aquifers. The lake becomes shallow, too shallow for “lake effect” rains. Local drought follows. The droughts reinforce each other. The US Southwest is an excellent example of this process. Cattail sloughs that should be lakes abound. This problem is partially Anthropogenic. Everything we do with water changes a water level somewhere. Someplace becomes more favorable for weeds than before. Generally, some place also becomes less favorable, but it takes a lot of that to remove established weeds. The seed bank has seeds waiting. We also pollute the water. Water Hyacinth especially thrives on pollution. These weeds are pure biomass, waiting to be biofuel. The silt is soil, waiting to be used .

  3. John F. Hultquist

    The article is available for US $35.95. Not a problem for the rich and famous ‘team’ members supported by the UN programs pushing their one world government agenda. I didn’t get a check from Big Coal and the Koch Brothers this month, so, like most skeptics, I will have to make do with the abstract. It provides (seemingly) good new data – although not surprisingly new concepts to those familiar with the natural history of the west coast of North America.

    The abstract uses the phrase “recent advances in the understanding of atmospheric rivers” – to what does this refer. I don’t sense the meaning is “jet streams” so maybe the reference is to those movements directed by them. Jet streams are often called “rivers of air” – leading to the difficulty of understanding what is meant.

    If the UN had control of the web, would this article be available or just taxed? Which would win? — their desire to stop information flow that supports anti-CAGW, or their desire to collect fees to support their cancerous growth and suppression of freedoms and liberty?

    1. Ed Caryl
    2. DirkH

      “If the UN had control of the web, would this article be available or just taxed? Which would win? — their desire to stop information flow that supports anti-CAGW, or their desire to collect fees to support their cancerous growth and suppression of freedoms and liberty?”

      It would be free for the people, after a commissar has ensured that only correct information is contained. Your general internet usage tax would already have been deducted from your wage, so you would enjoy all UN-approved information for free after that.

  4. John F. Hultquist

    Thanks Ed. I had not seen that.

    I wonder, though, if these folks have never heard of “Hawaiian Storms”, now mostly called a “Pineapple Express”? As with most things, there are “recent advances” but, in this case, the concepts are hardly new – as mentioned in the Wikipedia entry:
    See the 1952 episode.


    I think the term “rapture” applies – We are all to be raptured by the commissars of the UN and it will be a lovely world. As an Aussie might say, “No worries, mate!”

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