Paul Ryan Will Be The “Steve McIntyre” Of US Government Finance – DC Hockey League Nightmare!

In this American Thinker piece by Clarice Feldman, the parallels to Steve McIntyre just jumped right out at me.

The German press is trying to make it look like the Democrats are thrilled about Ryan being the running mate, (predictably) painting Ryan as a “huge target” and a “radical conservative”, just because he believes in responsible spending (a concept that is foreign to many in Europe, e.g. Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France – to name a few).

But Europe’s reaction reminds me of Michael Mann’s initial reaction to the first enquiries he received from a once obscure mining consultant and statistical expert from Toronto. Today we know that Michael Mann and his hockey stick team ended up learning respect for the power of mathematics and the scientific method – the hard way. McIntyre dissected, organ by organ, the suspiciously flawed curve and left the hockey team forever humiliated.

While climatologist cheats tried to fabricate a statistical hockey stick from tree-ring data, the DC finance hockey league (yes, it is an entire corrupt league) is trying to do the opposite: they are trying to take a grotesque hockey stick and make it look flat by using tricks – thus postponing the towering blade onto the next generation. Like McIntyre, Paul Ryan is poised to dissect the phony straight line curves DC is trying to fool us with.

First, Feldman quotes the Iowahawk:

“Paul Ryan represent[s] Obama’s most horrifying nightmare: math.”

And then adds:

Let me remind you how nightmarish Ryan is to Obama. Here’s a six-minute take down of Obamacare by Congressman Ryan.

Watch the vacant look in Obama’s eyes as it becomes clear he has no idea how to respond to the facts Ryan raises, to the math which demonstrates the utter  unsustainability of Obama’s legislative scheme.”

We can all recall the climate hockey team’s similar reaction. Andrew Montford wrote a whole book on it. First they tried to hide the numbers, claiming they were lost. Then they said the numbers were out there and anyone could see them. When the numbers were exposed, they had other “experts” bogusly confirm that they were right. And when these were shown to be flawed, they made up new phony curves. In the end, it was all about hiding an ugly truth. Today, except for the fabricators themselves, nobody believes the climate hockey stick curves anymore.

Paul Ryan is poised to be the floodlight that is about to illuminate Washington corrupt practices, which are taking the USA to Greece in a hand-basket.

Romney’s message is clear: We’re going to expose the mathematics (truth) of the numbers. Irresponsible spending and the looming debt crisis are going to be in the spotlight over the remainder of the campaign. You can run from Ryan all you want, but you won’t be able to hide from him.

Just ask Michael Mann.

Read more at: American Thinker


13 responses to “Paul Ryan Will Be The “Steve McIntyre” Of US Government Finance – DC Hockey League Nightmare!”

  1. Nonoy Oplas

    That’s good news, thanks for this new update Pierre.

  2. DirkH

    “First, Feldman quotes the Iowahawk:

    “Paul Ryan represent[s] Obama’s most horrifying nightmare: math.”

    Wonderful. Hits the nail on the head.

  3. » Paul Ryan Will Be The “Steve McIntyre” Of US Government Finance …

    […] Paul Ryan Will Be The “Steve McIntyre” Of US Government Finance … Go to this article […]

  4. Pascvaks

    Strange isn’t it, how we seem to so frequently come to the edge of the cliff at every turn. Maybe we’re speeding downhill doing 140KPH on a rather infamous mountain road near Monte Carlo and taking the curves by the skin of our teeth? Problem is there’s just no formula that can say if we’re going over or going to be saved, it’s all a matter of dumb luck. Will “Romney-Ryan” beat “Obama-Biden”, will Iran Push Israel Too Far, will Russia Back Iran, will China Back Iran, will everything in creation turn to smoke? There just doesn’t seem to be too much holding us to sanity, and really, truly, there never has been. We remember all the infamous dates that live in infamy so we can pass a history test in school, we never really learn the ‘why’ of it all, just the dates. We never learn to avoid the same mistakes, we think we’re so much brighter and better than our parents and forebearers. Will “Romney-Ryan” beat “Obama-Biden”? It’s a crapshoot. People are too unpredictable. Why did we fight WWI? Why WWII? Korea? VietNam? The COLD WAR? Why Iraq? Afghanistan? Hummmmm… we aren’t doing very well going off the road and over the cliff at 140KPH, are we? No wonder people believe in a higher power, a creator of the universe, a life after death, things aren’t looking too good down here. Let’s hope (and pray;-) it’s “Romney-Ryan” (and Iran gets real smart real fast).

    1. DirkH

      The best predictor for a war is a youth bulge.Continental Europe had an exploding population during the first decades of the 20th century. This goes a long way to explain the enthusiasm with which an entire generation marched into WW1 on all sides, and then another one in Germany into WW2. My home town Braunschweig grew rings like a tree during the period between the wars.

      So, Europe with its aging and declining population is no danger ATM. The biggest youth bulges can currently be found in Iran, Saudi, Egypt.

      The regimes down there have a hard time finding employment for millions of young males. And that will be the source of the trouble, nothing else.

      Median age for all countries:

      1. Pascvaks

        “…Iran, Saudi, Egypt… that will be the source of the trouble, nothing else.”

        That just might be enough;-)

      2. Ed Caryl

        Should have added China to that list. Too many extra males.

  5. Harry Dale Huffman

    The trouble is not unemployed youth, it is what the youth have been taught in growing up, which frames how they handle the unemployment. It’s called morals. Blaming war on unemployed youth is just like blaming global warming on increasing carbon dioxide. The supposed effect does not exist, in either situation.

    1. DirkH

      I did not say the youth bulge is not intentionally produced.

  6. DirkH

    Here is Jeffrey Sachs, a “top economist” (says the ftd) in the services of the UN, blaming every extreme weather event on CO2. All caused by greed and Big Coal and Big Oil. Says people are willing to bear the burden of something he doesn’t exactly specify.

    ftd, German

    As expected, he’s a puppet of George Soros (the ftd prints nearly only George Soros puppets’ opinions – well I actually don’t know if they print anything else)
    “One of Sachs’s biggest supporters is the financier and philanthropist George Soros, who recently donated $50 million to the Millennium Villages Project.”

  7. DirkH


    Australia is currently doing its very best to repeat Germany’s mistakes. 1 AUD = 0.85 Euros.

    0.44 AUD / kWh solar subsidy; guaranteed for 16 years,
    Retail electricity rate 0.22 AUD/kWh

    (Makes me feel good. Other people are stupid too!)

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