Europe’s Environmental Destruction Madness Now Threatening To Demolish Beautiful, Scenic Crete

Anyone who has ever visited the island of Crete will tell you that it’s beauty simply cannot be expressed with words. That may soon change, tragically. The following video shows what Europe intends to do with this natural treasure: turn it into an industrial eyesore. Warning: may agitate you totally!

Crete Plug of Europe from politestv on Vimeo.

The heights of this environmental madness knows no limits. Hat tip: reader Kurt A.


4 responses to “Europe’s Environmental Destruction Madness Now Threatening To Demolish Beautiful, Scenic Crete”

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  2. DirkH

    They’re idiots. “Theroetically, they’re not against renewable energy” it says in the subtitles. Appeasement has never gotten anyone anywhere, just ask Obama.

    Not even the LARGE wind turbines produce meaningful fuel savings as the Dutch have found out; smaller ones as the Creteans request would be entirely useless toys. So stop all of that. Nothing of that makes sense.

    At the moment, ultra-broke Greece pays 34 cent/kWh FIT for a Solar kWH, nearly twice as much as Germany; don’t know the FIT for wind but it’s probably equally outrageous.

    Start with firing officials and politicians. NO local government is better than the one they have now.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      I’d rather see one cooling tower (with integral stack), tucked away in some corner of the island, than thousands of 100+m towers set in a million tonnes of concrete, carted up new mountain roads cut through the wilderness.

      They understand that German tourists aren’t going to come to Crete to look at windmills.

      If they don’t like the idea of loading coal from a ship, every other week, then they should get in touch with the people working on small, modular nuclear reactors. Molten-salt is inherently-safe. They can then export electricity and special isotopes to be used in medicine, industry and science.

  3. Charles Higley

    The fact that wind and solar renewable energy is so expensive means that they use scarce resources, which in UN terms means that it is unsustainable.

    If they were at all marketable, we would have them already through free market mechanisms. The infra structure and transmission problems of these turbines, with their limited life times and high, expensive maintenance, makes them unsuitable for anything but ancillary energy production.



    However, if your goals are the clear and published of the UN’s Agenda 21, then destabilizing the energy supply, destroying Western industry and economies, and lowering the standard of living (Greece is on this route already) are exactly what they want.

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