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EU Climate Czar Connie Hedegaard Warns Carriers To Submit Data – Or Face Enforcement Action!

Give bureaucrats a little power, and watch it go to their heads to the point of starting an international trade war which no one can afford. Commissar Connie demands your data – or else face enforcement action. EU Environment Commissar Connie Hedegaard, of tiny Denmark, is getting tough with economic and political behemoths like USA, […]

New Paper Shows European Alps Were Just As Warm 900 Years Ago, Strong Natural Variations

Another peer-reviewed paper, another smashed hockey stick. The latest paper is one by Mathias Trachsel et al, titled: Multi-archive summer temperature reconstruction for the European Alps, AD 1053–1996. Moberg and Esper are among its authors. They present a multi-archive, multi-proxy summer temperature reconstruction for the European Alps for the period AD 1053–1996 using tree-ring and lake […]

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