Bathtub Plug Is Designed To Remind Us That The Planet Is In Peril!

Time only for a short story today, from Sebastian Lüning’s and Fritz Vahrenholt’s “Die kalte Sonne” here. I’ve translated:

“Sounds crazy but it’s true. For all those who doubt climate change, a company called Propaganda has designed a bathtub plug in the form of an iceberg with a polar bear stranded on it. By using this plug, the perilous situation of our planet will finally be made clear, the product description promises. You can find the product description at Discovery 24 Shop, and is as follows:

‘Climate warming also in the bathtub

Melting polar caps, rising sea level, changed precipitation patterns, and increasing weather extremes – these are all consequences of global warming. And because there are people who still refuse to believe it, Chaiyut Plypetch, designer at PROPAGANDA, has found a clear symbol for climate change through a sole polar bear on an iceberg. At first glance, the bathtub plug with the polar bear may look cute, yet it communicates the seriousness of the situation in a simple and forceful way.

The bathtub plug from PROPAGANDA; Material: plastic; dimensions: approx. 7.5 cm high, approx. 7 cm diameter, chain approx. 53 cm long. Order No.: 5621208

€ 16,90 incl. VAT, s+h not included’

Thanks to Ms Renate Lüning for the tip.”

Nice to see that it’s made from that good old petroleum by-product we call plastic. I find the price of €16.90 a bit, well, capitalistic. Maybe the state will subsidize them.

I wonder if it’s flexible, as sitting down on the damn thing could really hurt. Or a person could trip over it.

Hey! Let’s send one to a warmist! (Yes, I know that sounds mean :).)


15 responses to “Bathtub Plug Is Designed To Remind Us That The Planet Is In Peril!”

  1. DirkH

    Reminds me of the silver jewelry that Rahmstorf’s wife tried to sell, with the number of a 1 tonne carbon credit engraved that the Rahmstorfs promised to not use when you buy one. I asked him via e-mail about the CO2 emissions involved with the production, transport and manufacturing but didn’t get a detailed list of the emissions per step nor a total sum so I couldn’t decide whether I wanted one.

  2. Pascvaks

    For that price I would assume they can be easily ‘recycled’, I mean, they’re NOT some exotic plastic that we’ll have to bury in a landfill and wait 2,000 years are they? And if they’re NOT Made in China I don’t want one, period! The Chinese have been so nice to the West, what with propping up our economies and buying all our worthless I.O.U.’s; I love everything about China, don’t you? The way some people talk about them you’d think they spewed out as much CO2 as those damn yankees across the dirty bloody pond. Have to go, time for my Chinese Lesson. Ta! Ta!

    (I’m kidding! Really! Honest! Please believe me, won’t you? Ha..ha……… Ha?;-)

  3. Alex

    Does it heat the bath water? if it does I ll buy it and save a lot of heating expenses.

  4. Ian Mott

    Of course, with your iceberg bath plug in place you are then free to fart in your bath water and play with your genitals to complete the symbolism with methane emissions and gratuitous onanism.

  5. John F. Hultquist

    “I wonder if it’s flexible, as sitting down on the damn thing could really hurt.”

    It ought to float. Otherwise it is not a proxy for a real iceberg. It floats, right? Ivory Soap floats. I’ll carve a polly bear from it. It is also 99 44/100 percent pure – none of that fossil fuel based stuff.

    Where’s my carving knife? They hid it, again. What? Help!

  6. Ulrich Elkmann

    It’s all about the smybolism (“metaphor” for you Humamities types):
    Global Warming causes icebergs to shrink.
    Global Warming causes bipolar bears to shrink.
    (Cue list of “things causes by global warming”
    Global Warming is going down the drain.
    Wait, what?

    1. DirkH

      What does PETA think about the dietary habits of polar bears?

  7. Bernd Felsche

    I find the alarmism unbearable.

  8. Bernd Felsche

    If the buoyancy of the float is sufficient, it can lead to an irreversible tipping point.

  9. Joe

    If this schtick doesn’t work, they can paint a scarf on them and sell them to hockey fans in Berlin.

  10. mwhite

    So, which end of the bath do you sit????

  11. Joe
  12. DirkH

    Another crazy ethicist
    Briggs reports
    Julian Savulescu wants us to create super moral master race by GM

  13. Barry Woods

    I want one!

  14. mwhite

    “Pimp my pandas: zoo to let public into enclosures – at £1,000 a head”–at-1000-a-head-8073696.html

    Anyone for the polar bear enclosure????

    ” If the animals have not eaten too much bamboo during the day, visitors may get to feed them by hand” or was that their hand?

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