Spiegel Writes: “Germany Hits The Brakes On Renewable Energy”

With energy prices spiralling out of control, energy companies warning that electricity costs will increase 30% by 2020, companies threatening to move out, and hundreds of households having their power switched off because of they can’t pay their bills, Germany has slammed on the emergency brakes on renewable energy.

The Green Boom has turned into a Green Debacle. Now what?

Spiegel yesterday wrote:

The share of renewable energies in Germany’s power mix has shot up so high that the electricity grid and the subsidy framework has been unable to keep up. Now, the government wants to slow down the process. German commentators say that the current chaos endangers the entire project.

Many scoffed at the initial target that Chancellor Angela Merkel set last June, … consumers are faced with skyrocketing electricity bills and that the country’s energy grid has suddenly become outdated.

…power grid hasn’t kept up with the explosion of new alternative energy sources — particularly the offshore windparks being built in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea off the country’s north coast. Many of those projects are at a standstill…”

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11 responses to “Spiegel Writes: “Germany Hits The Brakes On Renewable Energy””

  1. Pascvaks

    Is Hans Christian Spiegel telling Emperor Angela she ‘has no clothes’? Beware of wiley weavers weaving tangled wicked webs of expensive invisible gossamer threads of nada, nichts, nothing.

  2. DirkH

    “Her government decided that by 2020 renewables would make up a 35 percent share of the energy mix. It was, said many experts at the time, an impossible goal.

    In the 14 months since then, however, the situation has changed dramatically. In the first half of 2012, the country generated fully 25 percent of its electricity needs via wind, solar and other alternative power sources. Doubts as to whether the 35 percent target is attainable have virtually vanished. ”

    As usual and expected, Der Spiegel confuses energy and electricity. To maximize the confusion, they call the electricity grid an energy grid. That would be German “Energienetz”, a term that does not exist.

    Charles Hawley of Der Spiegel writes “Indeed, Environment Minister Peter Altmaier now finds himself in the awkward position of having to put the brakes on the country’s energy revolution.”

    Charles seems to think that gross overproduction of a good for which the production is subsidized disregarding the demand is “awkward”. It is not awkward, it is the expected outcome. You kill the price signal, you end up with production that doesn’t meet demand; and this is ALWAYS and WITHOUT EXCEPTION the case.

    When will the leftists of Der Spiegel and Charles Hawley EVER learn that.

  3. Jürgen Kieser
    1. DirkH

      (The link describes a suggestion to replace the current EEG law against a “newer version” which would mostly deregulate renewable energy and remove guaranteed FIT’s)

      This would make sense; but the PV and wind lobby (Giants like Siemens, Bosch and GE behind that) will fight it tooth and nail. The German EEG (FIT law) has been copied in 40 nations and 40 provinces around the world. It is a worldwide business of looting the public. They will not let go easily.

  4. Renewable Guy

    Bring the energy money home. Why give it away to foreign countries?

    Investing in Clean Energy Paying Off for Massachusetts

    The 11.2% economic growth rate for Massachusetts’ clean energy sector is well above that of even rapidly industrializing countries, such as China. The 71,523 people employed at clean energy businesses recorded by MassCEC in its latest annual report are working in jobs directly related to the state’s clean energy sector. Signs indicate the growth will continue:

    “Employers surveyed are optimistic about the coming year and expect to hire more workers in 2013,” MassCEC states in its press release. “Clean energy continues to maintain its place as one of the Commonwealth’s marquee industries, with 1.7 percent of the total Massachusetts workforce.”

    1. DirkH

      That’s a good one, yeah, save money by giving all of it to the renewables lobby. Just look at how cheap electricity has become in Germany over the last 10 years. Only 16 billion Euros a year in subsidies for next to zero energy. What could possibly go wrong?

      At least you don’t try to hide who writes your paycheck, “Renewable Guy”.

      1. Renewable Guy

        Iowa has 20% of their electricity from wind now. Its already happening in the United States.

        Germany has 25% of it energy needs met with renewables. Insignificant?

        Once the system is built, there will be less expense of bringing in the fossil fuels, next to no pollution, less war over resources, less money spent on all those qualities of fossil fuels.

        1. DirkH

          Renewable Guy, you are confusing primary energy use and electricity production. Electricity is one seventh of the primary energy use in Germany.

          You are probably doing this intentionally. Your companies have always confused the terms intentionally.

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