German Press, Greenpeace Lament: “Rio+20 Was Finished Even Before It Started…Deflated, Exhausted Atmosphere”

The binding UN international treaty on limiting greenhouse gases and forcing “sustainable” living is dead.

Is anyone listening any more? UN briefing to, um, hardly anyone.

The world has once again been rescued (for the time being) from the real menace: radical environmentalism. We’ve done it. We’ve succeeded in dumping a load of sand into the machinery of the environmental movement.

But it doesn’t mean we can all go home and relax. They will of course be back, sooner rather than later.

It’s almost as if many countries woke up over the last months and realized this sustainability scheme just wasn’t going to work. Hardly any country was able to afford it. High costs – no benefiits. Most countries hung in there hoping to receive billions in free handouts.

According to CO2 Handel here, the German press agency, DPA, today writes:

The summit on sustainable energy development was actually over before it even started on Wednesday. That’s the impression many of the conference attendees have. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who weeks ago cancelled her visit, hardly regrets her decision.”

Even Barack Obama stayed away, avoiding it like the plague. No sense in coming to Brazil and being associated with yet another huge flop. According to the DPA:

‘It is an unusual mood. The atmosphere is completely deflated. State and national leaders can just forget about the text,’ said one delegation member who already on Tuesday evening wondered about the exhausted atmosphere in the ‘Riocentro’, of the gigantic conference centre in the Rios area of Barra da Tijuca.”

And that was already 12 hours before UN-General Secretary Ban Ki Moon spoke on Wednesday. German Greenpeace activist leader Martin Kaiser lamented: “The summit was was over before it even started.”

The DPA adds:

Tactics exaggerations, blocking, and forging alliances, are part of every summit drama. But somehow one had the feeling Rio+20 began already with the final act. WWF expert Alois Vedder fears: ‘The sustainability summit in Rio threatens to turn into a event for pure show’.”

6 responses to “German Press, Greenpeace Lament: “Rio+20 Was Finished Even Before It Started…Deflated, Exhausted Atmosphere””

  1. Ed Caryl

    To paraphrase T. S. Elliot:
    This idea will not end with a bang, but a whimper.

  2. John F. Hultquist


    Actually, I wonder how many carbon critters were created in the production of this nonsense, and at what cost.

  3. Ian Mott

    Forgive me, I know it is unworthy of me, but I just like to watch them bleed.

  4. DirkH

    Soros et al would just love to wreck the West some more and extort some more billions but there’s nothing more to get. Shy of a total collapse, they relented this time.

    And that’s why all the fruitloop tools in Rio were left hanging in the air. No support from their masters – no momentum.

  5. DirkH

    German interview with the Slowenian EU enviro commissar Potocnik about Rio+20. You might remember him from his idea of reducing the tap water flow across the entire EU that he later disowned, with one of his goons appearing on this very blog disputing he ever had the idea.

    In the interview, he obsesses about water scarcity again. And more of the usual drivel:
    “EU and world bank work intensively on a concept that goes beyond GDP and includes what people value in their lifes.” (Hey, I value the percentage I actually get to keep of the GDP, Kommissar. Guess that won’t be included.)

  6. Pascvaks

    While we’re all trying to ‘save a penny’ and not ‘spend anymore than we absolutely have to’, the alphabet soup of UN agencies and causes, the General UN Budget, the SecGen’s Tarvel and Speaking Allowance, and the UN HQ Building Maintenance Account, all need to take a cut, or three, as well. Let’s start at 50% of this year’s extortion payments. And work from there. Really, we don’t even need anything other than the Security Council, and it should be an ‘On Call’ event based on a request of the FIVE permanent members. (Why have a meeting if someone with a veto is going to object?) Let’s start cleaning up this planet, we’re throwing away a lot of money that we really can’t afford to borrow from the Chinese.

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