German Minister Of Research: Who Cares If Climate Models Are Off – We Have To Act Now!

Warmist site CO2 Handel here presents an interview with Germany’s Minister of Research and Education, Annette Schavan, on the High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft (HALO), which will fly up to 15 km altitude and take extensive measurements of the lower stratosphere.

The aircraft’s instruments will allow measurement of complex atmospheric relationships. So much for understanding the atmosphere and having properly modeled it.

In the interview, Frau Schavan goes on why this is important and what they hope to accomplish with HALO. Let’s skip her blah blah blah and get to the part of the interview that made my eyebows go off my head. She is asked the question: “So, what about climate change? Time and again we keep hearing doubt about the warnings being exaggerated.”

Schavan responds:

The discussion is not about if all climate simulations are really going to turn out like this, or like that. It’s about us not losing any more time. We have to act to curb climate change, we have to start projects to learn more about it.”

Those are the comments of Germany’s Minister of Education and Research…the John Holdren of Germany. Reliable forecasts are not important? Who cares whether the science is right or wrong, let’s just act like it is? Let’s just embark on the path to economic suicide? This is the new standard of stupid.

So obviously the issue was never about science. It’s about hurrying up with their little coup.


12 responses to “German Minister Of Research: Who Cares If Climate Models Are Off – We Have To Act Now!”

  1. Bernd Felsche

    Her press release shows only that she conflates weather with climate.

    The QUESTIONS and responses in the CO2 Handel article seem very well scripted. All the “hot points” have been touched; saving the planet for future generations, rising levels of (alleged) pollutants over North America and Asia, the urgent need to do something, Germany’s (alleged) reductions in CO2 emissions and Germany’s energy revolution.

    As the Minister for Research, invokes future generations for emotive effect, and errs in her statements about the reasons for research which are, if the research is honest; not to find ways to protect the environment, but to understand natural phenomena.

    Politicians frequently fail to realize that action without an understanding of the underlying perceived problem will almost always result in the wasting of resources. The worst that can happen to them for acting boldly in the face of ignorance is to be sacked from office by the government.

  2. DirkH

    She studied educational science, theology and philosophy and probably doesn’t know squat about natural sciences.

    That being said – the CDU sings from the Green hymn sheet all day long; they know what they’re doing; it’s Germany’s mandatory state religion.

    1. Nonoy Oplas

      Things are not bad enough, energy prices are not high enough in Germany, that is why government officials can say things like that. They want even higher energy prices perhaps, even higher subsidies to the renewables, even higher public debt.

      1. DirkH

        The CDU have reduced the subsidies for new PV installations somewhat, albeit not enough to prevent a further cost explosion and PV capacity explosion. To save the (indirectly subsidized) jobs in the PV installation business; basically buying votes.

        A politician who “creates” a job with subsidies gets glowing headlines; nobody sees for a while that he has destroyed 3 other jobs by stealing the buying power of people.

        The CDU are statists just like the SPD. While the SPD believes and practices wealth redistribution, the CDU doesn’t believe but practices wealth redistribution.

        They also share the goal of creating an ever more dominant EU without democratic controls.

  3. Jeff Green

    The CDU is Christian-based, applying the principles of Christian democracy and emphasising the “Christian understanding of humans and their responsibility toward God.” CDU membership consists however of people adhering to a variety of religions as well as non-religious individuals. The CDU’s policies derive from Political Catholicism, Catholic social teaching and political Protestantism, as well as fiscal conservatism and national conservatism. The CDU was the first proponent of the social market economy, although the party has adopted more liberal economics policies since Helmut Kohl’s term in office as the Chancellor of Germany (1982–1998). In terms of foreign policy, the CDU commits itself to European integration and a strong relation with the USA. In the European Union, the party opposes the entry of Turkey into the EU, preferring instead a privileged partnership with Turkey. In addition to citing various human rights violations, the CDU also believes that Turkey’s unwillingness to recognise Cyprus as an independent, sovereign state contradicts the EU policy that its members must recognise the existence of one another. Domestically, the CDU emphasises curtailing red tape and the preservation of cultural traditions.


    Could you provide a link to German neosocialism for me?

    1. DirkH
  4. PeterF

    this deserves some quote-of-the-week honours; consider putting up such a category ;-). maybe it is rather a quote-of-the-year/decade/…

    or maybe this was also plagiarized from somewhere else, like she did not do on her PhD?

  5. Pierre Gosselin: German Minister Of Research: Who Cares If Climate Models Are Off – We Have To Act Now! |

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  6. John F. Hultquist

    Can someone suggest to Frau Annette Schavan that she not steal acronyms. This climate business is confusing enough.

    HALO (High Altitude-Low Opening):
    . . . an acronym that describes delivering personnel, equipment, and supplies from a transport aircraft at a high altitude via free-fall parachute insertion.


  7. mwhite

    “BBC burnt over climate change claim UK will be as hot as Madeira”

    Heard a radio interview a few days ago, this prediction is based on climate models. Probably from the metoffice.

    1. mwhite

      ooops wrong place

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