New Paper Shows European Alps Were Just As Warm 900 Years Ago, Strong Natural Variations

Another peer-reviewed paper, another smashed hockey stick.

The latest paper is one by Mathias Trachsel et al, titled: Multi-archive summer temperature reconstruction for the European Alps, AD 1053–1996. Moberg and Esper are among its authors.

They present a multi-archive, multi-proxy summer temperature reconstruction for the European Alps for the period AD 1053–1996 using tree-ring and lake sediment data. The results show that summer temperatures of the last millennium are characterized by two warm periods (AD 1053–1171 and 1823–1996) and two cold phases (AD 1172–1379 and 1573–1822).

But get this. The abstract states (my emphasis):

Highest pre-industrial summer temperatures of the 12th century were 0.3 °C warmer than the 20th century mean but 0.35 °C colder than proxy derived temperatures at the end of the 20th century. The lowest temperatures at the end of the 16th century were ∼1 °C lower than the 20th century mean.”

Now let’s assume the end of the 20th century proxy-derived temperatures are reliable. That would mean all the CO2 added by man over the last 1000 years (approx. 110 ppm) has led to a whole third of a degree Celsius of warming when compared to the Medieval Warm Period.

That’s it? This is a crisis? couldn’t find anything alarming either. All they could conclude was that the end of the 20th century in the Alps was a wee bit warmer than the Medieval Warm Period, that according to proxy data.

The added late 20th century tree-ring growth was probably due mostly to the CO2 enrichment.

That really should tell us and especially the IPCC something about the magnitude of feedbacks involving CO2 and water vapor.


5 responses to “New Paper Shows European Alps Were Just As Warm 900 Years Ago, Strong Natural Variations”

  1. DirkH

    German socialists (SPD) and watermelons (Greens) are trying desperately to stifle debate about electricity prices.

    Their argument is that the FIT made the price rise by only 3 Eurocents/kWh in the last 10 years; which would cost 60 EUR/year by an average consumption of 2000 kWh(year. so far the linked article and many more in the LSM complex who echo this “argument”.

    This is of course right but what they don’t say, and where the deception is, is this: Only one third of ‘leccy consumption is private. Someone MUST cough up enough deng to get 16 bn EUR which is the grand total of the FIT subsidies per year ATM; that’s 200 EUR per man woman and child. So the other two third are hidden in higher taxes and in higher prices, as public sector and industry are consuming another third of total ‘leccy each.

    As usual – leftists and numbers: lying, and easily proven wrong (not something any of our journalists, with a few exceptions could do, though.).

  2. DirkH

    It’s apity they want to force everyone to blow 36 USD on this paper, as I would love to see their charts in a less than crappy thumbnail. The ones I see show Mike’s Nature Trick to Hide The Decline by painting instrumental records over the proxies. (Fig. 5). But they don’t seem to be Mike’s original Hockey Stick so this trick seems to be state of the art now in climate science – IPCC science, the Nobel-price winning Gold Standard of science.

  3. Denis Ables

    Mann has claimed on more than one occasion that his “hockey stick graph” is not important. Let’s take his confession seriously.

    If one disregards Mann’s hockey stick, and goes with the consensus among the 1,000+ studies (all acessible via links provided by, then the MWP and LIA were global events. Dr. David Evans (Australian physicist puts the bottom of the LIA at 1680AD. That’s the point at which our current warming began (such as it is) some 200 years BEFORE any co2 increase, so natural variation.

    Of course, since the MWP is also global, and most peer-reviewed studies at co2science that show either quantitative or qualitative temperature data indicate that it was as warm, likely warmer than now.

    Now apply on top of this that a necessary condition for the AGW claim is that there be a hotspot in the troposphere — NOT found, inspite of searches by numerous weather balloons and by satellite.

  4. Pascvaks

    Reds (and Watermelons;-) will ‘use’ anything to break the system, be it Hockey Stick, Recession, unity of the EU against all reason, etc. Chaos is a means to The End. Merkel and Germany are dupes or willing participants (France is France), buy silver and beware of anyone with a ‘Gift”, it’s poison.

  5. Pierre Gosselin: New Paper Shows European Alps Were Just As Warm 900 Years Ago, Strong Natural Variations |

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