“Base Policy On Observations, And Not Speculative Models”

A small break from my blogging break…

You can’t tame the weather and regulate the Earth’s temperature by regulating a single trace gas. You’d be more successful with a rain dance. H/t: WUWT

2 responses to ““Base Policy On Observations, And Not Speculative Models””

  1. DirkH

    Ah, dang they cut the video off right before the comic relief segment (Boxer).

  2. Bob W in NC

    Interesting! Made me think immediately of the article I read today.

    Subtitle in Aug. 2, 2012 Raleigh (NC) News and Observer to the article “[Gov. Beth] Perdue lets sea-level bill become law”:

    “Controversial provision ties forcast to history, not scientific studies”

    As per Dr. Christy’s testimony, translation: Environmental groups upset that legislation was based on historical sea-level rise observed data, and not on speculative, unproved models based on presumed global warming.

    Not elegant, I admit, but that’s basically what happened.

    Have a great blogging break Pierre!

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