The Handelsblatt Interviews Climate Catastrophe Skeptic Fritz Vahrenholt: The Fear Is Driven By Money

It used to be that climate skeptics in Germany never got interviews with major media outlets. It was a sort of unwritten rule.

Headline: “The Temperature will rise only one degree”

But now that seems to be changing – ever since the release of Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt’s and Sebastian Lüning’s skeptic book, Die kalte Sonne, last February. Although still lopsided, the skeptics are getting heard more and more. This provides some hope that Germany is beginning to return to a balanced discussion and environmental tolerance.

Indeed this is very important because history shows that Germany always flourished and made great contributions to the world when open discussion of ideas was allowed. And in times when this was not the case, Germany and the world suffered – at times immensely.

The latest is an interview with Fritz Vahrenholt appearing in Germany’s leading financial daily, the Handelsblatt.

The following are the questions and answers, in summary:

HB: In your book, you say the climate catastrophe is not going to take place. Why?
FV: The temperature increase since 1850 is nothing unusual. Such changes have occurred time and again in history.

HB: Is that the case this time?
FV: Yes, because of strong solar activity. Now that the sun has been weak, we have not had any warming in 12 years.

HB: So Co2 is not the culprit?
FV: To some extent it is, maximum 50%. The rest is due to natural factors, i.e. the sun and oceans.

HB: Will temperatures rise this century?
FV: Not more than 1°C, i.e. far below the 4 – 5°C that often gets mentioned.

HB: But natural catastophes are increasing. USA is having a record drought.
FV: Contrary to what is claimed, hurricanes and storms are not increasing. Hurricanes are actually on the decline.

HB: Then why is the reinsurer Munich Re warning of catastrophes?
FV: Because an elevated fear of storms means more policies can be sold. Also it makes it easier to ram through new energy policy.

HB: But a majority of scientists are warning of climate change.
FV: There are also thousands of scientists who disagree. Let’s recall that agreeing with climate change makes it much easier to get funding.

HB: So we do not need alternative energies?
FV: Of course we need them. But we have have to develop them in an sensible way, and they should not trump all policy decisions.


3 responses to “The Handelsblatt Interviews Climate Catastrophe Skeptic Fritz Vahrenholt: The Fear Is Driven By Money”

  1. DirkH

    OT: Via google ads I accidentally found the “World Carbon Summit” (as it was called in the ad), or the “PCF World Forum” on 26/27 Sept 2012 in Berlin, controlled by the EU commission.
    Lots of “stakeholders”, lots of networking opportunities for carbon pea-counting would-be careerists; 2 EU commission bureaucrats as speakers.

    Obviously I don’t recommend going there, as it would be lethal for a thinking person’s brain, but keep an eye on the nutters.

  2. DirkH

    A word about the Handelsblatt: While it is the leading German financial, it pales in comparison to the WSJ; for instance, their reports on Romney’s campaign look as if they only read the NYT and take for granted what the Old Gray Zombie Rag writes. They also have warmism deeply programmed into their brain stem.

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