Veteran German Journalist: “Interest In The End-Of-The-World Waning Rapidly”…”High Level Of Public Wearout”

And that in Europe, no less!

Veteran journalist Ulli Kulke (DIE WELT) has a finger on the pulse of the climate issue in Europe. In his latest blog piece here, he tells us that the latest readings are barely detectable.

Public’s concern on end-of-world claims is worn out.  (Flood on Java (c.1865-1876) by Raden Saleh: Public domain graphic)

Recently the Climate Vulnerability Monitor, a public study on the impact of climate change worldwide, was released. Needless to say the report was chock full with doom and gloom scenarios, and pleas to world to act now to curb climate change.

It was supposed to thrust the climate change issue back to the forefront and to spur global leaders into immediate action. So what was Europe’s reaction to the Climate Vulnerability Monitor? Yawn.

Kulke writes:

Actually, the new, much ballyhooed study on the imminent end-of-the-world is not worth mentioning. We’ve seen too many of these over the last years, with one being more dubious than the other. At times one could almost feel pity for the authors because nobody really paid attention to them, at least not here in these parts, and that is significant. And all this despite the most super-horror scenarios for the coming decades when it comes to climate change, reaching the highest levels, the UN in New York, from the highest persons, including state and government leaders, also including various NGOs such as Oxfam.”

Recall that the report projects 100 million directly climate-related deaths by 2030, and a litany of other horrors should we fail to act. Yet Kulke oberserves that major media outlets in Germany hardly gave the report the time of day. One can only speculate on the reasons behind this. Perhaps the public has grown tired and unbelieving of the “climate catastrophe”, or perhaps the public is realizing that it’s about poor countries playing the victim role in a bid to push through a vast redistribution scheme (see video at the above link). Kulke writes:

One thing that’s clear is the high level of wearout that scenarios and visions of horror are having with the public.”

Crying wolf may work a couple of times, but after dozens of times, the messenger quickly diminishes and soon gets regarded as the town fool. The Climate Vulnerability Report authors are just the latest fools and nobody is listensing to them. There are other problems out there that are pressing – and real! The financial crisis, to name one.

Kulke sums it up:

No one is interested in the big study. Over the last few days, climate change has been mentioned in the papers more in relationship with the imminent threat to field mice and reindeer. At least that was something new. If it’s really true, that’s a completely different question. Next time.”


13 responses to “Veteran German Journalist: “Interest In The End-Of-The-World Waning Rapidly”…”High Level Of Public Wearout””

  1. Mindert Eiting

    ‘100 million directly climate-related deaths by 2030’. Not the numbers but the words make me curious. What is a directly climate-related death? It seems that if you are over seventy and your doctor discovers that you were smoking cigarettes, your death becomes by definition directly tobacco-related. A number of years ago my neighbour died suddenly and unexpectedly during a heat wave. I’m still convinced that her death is directly climate-related.

  2. DirkH

    Lomborg has already ripped that “DARA study” a new one.

  3. DirkH

    BTW, my s0cialist Spiegel reading colleagues are all drugged up with class warfare, current scapegoat: High Frequency Traders. Oh, those High Frequency Traders! They’re causing… scarcity of cancer drugs! Really. It’s amazing what they can do. That’s why we need a new tax to stop them. Merkel gangs up with Hollande. Can’t have that, scarcity of cancer drugs.

    No, I’m not making this up.

    They got no time for freaking Global Warming when there are capitalists to slaughter.

  4. DirkH

    About that Dara report.
    (No detailed numbers, a lot of baloney, but some names:)

    one of the top honchos:

    José María Figueres Olsen
    President of the Carbon War Room. Former President of Costa Rica
    (94-98), and former CEO of the World Economic Forum. DARA Trustee.

    (Carbon War Room is that Branson idiocy I think. Figueres – probably the hubby of the Figueres UN woman)

    Amongst the funders:
    Australian Govt

    So, this is concentrated evil right from the top.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      My sincere apologies Dirk but there’s nothing that I can do to stop this Australian government from misappropriating money out of my earnings and savings to spend on such propaganda. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. DirkH

    And that Dara report was probably made to appear synchronously with global tax demands by the UN:

  6. Crying Wolf: Germany Tires Of Green Doom-Mongers | The Global Warming Policy Foundation

    […] NoTricksZone, 28 September 2012 […]

  7. Richard111

    ’100 million directly climate-related deaths by 2030′. Climate-related? Don’t think so. Food shortages due millions of acres world wide now growing fuel. Power and transport costs impacting food prices. And then the coming cold weather… ah! yes, climate-related, of course.

  8. DirkH

    Remember the days when we had frequent visits by Skeptical Science admins Rob Honeycutt and Dana Nuticelli?

    ““Badgersouth and I were just discussing the potential of setting up a coordinated “Crusher Crew” where we could pull our collective time and knowledge together in order to pounce on overly vocal deniers on various comments sections of blogs and news articles.” – Rob Honeycutt [Skeptical Science], February 11, 2011”

  9. John F. Hultquist
    1. DirkH

      Thanks. Zero ! reports in Germany, ONE from Switzerland. And the sheep have been buried at least 19 days ago.

      The German language island is cut off from the world as usual.

      A video from yesterday (not found via the news but by searching on youtube); still! alive after 19 days.

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