Vermonters Realizing They’ve Erred…Citizens Ramp Up Protests Against Big Wind

In the 5-minute video below, there are lots of statements made that are worth quoting.

Many are from environmentalists who now seem to realize something went horribly wrong. “Green yes, but not like this!”

One of my favorites is by Justin Lindholm at the 4:35 mark:

Maybe 10,000 years from now they’ll come around and wonder what went on here. […] Pads and pedestals look like sacrificial sites of some sort, and they are.”

10,000 years? The human species indeed can be frustratingly stupid at times, but not that stupid. I say give them less than a generation, 20-30 years tops. Already people are waking up, now even making protest videos against the madness. The protest is already getting into full swing.

I wonder how many of the environmentalists in the video were staunch supporters of these windmills in the beginning, before the heavy equipment rolled in and removed the mountain tops? I’d suspect most of them were. For example, see here at the 8:25 mark of this do-it-yourself TV.

Another part I find amusing is the one with activist Gaelen Brown near a home surrounded by panels at the 4-minute mark. Nothing like endowing the landscape with a little traditional Vermont charm! Sorry Gaelen, but that yard with the panels and home look god-awful ugly. I’m glad that house is not in my neighborhood. At least put the damn panels on the roof.

Dream eco-home? It looks more like a solar-powered guard tower for a prison. Other amenities: no windows facing south (or the panels are facing north), the roof cannot support very many panels, installed on the ground instead, and the sun hardly shines – which is typical in Vermont. Classic example of what the Big Green virus can do to someone’s mind. The architect of this beauty was definitely out to lunch. (Photo source: video)

German readers should send this video to the leaders of Baden Wurttemberg and Bavaria, as they too appear to have been recently infected by the Big Green virus, which leads to clouded thinking and even to irreversible madness in some cases.

Finally, one last point on Gaelen’s remark about “cheap” solar panels. Today solar panel energy is still about 10 times more expensive than conventional electricity, and its forced ineffective use is one of the reasons other products like cement and glass are getting more expensive.


Also, state prosecutes journalist reporting the story for trespassing!

5 responses to “Vermonters Realizing They’ve Erred…Citizens Ramp Up Protests Against Big Wind”

  1. Pascvaks

    The scientist who invents low-cost, high effiency, solar and thermal transfer shingles and siding, that blends with the landscape, and complements same, shall win the prize. Such has it always been, such it must always be.

    The difference between new technology and good technology and great technology is usually, at least, 50 years.

    Greens and Climate Jihadists and New Agers will not live to see their dreams come true. While their Masters and Gurus tell them that it is possible if they but re-double their effort, the truth is that change takes time and always morphs! (If the rest of us are lucky, we won’t see much of it either;-)

  2. Bernd Felsche

    Not sure if you’ve seen this one: Tetsche’s energy-saving lights.
    Or is that enlightenment.

    1. DirkH

      “honey, can you switch on the light?”
      “It’s on.”

  3. Joe

    If the DDR’s Grenztruppen really worried about their PR problem, that’s the kind of Wachturme they would have built.

  4. DirkH

    Breakthrough in solar cells: New double-sided cells “Premium L dual power” from Solar-Fabrik AG increase electricity produced by up to 25% per area by exploiting diffuse light on the backside.

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